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A Miraculous Music

Han Leng had little knowledge about the classical music before this. However, he managed to gain some insight through his novel, “Beautiful April.” He attributed all of this enlightenment to Goddess Chu. Of course, he did his fair share of research, in the process of his write up.

He may appear as an idiot and hipster, but, he was quite the perfectionist. Therefore, he has managed to create an iconic, juvenile novel, “Beautiful April.”

Based on his vague knowledge of the classical music now, he had marked down Zhao Youyue’s style as strictly competition based. It was tailored for impractical, stiff marking systems, similar to the type that their education employed!

Thus, everyone would soon be treated to a show of her pretentious, soulless grace in all its glory. After all, she had simply blown people away by turning up in non-uniform attire.

For Han Leng, there was no way that Zhao Youyue could compare with the Goddess Chu in term of music!

He kept using Chu Luoxun as a form of self-encouragement when he faced Zhao Youyue to prevent himself from being eroded by her. He was worried that he would be unconsciously influenced by the uniquely charming personality of Lady Zhao.

Unlike Han Leng, the other classmates were still looking forward to Zhao Youyue’s performance. It was not a big deal if she could play well or not, as everyone had been labeling her as a formidable being, after she won the Golden Prize of the Provincial Music Competition!

After all, winning the prize was everything. If one is not mistaken, she has obtained the 10th grade for her violin test. This was the highest grading for the violin test, right?

Apparently, they did not know how to differentiate an amateur from a professional violist

Even the top students thought she was impressive, as the Gold Prize of the Provincial Music Competition carried same weight as the First Prize of the Maths, Physic and Chemistry Competition. This could earn them extra marks for their college entrance examinations. How could one not be amazed by her, if she was able to acquire this skill while maintaining her good results?

While carrying her violin, Zhao Youyue went to the front. As she was walking to the front, she activated the “Chu Luoxun Card.” A beautiful smile of confidence appeared on her face!

Chu Luoxun, a musical genius in the novel, turned out to be very imaginative in her own right. She instantly imagined that her outfit had turned into an elegant long dress, just like the transformation of a Magical Girl!

Actually, she was a musical Magical Girl!

She even imagined the dais as a grand stage with thousands of audiences sitting in front of it!

She was about to use music to create a carefree type of happiness for the soon-to-be-separated audiences, in order to comfort their depressed spirits

The entire body of Zhao Youyue started releasing a powerful aura!

This was exactly as described in the novel. When Chu Luoxun starts her performance, which was the height of her existence, her body would seem to release a myriad of colorful light!

Han Leng was completely dumbfounded. At that moment, the more he looked at Lady Zhao, the more she would look like the Goddess Chu in his heart. She even got her smile spot-on. The optimism and confidence gave him a strong sense of familiarity!

How could it be?

Was he crazy? He thought that Lady Zhao had been possessed by the Goddess Chu!

The reason why he had such a profound feeling was because he had experienced Chu Luoxun’s magical “Spiritual Music” firsthand, in his first “intoxicated state”. He was also the one who could come up with a storyline easily

Zhao Youyue appeared to be an extraordinary person now, in the eyes of the other classmates, giving out the legendary “Aura of An Ambitious King.” Their knees were begging to meet the ground, so that they could worship this being!

The song that she decided to play was not a famous classical music, but a song created by Chu Luoxun, the genius composer — “The Song of Youth.”

One would certainly know that this was a very vigorous and uplifting song. It would easily find its way to its listener’s hearts!

After silently reciting “To the God of Music, please heed my call,” she began to perform!

Initially, everyone simply enjoyed it as any normal person would, for they knew little about classical music, let alone the song she was playing. It did not take long before they were absorbed in her music, which tickled and teased their imagination!

Even Lao Qiu was no exception!

He felt that he had traveled back to the time when he was a student. Who wouldn’t want a wonderful period of youth? Who wouldn’t hope that his first love could sing the song of youth with him?

Everyone seemed to have traveled back to their freshman year. They could feel again the anticipation and anxiety that they had when they were about to enter senior high school. The next year would be just as exciting now

Some found themselves back on the basketball court, playing happily with their best friends; some had returned to the school’s library and were reading their favourite books alone; some walked hand in hand with their crushes, strolling around the school; some were earnestly cleaning the classroom which seemed to filled with the colourful rays of the sunset

Under the influence of the melodious violin sound, everyone recalled their most joyous and sweet campus moments, for the past one year. Some laughed, while some cried as unrequited love was a thing of sweet sorrow. It was a pantomime that could turn into a tragedy after the confession is made.

For most people, the school uniforms would be their couple shirts, and the graduation photo would be the only photo of him and her.

There would be several regrettable moments in everyone’s wonderful youth. However, after many years, one would realize that they were a part of the song of youth, the pieces that formed the soul of the song.

Han Leng’s eyes glazed over and he stared intently at Zhao Youyue. Affected by her penetrating music, he recalled the thoughts that he had already given up

He now realized that he never gave up, all this while. It had only been strengthened during the period when he often spoke about Chu Luoxun being the one he loved the most.

Nonetheless, he knew that she would forever see him as a friend.

Even though he was not her friend, he still wanted to own the one he had sincerely admired before, after looking at her for many times. He had never once given up his love for her. It had only been the illusion of absence, brewing and churning with the intensity of the tides, under cover of dark clouds(1).

Eventually, Han Leng laughed, as he realized all this. All the anger that he had accumulated for the past few days disappeared in the flawless sound of the violin!

He utterly indulged in the world shaped by her music

The outside of the classroom had become crowded too, and everyone was blown away by the song of youth. None of them made a sound!

Everybody was listening to it in silence

This was a miracle. This was a scene which would only appear in the novel, but, now, it had manifested in reality.