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Is Lady Zhao Really Here to Race?

It was finally time for the autumn sports long distance race. After Zhao Youyue had confirmed the wonderful effect of “Zhou Chun’s Card,” she felt at ease, she would turn this into her turf!

Although she bore the responsibility on behalf of Bai Yunshan, she had not been confident about it. It was a long-distance race, and she was unsure if she had the perseverance for it.

However, she had tested the card by running on the treadmill at home. Even at full sprint, her stamina would remain at a state as if she had yet to even start running. Her stamina bar did drop as she ran, but it would be immediately recharged by a gulp of sports drink. She did not sweat at all during the whole process!

She had to admit that Zhou Chun’s Card was a mystical character card, but she was no longer confused, after she thinking of the “Spiritual Music” ability owned by Chu Luoxun’s Card which was also beyond scientific explanation. Well, this was how incredible the “Two Dimensional Gate” was. It encompassed unlimited possibilities!

Nonetheless, the Zhou Chun Card seemed to have its own rules. It did not make Zhao Youyue any faster than she could ever be, while at the same time, it adhered to the law energy conservation, where the recharged energy would fully compensate for her own body energy consumption and keeps her body at its best.

Zhou Chun functioned just like a game character. After all, the mini 4WD anime was not that all different from a game. In the anime, the Mini 4WD and its owner shared energy from a same source, but Zhao Youyue would only be able to sustain her energy through external sources, as she did not have such a Mini 4WD in reality.

After she familiarized herself with the functions of the Zhou Chun Card, she immediately asked Bai Yunshan for a favor, hoping that she could pass her some sports drinks from the side of the track. Otherwise, Zhao Youyue would be doomed if her stamina runs out. She might just collapse instantly, if that happens.

Bai Yunshan agreed with her request, as this was an easy job, compared to Zhao Youyue who was doing the running.

Moreover, it was her duty as a class monitor to serve participants of her class.

Apart from Bai Yunshan, many other classmates volunteered to help Zhao Youyue, as she was rather well-liked. This included Shen Menglian and Xie Ting.

All this while, Shen Menglian had grown worried, as she felt that people now knew of her plot, but she did not wait for Zhao Youyue to question her. The more Zhao Youyue remains calm, the more uneasy she would get!

Even if Zhao Youyue questions her, she would be able to come up with many excuses to defend herself. She believed that Zhao Youyue would suspect Bai Yunshan before anyone else. After all, she was her closest friend, while Bai Yunshan was her enemy who had subjected herself to self-exile. No one would trust an enemy more than a friend, right?

Regrettably, Shen Menglian had yet to fully understand Zhao Youyue. Zhao Youyue simply did not want to fuss about school matters, she merely intended to enjoy her school life. A carefree school life would be ideal. She would give away “baits” and play with her “dogs” whenever she gets bored. What a happy life.

With this, even her name, Zhao Youyue, emitted a sense of superiority.

She would not be affected by Shen Menglian’s minor schemes. Instead, she was grateful, for it had helped her figure out a method of running. Once again, this would provide her a stage to express herself!

In fact, Shen Menglian was eager to see Zhao Youyue making a fool of herself

The long-distance race would be held in the sports ground, and the rostrum had become a gathering place for the committee members of the student union. As the president of the student union, HuangZhongchao, along with other committee members, were responsible for announcing the encouraging words written by the classmates of the participants. For instance —

“As tears and sweat vanish in the rain, your hard work will earn victory; your inspiration will earn success. Blood bubbles on the sports ground and Giants rise in the East. Believe in yourself; you will win and create a miracle; Believe that your dream is in your hands. This is your world. When all these come to pass, you will be the champion. Believe in yourself that you will surpass yourself! Believe in yourself and keep fighting.”

Such words would be written on a small note and handed it over to Huang Zhongchao and his committee members. Then, they would announce it to the respective participants.

This was not as easy as it seemed. One would lose his voice after all those nonstop announcements. However, it would undoubtedly bring life to the atmosphere.

“What? Are you going to take part in the 800 meters and 1500 meters track? Are you Lady Zhao, or are you Crazy Zhao?” Han Leng asked the long-haired beauty in front of him.

Zhao Youyue smiled confidently. She pointed to her back and said, “See the bib? There’s your answer.”

Of course, Han Leng saw it. Nonetheless, he felt that some form of impending doom would befall her. He could not believe that such a lazy person would ever accomplish anything in sports!

As he went on underestimating her, the 800 meters race began. Among the participants, Zhao Youyue brought the most attention to herself. Not only was she beautiful, but she had the most layers of clothing on as well. She even had the school’s blazer on, while others wore the short-sleeved sports shirt. Adding on to that, the female students who were from specialized sports classes had running shorts and shoes on, while Lady Zhao ambled about in casual shoes. Fortunately, she did not choose to wear sandals

Seeing this, the spectators laughed, wondering if this beautiful girl was really here to race?

Meanwhile, Huang Zhongchao was speechless when he saw Zhao Youyue. Even though the spirit of involvement over competition was emphasized in such events, wasn’t Lady Zhao looking a little weird? Did she intend to complete the course by walking?

Standing beside Zhao Youyue was a sports class student whose name was Yu Jia. She wore a full set of sports attire. She rolled her eyes when she saw the sloppy looking Zhao Youyue. Being seen in the company of such an oddity made her look bad!

She was extremely confident that she was going to win this 800 meters race!

After seeing Bai Yunshan, Shen Menglian and Xie Ting take their places around the track, Zhao Youyue became determined, telling herself that she had to at least qualify for the finals

All the participants were ready in their own starting position, but Zhao Youyue was the only one with her hands on her hips. The judges shook their heads, believing that she was here to mess things up, something that she had grown infamous for.

They did not think much of it, as it was not a formal sports competition.

As the referee fired the gun, the participants finally started their race!

Surprisingly, Zhao Youyue took the lead in the race. She was faster than a Mini 4wd!