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Zhao Youyues Velvety Long Hair

The second-year high school student Zhao Youyue is an entirely different person when compared with the first-year high school student Zhao Youyue. Her sense of presence had certainly increased!

This simply meant that her past year of hard work, be it in the real world or in the Two Dimensional Gate, had not gone to waste.

Also, as she had been growing out her hair, they flowed over her shoulders. Neither did she tie her long hair up into a ponytail, as it felt a little restrictive and uncomfortable.

Now that she had long hair, she could finally go for hair treatment sessions along with her mother, Wang Hua. Zhao Youyue’s inherent hair texture was a lot better than her mother’s.

The feeling that comes with having a head full of long, velvety hair is none other than one of pure delight, so Zhao Youyue had decided that she would keep it this way for at least another year. When she is in the third year of high school, and in the event that things get too hectic to the point where she no longer has time to take good care of her long hair, she would eventually cut it away once again. It did not really matter though, hair will always grow back.

Perhaps, when she advances into university, she would have more free time by then, and she can keep her hair long for as long as she likes.

It was a fresh school year, but for Zhao Youyue, some old habits die hard. For example, she still would not permit Uncle Liu to drive the luxury car right to the front of the school gate to drop her off. She would rather walk a little, if it helps avoid giving everyone the impression that she was deliberately showing off and emphasizing on how her family’s wealth was on a totally different level.

Zhao Youyue never appreciated having others focus on things like her looks or family background. To her, it is the inside that counts, which was why she had, and still is, worked so hard to become a more talented, influential and independent girl than she already is.

Isn’t a girl like this very worthy of admiration? Most importantly, girls like these are the current trend!

Another habit that remained unchanged is that Zhao Youyue still preferred wearing the school uniform, as it was convenient, neat and presentable.

However, the long-haired Zhao Youyue in a school uniform gave off a completely different feeling, compared to the previously short-haired Zhao Youyue. Now, even in a plain school uniform, her sense of presence is distinct.

A head full of smooth, cascading long black hair. A face with refined, graceful features. An undying passion for knowledge. A cherubic temperament that had been nurtured by the love for music. With all these features, Zhao Youyue is no longer a fated to just be a normal-side character. In fact, she could be considered as one of the prettiest girls in the entire school!

In reality, however, there are usually next to zero polls conducted to determine the prettiest girls in schools. The only actual way a girl can be edged up to the throne is if she is already popular, to begin with, and had the looks to match everything else. There could very possibly be other girls who are prettier than her, but since they were not as widely known, nobody would know of them, so what is the point?

Of course, Zhao Youyue was only known by the people who were in the same school year as her. Her popularity has not yet been able to reach out to the whole school, but this year shall be the year she dramatically expands her social circle and her social influence.

During her first year of high school, Zhao Youyue had always been the quiet girl and never once stood out. She was inclined to maintain a low profile, because she did not have the talent to step beyond that position, academically or otherwise.

Now, she is one of the top ten students of her year, and she could play the violin amazingly. Most students in her school have also heard of how she had once received the first prize at the provincial level violin competition.

In a situation like this, it would be difficult to maintain a low profile, try as she might. It would be much better and easier if she showcased her skills and talents openly, so that more people could look up to her.

Zhao Youyue’s old classroom was on the first floor, but now, her newly assigned classroom would be on the third floor. There are only four classrooms on each floor, so a jump like that isn’t surprising.

Even the block was different. As every school year had a block of its own, the block for second-year students sat right between the first-year and third-year blocks.

Zhao Youyue almost walked towards the first-year block, as she was too used to it. However, when she was halfway there, she realized her mistake and turned towards the second-year block. After climbing the stairs three floors up, she finally reached her classroom – the eleventh class, which was the best intensive liberal arts class in the school.

However, when Zhao Youyue remembered that she would not be in the same class as her little angel Jiang Qing anymore, she felt a little upset. She was also not going to be in the same class as The Great Scholar Han anymore. Zhao Youyue had initially wanted him to become a greatly respected scholar, but he had now embraced his cross-dressing talents. Life was truly unpredictable.

Zhao Youyue wondered if anyone in her new class would have a talent for writing, but she knew that the chances were low. It would be notoriously difficult to find someone as talented in writing as Han Leng. In this world, you will only find someone as good out of one in a million.

Zhao Youyue always had great admiration for talented people. This was because she was also constantly working hard to become more talented, to become a better her.

She was not in a hurry to enter her new classroom. Instead, Zhao Youyue loitered at the corridor. While leaning on the railings, she made use of the opportunity to take a good look at the school’s surroundings. Directly in front of her was the third-year block, which was where she would be at in a year’s time.

An intensive class like the one Zhao Youyue had been placed in lived by the “survival of the fittest” concept. At the end of every term, there would always be an evaluation process in order to filter out students who were not performing well enough. Students from the intensive class who performed no better than average students would be mercilessly cut out from the class, and a top ranker from the normal classes would take their place. Since the evaluation, as well as the sorting is fully done by machine, it was an undeniably cruel, rigid and unsparing process. However, it served as an effective reminder for the intensive class students to buck up, to always keep their guard up, and not get overly excited about the fact that they sat in the intensive class…

The old Zhao Youyue would have never wanted to get into an intensive class. When she was in her first year of high school, she had dreaded the thought of being in a class where a murderous aura would choke up the air, where competition drove everyone to each others’ throats. Moreover, how embarrassing would it be, if she gets cut from the class due to a lapse in performance?

However, the current Zhao Youyue was not the same anymore. Just by looking at her currently amazing academic performance, there was not even the slightest chance of her getting removed from the class.

From where she stood, Zhao Youyue also had a good view of the flowerbeds all around the school compound. Much thought and effort had been put into the landscape and aesthetics of the compound. Even a casual walk in a school as beautiful as this would be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

At that moment, Zhao Youyue heard an enthusiastic voice, “Zhao Youyue, I am honored to be in the same class as you once again.”

Zhao Youyue turned around to see who it was, and realized that it was her previous class representative, Zhu Ran. She did not expect Zhu Ran to be here in the same liberal arts class as her, because she remembered vividly that he had taken part in a mathematics competition before.

What Zhao Youyue did not know was that Zhu Ran had already given up on trying to be the best in mathematics, as he was just not good enough. No matter how much effort he puts in, he might just only be able to scratch his way up to the third place the competition, at most. What is the point of him trying then?

A better choice would be to give up on the mathematics competition and focus on scoring in his final examinations. Although Zhu Ran was not bad when it comes to science subjects, he preferred liberal arts more, thus he would feel more at home if he chooses to pursue liberal arts.

Looking right at Zhu Ran, an average-looking boy with black-framed spectacles, Zhao Youyue replied with a smile, “Ah, it’s the old class representative, how are you, Mister class rep?”

Zhu Ran found himself unable to meet her eyes. This long-haired version of Zhao Youyue was just too dazzling!

Considering how he had not contacted Zhao Youyue at all during the whole summer break, he knew that Zhao Youyue would definitely hold a grudge against him. Zhu Ran felt a little frustrated about this. It was not his fault, Zhao Youyue had really changed so much, in such a short span of time!

Zhu Ran was the type of person who would never invest any of his attention in an average student who did not stand out. Zhao Youyue used to be a perfect example of the type that Zhu Ran would blatantly ignore, no matter what. Now, it seemed that Zhu Ran was trying really hard to get to Zhao Youyue’s good side, as he uttered, “Zhao Youyue, I have to say, I really liked your violin performance the other time, the one where you played in front of the whole class. It was so good, I was stunned the entire time!”

“Thank you for the compliment, old class representative!” Zhao Youyue was still smiling as she thanked Zhu Ran. Zhao Youyue was always so polite and mindful of others, she had the grace that would only be associated with a well-raised daughter.

Zhu Ran continued to say a few more things to Zhao Youyue at random, most of which were obligatory compliments. Then, he proceeded to enter the classroom.

Zhao Youyue remained at the corridor for a while, so that she could take a last look at her surroundings before she heads into the classroom.

The moment she walked into the classroom, she realized that she had walked into a ladies kingdom. There were less than ten boys in the whole class.

When you are in an intensive liberal arts class, this was probably to be expected