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Such a Mischievous Person

As thick-skinned as she was, Zhao Youyue did not take the words of Bai Yunshan personally. If she does not get caught in action, the teacher would never be able to take any actions on her, even if Bai Yunshan snitches on her. They could not do anything as long as she does not admit it

For Zhao Youyue, there was not much difference between the tenth grade and the eleventh grade. She still leisurely enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the school and went according to her pace, as usual. Meanwhile, she waited for the next activation of the “Two Dimensional Gate.”

The wily girl, Shen Menglian, thought that she had fallen into Zhao Youyue’s best friend graces, because she got to eat her snacks while reading the magazine together with her and discuss the latest horoscope readings. This was what friends do, right?

For a petty person like Shen Menglian, a friend was someone who would openly share everything. She believed that she was now considered the number one friend of Lady Zhao!

Moreover, she discovered that being able to become a friend of Lady Zhao was a wonderful thing!

This caused her to indulge in the role and gave her the idea that it was not a bad thing at all to continue being her friend.

Before this, she never understood Zhao Youyue as a person, thinking that she was as aloof as Bai Yunshan. After all, in her eyes, those who wore school uniforms during weekends were either flexing about, or they were dirt poor. She detested both categories in equal measure!

That’s right. Shen Menglian is a teenage girl who had been brainwashed by the concept of materialism, even though her family, which could be categorized as a middle-class family, was not actually made of money. However, she would put poor people down whenever she meets them.

That was why she deeply longed to become a missy like Zhao Youyue.

She recalled the time when she had offended Lady Zhao because she did not yet know her true identity, yet, the bighearted Zhao Youyue did not seem to have taken note of it one bit. Moreover, Shen Menglian was able to please her now, and in return, Zhao Youyue would only grant her some benefits.

Initially, the reason Shen Menglian ran errands for Zhao Youyue was to take advantage of her money and material possessions. However, she was now willing to do so without herself even realizing, thinking that she was still the one pulling the strings

In exchange for a thoughtful servant, which was her motive, the price of those “fishbaits” were nothing for Zhao Youyue.

Shen Menglian continued being helpful to Lady Zhao, as she would like to form a solid relationship with her to achieve what was in her mind. However, this had turned out to be an unexpected benefit for Zhao Youyue.

As Zhao Youyue’s mind was as clear as a mirror, she had seen through Shen Menglian long ago. Did Shen Menglian really think that she truly did not believe Bai Yunshan?

In fact, the word “wily” was written in bold letters, on her face. What a nave person. This made her kind of cute too.

Anyhow, Zhao Youyue decided not to point it out. She would just sit back and enjoy the services of her new toy while calmly observing her, figuring out what was she up to.

By now, Shen Menglian was still clueless as to how to maneuver Lady Zhao, even as she lost more of herself in her “tenderness,” which would cause her to feel guilty, if she ever tries to do her wrong.

She had to admit that Zhao Youyue indeed had a powerful, charming personality, yet, her naivety and gullibility made her cute at the same time. This caused her to worry that Zhao Youyue might get taken advantage of!

In this world, no one is allowed to cheat on Lady Zhao, except herself!

Shen Menglian had the urge to be responsible for Zhao Youyue’s innocence. As a missy who had been living a rather sheltered life, she was far too vulnerable

As usual, Zhao Youyue played her cell phone as well as a handheld game console during her free time in class. Bai Yunshan could tolerate her no more, thinking that she was far too arrogant!

Thus, she informed their class teacher, Fatty Yang, about Zhao Youyues’s misconducts. At first, he did not take it seriously, even though he knew that students were not allowed to bring their cell phones to school, or even use it in the dorm. But, how could schools fully enforce this ban, since cell phones were such a commonplace in this day and age?

Besides that, she was a top student, unlike any other students. Also, he knew that she was an obedient student, from what he had been told by Zhao Youyues’ former class teacher, Qiu Yingchun. He also knew that she was using her cell phone to search for more information, further broadening her knowledge

As for the handheld game consoles, what of it?

Perhaps that she wanted to improve the flexibility of her hands, or she wanted to stimulate her mind in order to increase her learning productivity

It seemed like the comments of Qiu Yingchun had influenced Yang Liqun’s perception of Zhao Youyue. Unless the results of Zhao Youyue’s next exam decline substantially, he would not take any action on her for this moment.

Nevertheless, Bai Yunshan took it seriously and insisted that Yang Liqun punish Zhao Youyue as she threatened to disrupt the balance of the school. She cannot risk having other students follow her bad examples. Lady Zhao was the oddity of the class, due to her slacking tendencies. During her free time in class, she would always be trying to find new ways to entertain herself!

She had never seen such a mischievous girl before!

The problem was, superficially, she looked as pure as an Edelweiss flower

What mattered most, was that she still managed to get good results in her exams, and due to that, Teacher Yang would never pursue the matter.

Left without any options, Fatty Yang had a heart-to-heart talk with Zhao Youyue, and he asked Bai Yunshan to come along too as a witness. This was to prove that he had this matter in his heart and he was serious in resolving it.

“Zhao Youyue, Bai Yunshan tells me that you were playing your cell phone during recess time. What do you have to say about it?” Yang Liqun asked.

“Not just cell phone, but her PSP too which she uses to play the tennis game; and her NDSL too, to play Pokemon,” Bai Yunshan added.

“I didn’t do so! I was reading my magazine. How could I possibly misbehave?” Zhao Youyue replied with a face of innocence.

“You are lying!” Bai Yunshan was unhappy again, thinking that no wonder she and Shen Menglian could get along so well. They were two peas in a pod!

“Words are no proof. Class monitor, do you have any tangible pieces of evidence?”

“The solid evidence is all inside your drawer, which is fully occupied with weird stuff!”

“Let’s go and check, then. I think that you should find another witness to back you up, while we’re at it,” Zhao Youyue said with a cute smile.