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An Unexpected New World!

Zhao Youyue noted down the cooldown duration of the ‘Two Dimensional Gate.’ She learned that, the longer she stays within a literary world, the longer the subsequent cooldown would be.

Naturally, the longer she stays, she would also subject the author of that world to longer bouts of “inspirational states.” That way, he would create iconic scenes that are greater in both length and intensity.

Therefore we can also say that the total duration of staying in a literary world is proportional to the possibility of creating an iconic character.

Obviously, when Zhao Youyue is within the ‘Two Dimensional Gate,’ some sort of energy would be consumed in exchange. The longer Zhao Youyue stays, the greater the consumption of energy, leading to a longer cooldown duration.

Zhao Youyue now knew more about this Gate’s nature. To obtain as many character cards as possible through the ‘Two Dimensional Gate,’ she would have to get things done swiftly. If she insists on creating more icons, she would have to spend more time and effort on it. If not, she should wrap things up in speedruns.

Spending too much time will be akin to writing ‘slice of life’ passages in an otherwise fast-paced title. It would be pointless, providing inappropriate details that no one wants or needs to know.

That night, Zhao Youyue finally entered the ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ once again. She shuddered as information of the world flooded her mind. “The 4WD[1] God”. Was this a story about car racing?

If that’s so, as long as she is able to create a famous female car racer, she may become an admirable female driver in reality.

Of course, in a male-dominated sport, female races would stand out, regardless of how well they performed. The internet and news media tended to shine a bad light on female drivers, implying that they killed far more people in accidents than others, putting the entire gender into question when it comes to driving.

Zhao Youyue had no need of driving skills. She decided to simply obtain a high popularity card through this world. After that, she could sacrifice it and choose a literary world which contained an ability that she truly wanted, such as one belonging to the food genre.

High popularity character cards could be used for some time. She knew that her cousin Zhao Hao loved car racing. She might be able to show off her driving skills in front of him.

His reaction would be priceless.

Zhao Youyue sighed. The ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ was truly random beyond anything, it would never once give her what she truly wished for. After all, she currently had no need for driving skills.

Once again, the “Two Dimensional Gate” multiplied her shock.

Originally, she had assumed that this title was all about car racing. The cars would be full-sized, actual 4WDs. Why else would the name contain the word ‘4WD’?

But when she noticed that the main characters were all primary students, only did she realize that the 4WD label was referring to mini 4WD toys!

Primary students racing with mini 4WDs!

This was a Shonen anime!

F*ck my life!

“This ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ is truly wretched. What kind of ability can I take from a mini 4WD world?”

This is definitely a work for kids. This was totally out of my expectation, being able to have entered such a work at random. Do you seriously need to joke like that?

Once again, Zhao Youyue couldn’t emphasize on how she found the random nature of the “Two Dimensional Gate” simply too wretched. She now felt a deep, dreadful fear. She had the equal risk of randomly entering a legendary ‘adult genre’ world. What would that mean? Would she end up learning about the styles, poses, and techniques of that world?

She was still a virgin in reality. A virgin with the mentality of an experienced b*tch, or something like that…Eww, that would be twisted evil!

If she ever gets thrown into such an evil world, she would definitely opt to destroy the world. She would become a serial killer or something like that, slaying every pair of adults entwined together!

As usual, Zhao Youyue did not choose her character hastily. Even if it was a work for kids, with careful scrutiny, there might still be room for a possible breakthrough. She would also watch all available episodes of the mini 4WD anime and study it like any other material.

She finished briefing herself within the “Two Dimensional Gate.” The main character was Zhang Haolie, who was passionate about mini 4WDs. By his name alone, Zhao Youyue could already tell that he was very passionate. He was fierce and competitive. He loved mini 4WDs very much. Within this anime, the mini 4WD was a very world-wide famous toy. Mini 4WD competitions would be held around every corner. Even the developers of mini 4WDs were all top scientists…

This was undoubtedly a world that lived and breathe mini 4WDs. The main storyline would probably follow Zhang Haolie’s progress as he participates in various competitions with the mini 4WD ‘Saber’ that he had received from a top mini 4WD developer, Qiao Busi. It was a story about how he conquered all the good mini 4WD players and won the victory. By the way, this Qiao Busi was actually a Chinese company.

Zhao Youyue finally left the ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ after taking in the general information. The “Two Dimensional Gate” seemed to be giving her an opportunity to have an easy win. “The 4WD God” was an extremely popular anime. The male protagonist within the anime is a highly popular character in his own right. Several other side characters did not trail behind in popularity either. Unfortunately, these popular side characters were all males…

There were some female characters in the anime. All of them had names and a certain level of presence. Finally, she is no longer troubled by an awkward situation similar to “The Strongest King,” which had a complete absence of named female characters, causing her to have to approach Rosemary in order to provide her a female side character.

Although there were no popular female characters, this was already a highly popular anime for kids, with high ratings to boast. Therefore, as long as Zhao Youyue creates a female character who is pleasant in the kids’ eyes, she should be able to become a popular female character without much trouble.

This time, she did not take into consideration, the possible abilities that she could gain from this. She only intended to obtain a ‘high popularity character card’ as a placeholder to sacrifice to the Gate, so that she could select a literary world of her choice. What ability could a primary female student possibly have, that gives her an edge in mini 4WD?

Zhao Youyue had never played mini 4WD before. It might be very interesting to be able to experience it in the literary world. The mini 4WD within the anime was nothing like the inanimate mini 4WD in reality. It spoke the human language! It would dash about and activate skills when told!

That’s right. The mini 4WD within this anime had their ultimate skills as well. Yo-yo players in anime would have their own ultimate skills, so why can’t mini 4WDs have them too?

Zhao Youyue did not feel like going to bed just yet. She immediately searched for the anime via her laptop and started watching. The OP[2] came as a pleasant surprise, it was rather nice!

“Look at the sky; the moon is smiling. Look at the ground; the waves are jumping. How tiny we are in this world. As long as we give it our all, our hearts will go beyond the skies.

Fast! Fast! Fast! Go! Go! Go! The 4W warriors are taking action, driving courageous racing cars, pursuing their journey towards the championship.

Fast! Fast! Fast! Go! Go! Go! The 4W warriors are taking action, following the speeding track, in the enlightenment of mysterious wisdom.


Translation Note:

[1] 4WD – Four-wheel drive.

[2] OP – Opening Theme.