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: Becoming One

Song Gang was the voice actor for Lin Feng. He was a skilled actor in his right, and could alter his voice in many ways. The public knew this, and celebrated it with much enthusiasm.

He was a very hardworking person, taking several roles over the course of each year. By chance, several of his roles would involve characters from adaptations of novels. He carried the nickname of “Harem King,” because he voiced several male protagonists in the harem genre. However, he had missed out on the opportunity to voice the main character in “Pure Romance,” as his schedule was already full.

Many netizens believed that Song Gang was the perfect person to voice for the character, “Scumbag Ming”, and he totally deserved it…

In fact, most of Song Gang fans were male. Even though he voiced several male protagonists in the harem genre, he was not that good at communicating with girls in real life. Rather, they terrified him. He used to get so nervous working with female voice actors, that he would mess up his lines. Time soon alleviated most of his unease, and he could restrain himself with more skill now.

He carried himself with a fierce passion, even among other professional voice actors. He had once even avoided conversing with a certain female voice actor, as he did not believe that their respective characters in the anime were close enough to carry out a casual conversation…

Without a doubt, Song Gang was a role model in his field of expertise. Even though he often gets criticized for accepting too many low-grade jobs, his level of method-acting was second to none. Basically all harem kings on screen would carry his voice.

To be honest, when he heard that he was going to be working with a fresh fish, he had his qualms about it. Rumors were circulating on the internet, saying that this person had not even gone through a proper audition…

If his partner does not perform well, her lack of experience would drag him down with her. He enjoyed working with voice actors who had real potential, so that he could motivate himself even more, especially when they are interacting.

Before he accepted the role of voicing Lin Feng, he had delved into deep research concerning the character and its premise. He soon realized that he shared many similarities with this character.

Lin Feng had a problem socializing as well, so he had placed all of his soul on the line in the name of gaming. Song Gang had a fear of socializing with others, so he voice acting was his only refuge, and his raison d’etre.

Song Gang was not so stuck up as to refuse working with a newbie. It was the fact that this particular newbie had not gone through any form of training that worried him so…

Working as a voice actor would appear simple enough, but appearances would always be deceiving. Amateurs would usually take minor roles to gain experience, slowly and steadily. Handing over a protagonist’s role to them too soon would only ruin their future prospects and the immediate work.

Song Gang finally laid eyes upon the voice actor of “Yu Shengfan,” he felt a thump in his heart. Something’s not right, someone as beautiful as her, being a voice actor?

Voice acting was a rather popular job these days, but they were still far beyond compare to actresses or models. When a voice actor is just starting his or her career, they would experience more hardship than anyone else, while being paid peanuts…

Many people dreamed of becoming voice actors, but they would always end up giving up the career in the face of harsh reality.

So, why would a girl who was gifted in her looks take up such a rough journey? It did not make any sense, voice actors would only need their voices to earn a living. Even though she was cute, it would not get the job done!

Song Gang was afraid that the rumors on the internet were indeed true, but he did not let that judgment show on his face. He only needed to do well in his role; an established studio would wisely replace her if she does not perform up to par.

When the animation supervisor, Dong Yang saw Zhao Youyue, he did not hide his disapproval. He had requested for a pre-recording audition session earlier on, so that he could immediately eliminate her to prevent any future delays. She was just a newbie, but she had disregarded his request, earning his absolute ire!

Dong Yang was waiting for this amateur to mess things up, he could not trust an amateur to simply produce the voice of “Yu Shengfan,” a notoriously challenging character who was a bundle of expressions and unbridled passion!

Zhao Youyue was concerned for her studies, so she wanted to finish up all of “Yu Shengfan’s” lines in one go, if possible. Dong Yang actually approved of that sentiment, because in his perspective, she was eagerly digging her own grave. He would settle for nothing less than perfection.

Zhao Youyue politely greeted the staff and introduced herself to every other voice actor in the room. Other than Song Gang who voiced Lin Feng, the voice actor for Tang Yongkai was also present. After all, Yu Shengfan would be seen messing around together with Lin Feng and Tang Yongkai in the new server.

The male voice actors looked like your passing average Joe; they were voice actors, good looks would not give them extra credits.

Song Gang did not reciprocate Zhao Youyue’s friendly approach, he even barely took note of her name, no thanks to internal turmoil. He was not good at socializing to begin with; and a pretty girl like Zhao Youyue only made matters worse. If possible, he would have her keep her distance.

Finally, the recording session commenced. Zhao Youyue activated her “Yu Shengfan card” habitually. Everything else would come naturally. She would not even need to read the script, for she would be Yu Shengfan!

It cannot be helped. She was so familiar with Yu Shengfan, for Yu Shengfan was a part of her! There was no way that she wouldn’t be able to speak for herself! This act of self-confidence left everyone in the room dumbfounded!

Most importantly, she was becoming one with Yu Shengfan! At that moment, she was Yu Shengfan in the flesh!

Song Gang stared at her with his jaw gaping open. Her temperament had changed completely. All forms of discrimination and prejudice he held vanished into thin air, only to be replaced by a fiery, competitive spirit!

He must not fall behind an amateur, and judging by her looks, she had to be a university student.

This Zhao Youyue was perfect beyond anything else!

The professional and strict Song Gang who had fully prepared himself for the role was performing way beyond his typical standards, under the influence of Zhao Youyue. Unexpectedly, it was the voice actor of Tang Yongkai who was the weak link…

The animation supervisor, Dong Yang almost dropped to his knees in front of Zhao Youyue when she opened her mouth. This was not just a person simply voicing Yu Shengfan, this was the actual Yu Shengfan manifested in reality, playing as herself in the form of an animation!

Rosemary master, where did he find such a mysterious voice actor!