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In The Face of Absolute Strength

Now, Zhao Youyue was not just a dark horse, she was now the hero of the eleventh grade too!

Even the marks obtained by Lu Rui, the sports committee member, paled in comparison to hers!

Undoubtedly, Zhao Youyue had caused a stir in the sports competition. She was now a known face, not only among the eleventh graders, but among the tenth and twelfth graders too. Everyone knew her now. She not only excelled in studying, but in sports too!

Han Leng and her former classmates were astonished. Why haven’t they noticed this before?

If only they had known, they would have asked Zhao Youyue to take part in the long-distance races back then, so that she could earn glory for the class

Zhu Ran, her former class monitor, was especially regretful over this collective oversight. As he congratulated Zhao Youyue, he couldn’t help but sigh in despair at how well she had hidden this side of hers. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had to go through so much trouble figuring out which girl to send. Not many girls had wanted to volunteer themselves back then.

Zhao Youyue smiled and said that she did not hide anything, and nobody nominated her either. If it was not because of Shen Menglian “nominating” her this time, she would not have had the chance to express herself.

It sounded reasonable to Zhu Ran, she was truly a side character who never once stood out back then. At times, he would even forget about her existence in class. However, the entire school now knew her face. She now deserved to be called the high school’s cool kid.

As everyone celebrating Zhao Youyue’s victory, Shen Menglian, the mastermind was left utterly disappointed. She now understood what it means to be in the face of absolute strength, where all that seek to hinder would be blown away like floating clouds!

She had intended to see how Zhao Youyue would embarrass herself – she had been absolutely certain of this, before the competition had even started. Nonetheless, even fate had gone against her will, and even served as a platform for Zhao Youyue to become even more popular. She was at a loss for words, unable to accept the fact that nothing was going by her plans

Their classmates believed that Shen Menglian who secretly registered Zhao Youyue for this competition. As her “best friend,” it would come as no surprise if Shen Menglian knew of the Lady’s secret abilities. She must have pulled this off behind her back, as there were limits to the Lady’s modesty, and more of the world needs to know of her might.

Thus, they praised Shen Menglian too, as they congratulated Zhao Youyue, saying that she did a great job. If she had not register Zhao Youyue, their class would have been the laughing stock of this sports competition!

What else could Shen Menglian do? She could only force a smile out. Never would she have thought that her scheme would turn her into a hero. It had created a stage for Zhao Youyue to unleash her potential

Nevertheless, the discomfort was killing her. Zhao Youyue had not even questioned her once. This suspense was torturous!

Was Zhao Youyue truly unperturbed by her deception?

She simply could not believe that Zhao Youyue’s big-hearted personality would reach such an extent

Zhao Youyue was an unsolvable jigsaw puzzle. On the other hand, Zhao Youyue’s eyes would be running up and down her body unimpeded, as if she was buck-naked.

Another thing that bothered Shen Menglian was how Zhao Youyue and Bai Yunshan seemed to be getting closer. Why was this happening? She was the one who first became Zhao Youyue’s “friend,” and these two polar opposites were supposed to hate each other, and continue trying to trip each other up!

The truth was simple. Zhao Youyue never actually hated anyone. She would take everything in stride. She had even been able to put up with Han Leng, who would act like an idiot at times. A noble, upright young girl like Bai Yunshan would not be a problem for her.

In fact, Bai Yunshan intrigued Zhao Youyue. Such individuals have become a rarity in this world. When Zhao Youyue gets along with her, the former would have the room to be very relaxed, yet unscrupulous at the same time. She relished her helpless expression whenever she tries to correct her lifestyle, as well as her worldview and ethics, all in vain, of course.

At this moment, they were together, alone.

“Zhao Youyue, you have done much for our class. So, as the class monitor, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you!” Bai Yunshan bowed to Zhao Youyue.

Zhao Youyue was probably the more grateful person of the two, feeling blessed to have lady luck watching over her back just this once. Never had she thought that the Zhou Chun Card would serve its purpose in such manner. However, she noticed that this card which had been engraved on the top of the “Two Dimensional Gate” had grown dim, and its lifespan had been reduced by one month.

She knew it. Not only were food and sports drink consumed, as she used the card to run. Precious energy from the reader’s willpower had been burned off as well.

If she had not already made up her mind to sacrifice the “Zhou Chun Card,” she would have despaired in the reduction of its lifespan.

After seeing Bai Yunshan bow to her, she smiled happily and said courteously, “Class monitor, I have no idea where you acquired such a great sense of collective honor. Don’t forget that most of our classmates hate you. So, what is there for you to protect?”

Bai Yunshan shook her head without hesitation, and said, “You’re looking at it the wrong way. I am part of the class, just as I am Chinese. When it comes to the class, regardless of how I am treated, I would only wish them the best, just as I hope that my motherland prospers.”

Zhao Youyue was thoroughly amazed. She looked at Bai Yunshan, only to see her resolute expression. This girl is truly a soldier’s daughter. She could even relate such matters to patriotism

This girl would have been the female version of Yue Fei if she lived in the ancient times. She would definitely have been toyed around to death by a villain like Qin Hui! That was how she had played herself into Shen Menglian’s hands.

“Are you going to run the 3000 meters for me, or I do have to do it myself?” Zhao Youyue thought aloud out of a sudden.

She was no longer worried about the race after discovering the use of the Zhou Chun Card. For a distance such as this, she would have to hold back, or else she would have to keep chowing down like a hamster. For once, she would have to pace herself, so that her stamina would decrease at a manageable rate.

“I gave you my word. You must be exhausted after today’s competition, so, I’ll run for you, tomorrow,” Bai Yunshan dutifully insisted. She could not care less about her ongoing menstruation. She was a woman of her word.

Moreover, it would be great if she could pit herself against Zhao Youyue, one way or another.