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Steady Ascension

After singing two songs, Zhao Youyue decided that it was enough for the day. Although she still had yet not sung “Angel Wings” and “Just Happened to Meet You,” she decided to save them for another time. If she continues to sing, it would be too shocking and too much for the viewers to take in. The viewers definitely needed some time to digest everything.

However, as some of the viewers kept on insisting that she should sing “Parallel Galaxies” again, she finally gave in and did it. Of course, the bullet curtain was once again flooded with comments!

“I’m not sure why, but I somehow feel that Ah Yu’s singing skills have suddenly improved by leaps and bounds!”

“The last time I heard Ah Yu sing “Parallel Galaxies,” I really admired her talent, but now as I hear it again, I feel like she can just go ahead and go pro already!”

“Why not just quit gaming and focus on being a live music streamer, with a powerful voice like that, you can completely triumph over those famous Douyu girls like they are nothing…”

“I’m becoming more and more curious as to what is Ah Yu’s true identity. With a musical talent like that, is it even possible for no entertainment company to recruit her yet?”

“If Ah Yu just gets some prep time, she can definitely become a real singer and sweep everyone off their feet with these songs!”

“What a pity, these songs should be produced in an album, instead of being randomly sung in live streams.”

Zhao Youyue had of course seen all the compliments that appeared on the bullet curtain. However, she had already decided earlier on that she would not make a profit out of these songs. She would use them to bring everyone sheer happiness…

Although the number of viewers watching her live stream had increased to about two hundred thousand people, her follower count remained at slightly more than hundred thousand people.

Therefore, right after she finished singing, Zhao Youyue called out to the viewers and requested for them to follow her and subscribe to her channel. Almost immediately, her subscription count started to increase!

Emboldened by her increasing popularity, Zhao Youyue could finally say with confidence that she is now a well-known live streamer.

Although she was not the type of live streamer who became an overnight success, through her gaming and musical talents, she had slowly but surely attracted more viewers and gradually built her reputation up. Turning her camera on would not change anything!

Viewers who only paid attention to the looks of live streamers are known to be disloyal fans. Many of these viewers tend to jump ships when they get bored of a particular streamer’s face. This was understandable, as there is always a variety of choices, since many other live streamers flash their looks to gain views. Thus, whenever a new, prettier live streamer appears, the disloyal viewers will naturally move on to become new fans of that channel.

However, a live streamer that gains views through showcasing their talents and skills is very different from those who merely flash their looks for views. Their unique talents and skills that no one could ever replicate would be a key selling point. They would be inimitable and irreplaceable!

This was why their fanbase would be undying!

Zhao Youyue is exactly the kind of live streamer that had a distinctive selling point, which was why she was steadily ascending the steps to becoming a famous live streamer. Thankfully, her fans were also very loyal to her. Even though she did not really capture the attention of many rich viewers who tended to donate a lot of money, she had earned the respect of a large number of regular viewers. Even if the normal viewers can only give her free “fish balls” and “thumbs up” stickers, it pleased her.

Other than the 3 songs that she has already sung, Zhao Youyue had also sung covers of a few currently trending songs, all while the “Chu Luoxun card” is still activated.

In fact, a lot of the viewers felt that the cover songs were better and more mesmerizing. As the songs actually existed, most of the viewers had essentially heard them before. Thus, the songs carried a huge sense of familiarity, and made it easier for the viewers to become immersed in it!

Some viewers had even compared Ah Yu’s cover version of the songs to the original. They realized that her covers were by no means less brilliant than the originals, but they also could not say that they were better than the originals. They could only conclude that both the originals and the covers had their own unique charm.

Male singers originally sang some of the popular songs that she covered. Even so, Ah Yu had heartily sung the songs with her vibrant and pleasant ladylike voice, which made her covers amazingly beautiful. It was like her music had turned into a gush of clear fountain water, which seeped through the hearts of the viewers and cleansed their souls…

There were a few suggestions by the viewers who commented on the bullet curtain that Zhao Youyue thought were worth taking into consideration. They wanted her to create an account on NetEase Music[1] and make her own channel there, so that they could easily get access to and listen to her music whenever they feel like it.

There were also other viewers who suggested that she create a Weibo account, as they were really interested in knowing more about her daily life. Moreover, if she ever produces new music, it would be a lot more convenient if she uses Weibo to let the fans know about it, or to post subsequent updates.

Zhao Youyue almost had a slip of the tongue – she almost revealed her “Tycoon Youyue” Weibo account, which was the account of a well-known reader on Qidian who had read a long list of books. However, before it slipped through her tongue, she believed it inappropriate to identify herself as “Tycoon Youyue,” mainly because she had previously posted pictures of herself on that Weibo account.

Furthermore, Zhao Youyue had a feeling that Ah Yu would become even more famous than “Tycoon Youyue,” and would get way more attention in the future. Since she was a frequent user of Weibo, it was better if she did not reveal the “Tycoon Youyue” account. Because her follower count might experience a tremendous growth, the fans would definitely track her every movement and invade her privacy. She would never be left in peace.

In the end, she decided to create a new Weibo account and attempted to name it “Ah Yu,” but the Weibo name was already taken by someone else. After giving some thought to it, she decided on the name of “Small Fish Ah Yu”[2] instead, and thankfully, it was available.

At this point in time, some viewers who were attracted to her live stream channel by her music had suddenly realized that Ah Yu was also a top “League of Legends” player in her region, and that she was even about to become a top player in “King of Glory” as well. Such news shocked them to the core!

Judging by her current rank, it was not possible for Ah Yu to be the best “League of Legends” female player in the country as of yet, but she was very close and definitely had a safe place in the top ten!

Most importantly, she was not the cowardly type of player, but a highly skilled player who could easily carry the whole game!

Not many female players are ranked this highly in the game. Also, most of the female players at such rank can only do so much to maintain their rank. None of them are good enough to carry the whole game!

Thus, the mere fact that Ah Yu is able to carry the whole game, coupled with her regional high rank, it simply means that she is undeniably, a highly skilled player. It was clear that she had what it takes to be a top player, and her skills are probably nothing short of a professional player!

Even so, Zhao Youyue had never received a single invitation from any professional gaming teams, to-date. This might be due to the fact that Ah Yu’s real gaming skills were still under great scrutiny, as it was entirely possible that she is not the one playing it. Since she never ever turns on her camera, the professional gaming teams were afraid that there might be a professional gamer playing the game for her, as she speaks to the viewers…

Zhao Youyue could not care less about the lack of invitations. She did not want to become a professional player anyway. As long as she is able to constantly beat professional players in ranked mode and taunt them after that, she would be more than happy.

Moreover, in this world, a Korean server for League of Legends did not exist, thus all the top Korean players were in the same server and would automatically get mixed in with the top players in China. Due to this, Zhao Youyue would sometimes get queued into the same game as the top Korean players, but they were obviously no match for her as well!

This is how scary it can be when the powerful talented gamer Yu Shengfan comes into the real world, which was very much similar to Chu Luoxun’s unbelievable talent in music…

When Zhao Youyue wanted to sign off her live stream on that day, many viewers were sad and reluctant to let her do so, as they wanted her to sing a few more songs for them. There were even a few rich viewers who threw a load of money in order to prolong the live stream. As Zhao Youyue was still fused with Chu Luoxun at that time, she happily sang two more songs before she signed off.

This day might just have been a key turning point in her live streaming career.

Since there were still a few days left before her summer holidays ended, Zhao Youyue had decided that she will go to an authorized recording studio and make a recording of all the songs from “Beautiful April.” Then, she would upload all of them onto NetEase Music, so that they would be able to reach all the people who had a love of music.

Other than that, she would also record some violin songs, since there would always be a niche group who went after them.

Translation note :

[1] “NetEase Music” is a music and video streaming service in China. Users are able to download music, comment on the music, create playlists and follow artists.

[2] “Small Fish Ah Yu” – Since the “Yu” in “Ah Yu” means “fish,” this Weibo account name is like a pun made out of Ah Yu’s name.