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I can Release Ultimate Skills!

As one who had no regard for her class, Zhao Youyue made up her mind to be an audience during the Autumn Sports, just as it was in the first semester of her first year in high school. She would be fulfilling her role by cheering ‘666’ for her classmates who participated in the sports events.

If she couldn’t be bothered about it, she would choose to loiter about, away from the action rather than cheer ‘666’.

Zhao Youyue had found a new hobby – the mini 4WD that was meant for kids. She found the mini 4WD very fun to play with. Unfortunately, there were no large, luxurious and high standard tracks in reality that matched up to the ones in the anime.

Within the anime, the entire country would contribute in preparing shockingly big projects for the tracks, all for the sake of organizing contests. Conversely, in reality, one would be fortunate enough to have a plastic track all to oneself.

Within the mini 4WD anime, the entire world truly revolved around mini 4WDs.

Zhao Youyue’s hands were rather dextrous. She finished assembling the ‘The Last Saber’ model over the courses of a few classes. She soon realized that it lacked the most important component a battery. She asked her deskmate Shen Menglian to go buy the battery for her, and keep the change as the fees for running the errand.

Shen Menglian was at a loss of words. Zhao Youyue had unexpectedly started playing mini 4WD. She eventually decided that Lady Zhao must have had a brain injury. She was plain stupid, now. Shen Menglian thought that she had to bite the bullet and help the mentally disabled Lady Zhao.

She had never given up the intention of planning to harm Zhao Youyue implicitly. She considered the upcoming Autumn Sports event a great opportunity!

A pampered girl like Lady Zhao couldn’t possibly be good at sports. How shameful and foolish would she make herself, if she goes for the 3,000 meters run?

As she pictured the imagery, Shen Menglian started getting very excited. When that happens, Lady Zhao will falter. She might even give up out of exhaustion, and eventually, start crying before everyone’s blameful eyes. Then, she would step up and console Zhao Youyue nicely.

In that case, she would become Lady Zhao’s best friend, undisputably.

Then Lady Zhao will bring her out and play, not that b*tchy Jiang Qing.

That Jiang Qing is truly a ‘mistress.’ Even though she was not in the same class with Lady Zhao anymore, she would come looking for her!

However, Lady Zhao would never expect that it was her, Shen Menglian who had been plotting everything in secret!

That’s right. Zhao Youyue had forgotten one thing. She was no longer a passerby. With her high profile, comes all form of envy, jealousy and hate.

Moreover, things were sour between Lady Zhao and the class rep Bai Yunshan, who was in charge of the candidates’ selection, regarding the coming sports events. Will she utilize her position’s authority and cause some trouble for Zhao Youyue, who’ve always had a way in class?

Bai Yunshan would not do such a thing. She was not that kind of girl who would utilize her authority for her personal revenge. She would only adhere to straight principles and justice.

However, the wicked Shen Menglian still considered this a great opportunity. She had been waiting for such opportunity, for a very long time. Zhao Youyue had yet to attend self-study classes in the evening, just like the previous year. Since she had now established a good relationship with Zhao Youyue, she could definitely sign up for the sports event on Zhao Youyue’s behalf, during that class.

Bai Yunshan had always considered Shen Menglian and Zhao Youyue to be working hand in glove with each other. As long as Bai Yunshan does not look into it too deeply, she would directly fill in Zhao Youyue’s name for the sports event, especially the 3,000-meter run. No one had yet to sign up for this event. Now that there is a Zhao Youyue, why not sign her up?

The cheated Zhao Youyue would only think that it was Bai Yunshan who had utilized her authority to take revenge on her. Zhao Youyue would never expect it to be her, Shen Menglian!

Shen Menglian definitely intended to make Zhao Youyue suffer!

That way, only Zhao Youyue would know how nice she was!

Zhao Youyue did not know that there was someone was planning to harm her implicitly on the day of the Autumn Sports event. However, such a trick would be useless against her. After all, Zhao Youyue was an absolute stranger to the idea of collective honor. She could simply refuse to participate in the event when the time comes.

At most, Zhao Youyue would only cause Bai Yunshan, who had a strong sense of collective honor to be more dissatisfied with her. The rest of the students would probably understand her decision. After all, it was a 3,000-meter run.

Besides, no one would know what to expect next. Zhao Youyue had always been able to come up with more surprises.

At that moment, Zhao Youyue installed the battery and pushed the switch on, yet nothing happened. She was a bit dumbfounded. She had installed everything correctly. Why is nothing happening at all?

This was a rather a common situation. Either the parts were originally damaged, or something had not been properly connected…

Zhao Youyue was very patient in such matters. She moved on from hobby to hobby at a relatively quick pace, but the passion and focus during that short period of time would be nothing short of superhuman.

She broke down all the parts and reassembled them according to the instructions. She had put in more effort this time, but still only did it during recess. During classes, she would decisively switch on ‘Xu Jing’s’ card, in order to move her attention away from the mini 4WD. She would never let her results fall behind, no matter what.

The moment she fails to keep herself at the top among the Arts students, she will never be able to continue being arrogant anymore. She would have to lay low, while not giving any chances for Bai Yunshan to gain leverage over her.

Zhao Youyue spent almost a full day of recess and managed to finish reassembling the ‘The Last Saber’. She tried to switch it on. She finally heard the motor sound!

She felt her sense of accomplishment reach the top at that moment. She suddenly felt a desire to seek out a fellow mini 4WD player for a race. Her adolescent soul burned wild. She felt convinced, that she would be able to release an ultimate skill as well…

Zhao Youyue managed to restrain herself. It was not a good move to play it at school, although she never actually cared about how others perceived her.

“Yo, isn’t this the ‘The Last Saber’? You play mini 4WD too?” a hearty male voice sounded. The guy held a basketball in his hand. Apparently, he was from the next class, which was currently having their Physical Education.

Zhao Youyue looked up and saw a tall guy. He seemed to be rather handsome. He carried himself in a way that suggested that he had a good fashion sense. He probably hailed from a wealthy family. He was one of the ten males in his class. His name was Lu Rui, and he was one of the sports committee members. He had none of the shyness that you would see in a male Arts student. He brimmed with manliness. Something told her that he must be rather accustomed to being surrounded by fangirls.

Yet, Zhao Youyue had no feelings towards him. They were just regular schoolmates.

“I guess so. It’s just that I don’t know where to play to,” Propping her chin up in one hand and staring at the toy in her other, she replied lazily.

“I know a mall that has a track built for this. Why not we meet up during the weekends?” Lu Rui’s eyes shined. He invited Zhao Youyue like it was in his second nature.

“Oh? There’s one at the mall? You mean that place right? Noted. Thank you.” replied Zhao Youyue happily. She was quite familiar with all the shopping malls within the provincial city. She took note of the place.


“Is there anything else?”

“ErmI think that it will be more fun, if we race instead. Please don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any other intentions,” Lu Rui immediately rephrased his sentence, only making himself sound even more suspicious.

“No. You don’t understand anything about real mini 4WDs at all. I can release ultimate skill, and you can’t,” said Zhao Youyue seriously.

Scratching his head, Lu Rui retreated in embarrassment. But it was not over. He will find an opportunity soon. After all, this girl was gorgeous.