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Anime Release of The Strongest King

Nothing could be said about the 3,000-meter run on the last day of the sports event. Zhao Youyue simply ‘hacked’ her way to victory. However, she did not blow away the crowd by sprinting the whole 3,000 meters. She had actually paced herself this time, her ‘stamina’ outlasting that of others. She only broke off bits of chocolate bars in her teeth every now and then.

Once again, Zhao Youyue won glory for Class 11. People looked up to her more than ever. Bai Yunshan the class rep only ended up being despised even further. If one is not mistaken, she seemed to have righteously volunteered to run in Zhao Youyue’s place. However, Zhao Youyue ended up running the race all by herself

Where was the promised class rep who took the guise of a straight-laced girl, exemplifying her principles and ideals? Who would have expected her to be all mouth and no trousers!

People are quick to judge. They would only believe in what they see, but fail to look further than that.

Zhao Youyue was the only person who knew the truth. Bai Yunshan had intended to keep her promise to the end. It was her who had convinced Bai Yunshan not to do so. Why push herself and risk her health? Zhao Youyue did not have to worry about that. She had the character card. Winning the race would be a cinch, let alone finishing it.

Zhao Youyue only needed to work on making her victory somewhat believable. After all, her first run had ended in bizarre fashion

However, just like how nobody really would look into the reason of Bai Yunshan’s absence in the 3,000-meter run, nobody would actually take note of how Zhao Youyue had won the races. Nobody would attempt to investigate the details of Zhao Youyue’s running. After all, this was only a school sports event that would be of little concern.

At the closing ceremony of the school sports event, Zhao Youyue had the honor to speak as a representative. She had won the first prize in three different categories. This was something very incredible. She was stronger than several sports students.

It had been an utterly impromptu speech. Evidently, Zhao Youyue was a rather eloquent orator in her own right. She managed to present a modest, calm image. Her upper-class demeanor seemed to come as a second nature, a trait that Huang Zongchao, the chairman of the student council greatly admired.

Truthfully, Zhao Youyue’s performance during this sports event had subverted what most thought of her. She never gave off the image of an athletic girl. Against all expectations, she had claimed the top spot in all of the long-distance events. This could not have been further from any form of projected result!

The sports event had raised Zhao Youyue to schoolwide fame. Among female students, an awful few were both pretty and scholarly. No one expected that combination to be incredible at sports as well. She was definitely the Goddess among Goddesses!

Thanks to Zhao Youyue’s excellent performance, Class 11 which she belonged to, was obviously not last in place. The last place went to one of the intensive Science classes.

Yang Liqun, the class teacher, and Bai Yunshan, the class rep, were very satisfied with the results. As an intensive class which focused on studying, they would not be good in sports. It was truly surprising for Zhao Youyue to stand out and turn the tide, winning glory for the class.

Zhao Youyue was also named the MVP of this sports event. Unsurprisingly, her academic performance played a huge role in her winning the award.

The Autumn Sports event ended with a bang. The biggest winner would most definitely be Zhao Youyue, who shone like a star. Others around her became eclipsed by her contrastive radiance.

To all students in school, excluding the Year 3 students, this school sports event had been considered the ideal outlet for them to lay back and rest. Lots of colors had been distributed into their nerve-wracking and monotonous study life.

Zhao Youyue was just as relaxed. Others seemed to believe that she was fully spent, and for good reason. They saw her run a total of 6,000-meters in two days. In reality, Zhao Youyue only ran for a few hundred meters. When you have a stamina bar, just like an in-game character, you would never tire like a human.

Zhao Youyue had greater things to concern herself with. One of them would be the initial release of “The Strongest King,” which she had voice acted for!

Prior to this, many fans of the original “The Strongest King” were very dissatisfied with Tian Yi animation production company. The company had paid no heed to their vehement objections towards the casting for ‘Yu Shengfan.’ They had obstinately chosen an unknown and inexperienced newbie VA. This would spell the end of that character, wouldn’t it?

Yu Shengfan was the soul of “The Strongest King,” during the early stages of the plot!

All sorts of rumors related to the VA for ‘Yu Shengfan’ started to surface throughout the internet. Some confidently ‘disclosed’ information that the newbie VA had gotten the position through unspoken rules. This would be a prime example of the VA industry’s ‘Pillow Business\'[1]. Others said that Tian Yi had done so in order to cut costs. Xiao Yu had many lines, despite her short-lived appearance. A famous VA would definitely request for a salary increment…

In short, countless rumors related to the VA for ‘Yu Shengfan’ were scattered all over the internet. Even so, those who took pride in their ‘human-flesh’ searching skills were unable to find any information regarding the newbie VA. They did not even know her name. Regardless of her voice acting skills, her mystery drew in a great deal of attention!

Right before the anime broadcast of “The Strongest King,” Song Gang, the VA of the male protagonist Lin Feng had suddenly released a post on Weibo to refute the rumors. He had stated that Yu Shengfan’s VA was not as incapable as rumored. On the contrary, she was a transcendent being, working so much magic that she seemed to transform into the character herself! Therefore, he hoped that everyone would stop spreading rumors. Once they watch the anime in future, everything would come to light.

After Song Gang’s statement, a number of BigVs stood out and spoke on behalf of the mysterious VA. The official Weibo of Tian Yi animation production company which had been playing dead also rose to support Xiao Yu’s VA, bringing forth a new wave of sensation!

Anyone with bright eyes would notice that it was some sort of promotional method. It is easier to attract attention while being attacked, and if a successful defense is raised, along with solid evidence, they would end up as the biggest winners of the clash. Such a reversal would be far more dramatic.

Admittedly, such a form of promotional strategy had called forth great attention to be placed on the pilot episode of “The Strongest King.” It was time. For the first few episodes, Yu Shengfan had yet to appear. The public opinions remained civilized. However, when Yu Shengfan finally made her appearance, the world blew up!

Translation Note:

[1] Pillow business The idea of VAs ‘sacrificing’ their bodies for a role.