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A Silly, Yet Cute Female Character

Ever since Zhao Youyue started growing out her hair, her suitors started increasing out of nowhere. She had once felt very excited to receive a love letter, but it was now more of a daily occurrence than anything else.

Other than love letters, there were also some small presents. Some remained anonymous. Some were complete with signatures.

Han Leng had written love letters to Zhao Youyue as well. Yet, he was writing on other students’ behalfs. He had restarted his ghostwriting, but only when it involved Zhao Youyue.

The straight, long black haired Zhao Youyue was really too popular. Therefore, his business had been bustling. He did not earn much, but he enjoyed himself very much.

Among the many love letters, Han Leng’s had the highest standards, as it was to be expected from the author of “Beautiful April.” His book signing would be held at the end of the year. On the other side of things, Master Leng Zi’s cute photos were spreading on the internet like wildfire

Unfortunately, Zhao Youyue was not interested in having a love relationship. Or else, she would definitely be able to enjoy the so-called ‘splendid youth’ that many others dreamed of.

However, she never thought that she would be fed with dog food. She enjoyed feeding dog food to others. After all, she had so many ‘dogs’ around her.

Compared to starting a love relationship, she would rather discover some more interests. The “Two Dimensional Gate” had provided her unlimited possibilities. She had the firm intention of taking everything in the imaginary world and placing them in reality. Just as she said, to be able to use the mini 4WD’s ultimate skill.

Zhao Youyue did not have any form of adolescent delusion. She was simply declining Lu Rui’s invitation, indirectly.

As long as males are not as forthcoming as Chen Haoran, Zhao Youyue would be able to handle them with relative ease. She would only need to play the ditzy dumb damsel, even if she saw through everything at a glance.

The high school stage was considered to be the peak time to have a romantic encounter. Even within such a famous high school that focused on results, no one would be able to suppress their pubescent nature. Therefore, those who had any affection for Lady Zhao were destined to have sad endings. She did not share their sentiments. For her, there are way too many methods of having more fun than to be tied down by love. Therefore, she will not accept any form of affection from others.

But if they are willing to be her servants and playmates, she would accept them willingly. She would always welcome the prospect of more friends.

Zhao Youyue left early on that day again, right after the activity class. She went to a shopping mall and managed to find a track for mini 4WDs. She noticed some primary students playing there, and joined them, shouting the embarrassing names of those ultimate skills together…

Zhao Youyue was trying to get into her future role, to stimulate her mind and enhance her imagination. After all, the viewers of “The 4WD God” were mostly kids. The key to becoming a character with high popularity depends on the creation of a character kids could relate to.

Admittedly, she felt genuinely happy playing with the kids. She now had a deeper understanding towards mini 4WD. She also realized that it was rather impossible for humans to run alongside their mini 4WDs.

However, that group of primary students within the anime were all able to keep up with their mini 4WDs without losing breath, while activating their skills anytime they chose. Some mini 4WDs could even defy the laws of gravity and race in an upsidedown position. How does that even happen?

Zhao Youyue then bought several more mini 4WDs in one purchase. No matter who the pilots were in the anime, even if they were antagonists, as long as they appeared in the anime, she bought them all. The villains’ mini 4WDs even had sharpened, combat-suited wheels, which seemed to make a statement of their own.

Zhao Youyue then made some serious consideration. Should she choose to be a villain, instead?

In the beginning, this villain would participate in all sorts of confrontations with the male protagonist. She had a great desire of destruction. She did not win with speed. She only sought to destroy her competitors’ mini 4WDs. However, the male protagonist successfully ‘converted’ her. She gave up her original destructive way of racing and chose to win the game through speed…

Thus, this villain naturally turned into a new leaf. That would be something worth remembering. Several popular villains had started out this way.

Within “Bakus Kydai Let’s & Go!!”, a mini 4WD anime of another world, there was a villain named ‘Tu Fangling.’ He owned a mini 4WD with the name ‘The Devil’s Commander.’ It had an ultimate skill – ‘Infrared Laser Controlling Sting,’ which specialized in penetrating the other mini 4WDs’ rear end.

But in the end, was this person a ‘he’ or a ‘she’? He was too pretty. He seemed to be a Goddess, yet he insisted that he was a male. And male he was. Many years later, many netizens indicated that their childhoods had been ruined, after knowing the truth. They had considered him the prettiest girl throughout the whole anime when they were young. He was a noble, cold, beautiful Goddess.

The male protagonist Xiao Hao eventually convinced Tu Fangling. He removed the sting. He chose to give up on the championship of the Super Cup, which was already at his fingertips. He waited for Xiao Hao’s mini 4WD ‘Tornado Charge’ to catch up to him. He chose to pit his speed against Xiao Hai. He eventually lost. The ‘Tornado Charge’ took the lead, all the way past the finish line. However, Tu Fangling truly realized the joy of having a fair race. The experience turned him over a new leaf.

It would be rather interesting to create such a female villain. Although Zhao Youyue had never watched “Bakus Kydai Let’s & Go!!” before, she had read more than enough books. She was very familiar with this trope.

However, such villains already existed in “The 4WD God”. Moreover, how would those primary female students ever turn into those noble, cool, beautiful female villains?

Zhao Youyue spent a couple of days thinking hard but never coming up with anything, not realizing that she had been signed into several sports events by a certain someone, including the 3,000-meters run. Bai Yunshan had even deliberately confirmed with her. At that moment, Zhao Youyue had been lost in thought, trying to figure out on how to create a highly popular primary female student. She had simply nodded to it absent-mindedly. Bai Yunshan had taken it as her consent. Shen Menglian was the only person laughing wickedly in secret

Zhao Youyue had grown completely addicted to mini 4WDs. Bai Yunshan had seen her assembling at least four mini 4WDs at school. Her drawer was full of mini 4WDs, other than snacks.

Bai Yunshan felt that Zhao Youyue would definitely be ruined, sooner or later. Why would she be fascinated by a primary student’s favorite toy, at such an age?

She did not know that there some adults were deep into the sport. For example, a celebrity named ‘Yu Wenle’ was an avid mini 4WD lover.

After much effort, she finally came up with a way to give the audiences a deep impression!

Since the male protagonist Zhao Haolie pursued the power of speed, he would definitely become the champion. She could create a female character who did not care about the racing results at all, often being placed last in every race. However, she would possess the most beautiful and gorgeous car of all. She would also have the largest number of favorite cars. Her father even owned a mini 4WD toy shop

It would be a character who races not for the results, but to get involved in things! She intended to show off her gorgeous, favorite car! She would be a hilarious, silly, adorable character! Her ultimate skills would have the most dramatic and convoluted names, causing people to expect cool things from her mini 4WD. Yet, they would all result in comedy. Her mini 4WD would even get snagged away by a passing Husky. That Husky would be the servant of angels.

Whenever probed about her reasons for participating, she would reply that she simply loved jogging. She only wanted to train her body