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A voice that conquers everything

“I gently tasted the love you said which was for me…”

The moment Zhao Youyue, or rather, Chu Luoxun, started singing “Sweet” in her delicate voice, a large number of viewers suddenly learned the definition of being mesmerized!

Is this what they call the “jaw-drop effect”?

Other than her voice, Zhao Youyue’s skill with the guitar also woke something deep within their hearts. When paired together, they just so amazingly complimented each other!

In the novel, Chu Luoxun also loved to play and sing very much during her spare time, just like this. No matter how much pain she was in, as long as she starts singing, she would instantly feel as if everything was fine. Music was something that not only helped her forget her pain, but also brought her a lot of happiness.

Currently, the fact that she can sing something like “Sweet,” which helps bring back her childhood memories, in front of approximately seventy to eighty thousand viewers, made her extremely happy!

She was more than willing to bring happiness to everyone, to the whole world, through her music!

Zhao Youyue has never felt better. Nothing she has ever felt could top the happiness she felt now, and this happiness made her music even more powerful than it already is…

Zhao Youyue’s live stream bullet curtain was currently being spammed with “6666666”[1] while also gaining “fish ball” and “thumbs up” stickers by the awestruck viewers. As a result, the amount of viewers tuning into her live stream had also increased. A lot of viewers have also expressed their determination to help Ah Yu advertise her live stream once she is done with this song. If they advertise it well enough, more people will be able to watch the live stream and be blessed by her beautiful voice!

Su Li was once again mesmerized. Su Li had assumed that Lady Zhao was only good at playing the violin, but as it turned out, Lady Zhao is also good at singing and insane with the guitar!

Su Li could even imagine how Zhao Youyue looked right now, happily singing away with a microphone in front of her. It was a pity that her camera was not turned on, it would have been a very beautiful view. How unfortunate!

Since Ah Yu’s live stream has been gradually gaining more views, the other live streamers who normally showcase their singing skills when they stream have naturally lost a portion of their viewers, especially those who were not that popular, to begin with.

Tang Lu[2] is an example of one of those female live streamers who sing during streams. Even though her live streams are interesting, she would only get up to around twenty to thirty thousand viewers at a time, which is a considerably small amount. There are probably a lot of ‘fake’ viewers in her live streams, but the owners of Douyu were actually fine with this, as they treasured live streams that appear busy.

Tang Lu’s live stream was clearly affected by Ah Yu’s sudden popularity. The number of viewers watching Tang Lu’s live stream took a sharp dive. There was originally twenty to thirty thousand viewers, but now there were only less than ten thousand viewers left. Someone in Tang Lu’s live stream also kept commenting on the bullet curtain about how “Ah Yu’s “Sweet” is the best thing ever”. To make it worse, it was not just some random viewer, but a rich viewer who had previously donated thousands of dollars.

Tang Lu was obviously not happy with this and grew frustrated. Thus, she decided to join Ah Yu’s live stream as a viewer as well, to see what was so great about it!

She excused herself from her viewers, saying that she was suddenly not feeling well and had to sign off earlier. Then, she proceeded to open Ah Yu’s live stream, and managed to join the stream right as Ah Yu was singing the last few lines of the song —- —-

I gently tasted the love you said which was for me

I reluctantly ate the smiling candy

I gently tasted it, even though there isn’t much left

I’ll eat all of your love

Although Tang Lu only heard the last few lines, she was more than impressed. Ah Yu’s singing was way better than what she had expected, she could probably start off a career as a professional singer!

Tang Lu had initially thought that Ah Yu was only able to gain such a large amount of viewers through singing as well as flashing her looks, but now that she was there as a viewer, she knew it now, but could not believe that Ah Yu was really attracting all the viewers by the use of her voice!

This led to Tang Lu’s realization that Ah Yu was actually quite worthy of admiration, therefore she had unknowingly clicked on the ‘subscribe’ button…

At the same time, a lot of donations from rich viewers came rolling in. Even Su Li could not resist Lady Zhao’s charm. She had willingly donated about a thousand dollars in the blink of an eye, which made her become part of the top donor list!

Su Li is known for being stingy, but now that she had been unknowingly charmed by Lady Zhao’s sweet voice, she completely lost control of herself, and the need to donate had suddenly taken over her mind!

Other than Su Li, people like Ye Hai and his wife, Li Mengyao, were also watching Zhao Youyue’s live stream. Their only impression of Zhao Youyue’s musical side was when they had watched her play the violin long ago. However, the moment they heard Zhao Youyue sing “Sweet,” they began to reminisce about their sweet old times together, long ago when they just got together.

Actually, Ye Hai and Li Mengyao’s relationship is somewhat similar to the relationship between the male and female protagonists in “Beautiful April.” From the moment they met each other right up to their marriage, they had never really encountered any obstacle that would affect the closeness of their relationship. In addition to that, they were now living a very happy life together as well…

This is why the song “Sweet,” which was written as a gift from Chu Luoxun to the male and female protagonists, resonated with them so perfectly. As a result, they fell victims to Zhao Youyue’s charming voice just like everyone else, and went gone on to donate quite a bit of money to show their support.

Zhao Youyue’s beautiful voice had also awakened “Boss Hao” from his long slumber. “Boss Hao” had disappeared for quite some time, after his unhappy experience of not getting the kind of attention he wanted, even after donating a large sum of money to Zhao Youyue’s live stream channel. Even after he had spent so much money, Zhao Youyue still had not turned on her camera!

Zhao Hao had randomly clicked on “Ah Yu’s Live Stream Channel” for fun and was not expecting to hear such a beautiful voice upon entering the channel. Charmed by Zhao Youyue, he had completely forgotten about his mistreatment and once again could not resist the urge to donate a huge sum of money. To him, it did not matter anymore if she still insists on not turning on her camera, her voice would suffice!

What Zhao Hao did not know was that Zhao Youyue had already signed a contract with Douyu. If Zhao Hao would just use his identity and look into things, he would definitely find out that this live streamer, which he is so interested in, was actually his younger cousin sister!

If Zhao Hao ever finds out that it is actually Zhao Youyue behind the live stream, he would also be able to understand the reason as to why she refuses to turn her camera on. No one would want their private life exposed out in the open.

Zhao Hao decided that he might as well stop requesting for Ah Yu to show her face, he would be more than contented if he is able to watch her play games and listen to her sing.

The moment Zhao Youyue’s song came to an end, the bullet curtain was once again flooded with comments. The live stream channel which was originally quiet had immediately became chaotic. As a result of the rich viewers donating uncontrollably to the live stream channel, many others were attracted and had also clicked into the channel to see what was going on. The viewers who had just joined the channel had absolutely no idea what had just happened, but they followed the crowd and spammed “666” anyway.

Since the bullet curtain was still being spammed, it was hard to make out what the viewers were saying in their comments. Only the comments of the rich viewers could be seen, as they had a special status and their comments were given priority over the normal viewers. They clearly wanted Ah Yu to sing another song.

Well, it was their lucky day, because Zhao Youyue had already planned to sing two songs today, anyway. The next song she had in mind was “I Left the Sadness to Myself.”

“Will you let me walk with you…”

This was not a song that belonged to the “jaw-dropping series.” Instead, it is a slow song that gradually builds up its tempo as it goes on. When it reaches the climax line of “I left my sadness to myself,” the song pierced right through to the hearts of the viewers, which brings back all of their sad memories and makes them cry!

With just two songs, one sweet, another sad, Ah Yu, and her complete control over the viewers’ feelings, brought the room crashing down!

Even though some of the viewers who had just joined the channel had not been able to hear Ah Yu sing “Sweet,””I Left the Sadness to Myself” was more than good enough to conquer their hearts!

However, the ones who were the most shocked by Ah Yu’s musical talents were the ‘aesthetic researchers’ and also the fans of “Beautiful April.” They could not believe that a 3D Goddess Chu actually existed, and is even live streaming on Douyu!

Can anyone explain what is happening?

Translation note :

[1] “666666” is an internet slang widely used in China. It is commonly used to express admiration for something someone else has done well. In simpler terms, it just means “good” or “thumbs up”.

[2] Tang Lu is a famous live streamer in China that frequently streams on Douyu.