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I treated you like a brother, but you…

Zhao Youyue was no fujoshi, but her mind couldn’t stop itself from running wild when it came to cooking up all sorts of images of Han Leng and Che Haoran in each other’s embraces. Unfortunately, they would not be in the same class anymore.

Chen Haoran specialized in science subjects, while his language subjects were his weak points, so there was no way that he would succeed in a specialized language class. This could potentially affect his future; as he might actually follow Han Leng into his specialized field.

In the end, he was transferred to the first class, the most advanced science class in the whole school. Naturally, Wang Zongchao was in this class as well.

Most of the students in this class had once participated in science subjects competitions, but not many of them ever took home the trophy. Chen Haoran was one of the students who could, because he truly excelled in these subjects, and the more difficult the exam questions were, the more he would shine.

Many of the top students would participate in competitions, but they only did it for the sake of following the crowd. They knew that they were not capable of taking the trophy home, but in order to show that they were not inferior to other students, they would persist on remaining in these competition classes, only to realize that it was all a waste of time.

The elite scholars who grabbed the first-grade prize in the provincial science subject competition while still being able to participate in the winter camp stood on a different level where hard work alone could not keep up. This would be a question of innate brainpower.

Unfortunately, most top students were not willing to accept this fact.

Zhao Youyue would be the butt of jokes made by the other top students when they heard that Zhao Youyue has never participated in any of the science subject competitions. However, when Zhao Youyue earned the gold medal for the provincial level music competition, they were speechless.

Just like the difference between brains, musical talent was also something that hard work can never emulate.

Whenever Zhao Youyue participates in the national violin competition; she would still revert to her “Humanoid Metronome” mode. If she is to take the stage as a performer, she would flip her Goddess Chu switch and blow the audience away!

She remembered a certain art student from her school who called himself, “Hang Yongming.” He had always said that he intended to prove to her what real music was, but Zhao Youyue had decided to show him what real music was during the next school festival night. Her closest opportunity would most likely be the new year’s eve party.

Han Leng finally replied with a massive wall of text. He very much needed Zhao Youyue to listen to his problems.

On the day when he had chased after Chen Haoran to comfort him, he did not realize that he was still in drag, until he had caught up. Fortunately, Chen Haoran did not immediately recognize him, he only thought of “her” as fleetingly familiar, but he never once took “her” to be his best friend, Han Leng.

Chen Haoran was not good at dealing with girls, and anyone would know that by looking at his reckless confession to Zhao Youyue, it was plain awkward!

But Zhao Youyue could not sense any sincerity from Chen Haoran; and neither could she be upfront with this person as they barely knew each other. She had a feeling that he was gambling on his luck as he threw out the confession…

Zhao Youyue was clearly unaware of her growing beauty. It had bloomed in the faces of her classmates, especially right at the point before the class gets disbanded. He was afraid that others would beat him to the punch when confessing to her, because who wouldn’t?

Why not seize the opportunity and confess to her first, so that he could get this over with, even if he never stood a chance? What if he had the slimmest of chances?

The happiest thing in the world is to realize that the person you loved actually felt the same about you…

Chen Haoran probably thought that he might lose his chance if he did not confess to her, but the truth demonstrated that it was all playing in his head! There is no such thing as your crush liking you at the same time, it happens only in dreams!

Many girls would be conflicted between money and love when it comes to marriages, only to realize that without money, there would be no love. When they arrive at a certain age, they would just have to make do with it…

Everyone was just like Zhao Youyue, they were either side characters, unless they were famous or great figures. They would be destined to spend their entire lives busy doing something without ever getting noticed.

In the eyes of an average person, they would treat those who chase after their dreams as adolescent-like delusions, because this world had a harsh reality.

When Han Leng realized that he was still in drag, he quickly adjusted his voice to a cute, girl-like voice.

Chen Haoran fell for “her” immediately; this cute girl was not inferior to Zhao Youyue! After that, Han Leng introduced “herself” as “Han Bing,” a cousin of Han Leng. “She” knew him from “her” cousin, Han Leng.

When he heard that “she” was the cousin of his best friend, he instantly felt a connection to “her.” He knew that “she” was comforting him, which only served to bolster his feelings for her.

They parted ways after having dinner, and with the help of Han Bing, Chen Haoran had quickly gotten over his slump.

He was not a literary guy like Han Leng. He knew that Zhao Youyue did not like him, so he did not get hung up over it. He would just find a better person. He only wanted a relationship that contained mutual love.

But, where should he start looking? Of course, at the one right in front of his very eyes!

That’s right, Chen Haoran had fallen in love with Han Bing, but this time, he had learned from his past experience. He had grown more mature and even knew to give presents to Han Bing, knowing that he should take it slowly and steadily…

Han Leng did not sense anything amiss, he had thought Chen Haoran was only doing this because he wanted to take care a certain best friend’s cousin like he would a little sister.

Chen Haoran did not risk his chances by asking for the contacts of Han Bing directly; he knew that he had his best friend, Han Leng backing him up.

When Han Leng reached home, he received a text from Chen Haoran. He wanted more information on his cute little cousin, Han Bing. He also blamed Han Leng for hiding such a beautiful little sister.

Han Leng finally realized, his best friend had a crush on Han Bing! I treated you like a brother, but you want to f*** me? Han Leng wanted to tell him there and then that Han Bing and him were one and the same, but what if Chen Haoran has no problem doing with a guy? What should he do, if that really happens?

“Didn’t you like Zhao Youyue?” Han Leng had no other options but to divert the topic. But Chen Haoran replied that he no longer had a crush on her, as she had rejected him, so he could move on without any qualms.

“Aren’t you a playboy now, how can you say that you liked her?” Han Leng asked.

Chen Haoran said that he was serious, and that he was aiming for marriage based on true love. He hoped that Han Bing would wait for him, and he would chase after her when he enrolls in a university, and get married after graduation!

Han Leng almost went crazy; he could now only seek help from Lady Zhao, asking for her opinion…

Meanwhile, Zhao Youyue was laughing so hard that her sides were hurting. Of course her suggestion to him would be; to get together!