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Do You Think That You are Chu Luoxun?

When Han Leng saw this long-haired, beautiful young girl, he thought that he was seeing things. Wasn’t this what Chu Luoxun would wear on a daily basis, as she had so often appeared in his mind during his “intoxicated state”?

Was he having an episode of “intoxicated state” again? Or did he miss her so much that he was losing his senses?

He quickly rubbed his eyes and slapped his cheeks. However, his antics caught Teacher Chu’s attention. He just glared at him and went on with his speech

After a while, Han Leng managed to recollect his thoughts, and realized that the girl beside him was not Goddess Chu, but Lady Zhao who he especially did not want to meet!

Soon, he lost interest. No one could affect his love for Goddess Chu, not even the long-haired version of Zhao Youyue!

In other words, his heart had died along with the death of Chu Luoxun. He was even more obsessed with her now, thinking of her every day.

Besides that, Han Leng had seen this Lady Zhao’s stunning appearance on stage before. That time, she looked really amazing with her makeup on, even though she had short hair. Although she had long hair now, her bare face could not match up to the effects back then.

In summary, Han Leng was amazed by Lady Zhao before this, and was therefore less affected compared to everyone else. He was only shocked, as he had mistaken her as Chu Luoxun, because of her outfit.

He was reluctant to face Lady Zhao as she had sided the male protagonist and the heroine in the novel, while disregarding Chu Luoxun. Thus, he felt some anger towards Lady Zhao. He was unsure if this created a thorn in her heart, and he regretted it.

Also, Lady Zhao wanted him to apologize by cross-dressing. She even wanted to choose the clothing for him and to do his make-up. To him, this was no doubt something new and exciting, which could serve as fresh idea for his writing. However, he was a straight guy, cross-dressing might just be

A conflict raged within Han Leng. He hoped that she could be merciful and even forget about it, so that he could get away. He would just wear a female school uniform, which was female clothing too, for those readers who wanted a picture of him wearing female clothing. After all, the female and the male school uniform of this school hardly differed.

If Lady insisted, Han Leng would just have to accept it while pretending to refuse it.

Han Leng started to write on a piece of small note to her again. He wrote, “Looks like Lady Zhao has long hair now. I was almost unable to recognize you. It doesn’t suit you. You don’t have the personality.”

She raised her eyebrows after reading it, and she wrote, “What’s wrong with my personality?”

Han Leng continued to provoke her, as if he still had a grudge against her for treating Chu Luoxun so indifferently. He replied by writing, “You are too aggressive! You are just pretending to be gentle. You are so used to giving orders to other people, and you think the world revolves around you. After all, you are that high and mighty Lady Zhao!”

Zhao Youyue wrote down two words for him—he he.

She thought that Han Leng was feeling ill again, and she wrote, “It doesn’t matter if long hair suits me or not. I think that you will look nice in female clothing. Wait and see.”

After he saw the two words, “female clothing,” he immediately grew uneasy. However, he was unwilling to back down. Therefore, he wrote, “What is so difficult about a guy wearing female clothing?”

“Why do I have this feeling that you like to be a Lady Boss?”

“Nonsense! I am just looking for more ideas for my writing!”

“That is really a good excuse. By the way, I would like to suggest “I am a Lady Boss” or “The Secret of Me and Skirts” as potential titles for your next book. How is it? I will tip you a Silver Sect Master!”

“EmmmI do not plan to publish a new book for the time being! Besides that, you look odd with your outfit today! It does not suit you at all!”

“Oh. It looks like you have done your research on female fashion.”

“As for you, it is mainly because your temperament does not match the outfit! Lady Zhao, don’t pretend to be innocent by dressing up like a high school kid! You are so good at manipulating people! Everyone is your chesspieces! You stooge!”

Zhao Youyue felt that Han Leng loathed her today, but, she remained as calm as usual. She knew that guy would behave girlier than an actual girl at a certain time of the month.

Such was the attitude of a hipster youngster.

So Zhao Youyue did not bother to pay any more attention to him.

Nonetheless, Han Leng became even more aggressive. He continued to write, “Chu Luoxun was the only one who carried this style effectively! Her soul was truly innocent, she always wanted to bring warmth to other people, and she was the most selfless person!You are the complete opposite!”

This time, Zhao Youyue remained silent and replied him with a smile. She was so aloof. Thank you for the compliment, Goddess Chu would play a song for you. Be good~

Time slowly ticked away. Finally, Lao Qiu finished his speech. All the students in the class now knew their future classes. Suddenly, the classroom was filled with a depressive atmosphere, as they knew that they were going to be separated soon.

Almost half of the class would pay to enter the class that Zhao Youyue was in. Some of them who did not do well in the senior high school entrance examination managed to get good results, performing even greater than those who did not pay after a year of hard work.

Zhao Youyue was one of them. She was now a top student.

Zhao Youyue got in the 11th class, which was the most intensive class among all the other art classes. All the top students who chose to enroll in the art stream would gather in this class!

After Han Leng knew that he was in the 14th class, he pumped a fist into the air and wrote happily, “Finally, I don’t have to be in the same class with you anymore. Oh, I am so at ease now! It was a nightmare, being your desk mate.”

Zhao Youyue rolled her eyes. Jiang Qing Little Angel, who was sitting in the first row, turned back and looked at Lady Zhao tearfully. She made a gesture, telling Zhao Youyue that she was in the 14th class too.

Han Leng saw it. He wanted to write, expressing his surprise of being in the same class as that social climber, but he did not do so. He knew that Zhao Youyue would tolerate his nonsense, but, she would not lay back anymore if it involved Jiang Qing.

Han Leng could not deny that despite Lady Zhao’s pretentiousness, she was a loyal friend!

He knew that she would stand up for him too, if he is the one getting picked on.

By this time, Lao Qiu made an announcement, saying that Zhao Youyue would play them a song, and the whole class would go for a dinner gathering after that.

Han Leng laughed, and he did not write any note this time but said, “Lady Zhao, don’t you feel ashamed to perform in the class by using a violin which is specially crafted to be used in the competition? Do you think that you are Chu Luoxun? I have already foreseen the outcome where everyone would not be able to point out the good and bad about your performance. However, out of courtesy, I would be the first one to give you a round of applause! I fear that you would be greeted by silence, otherwise!”