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The Form of a Heroine

Such a reaction would be perfectly understandable. Well, this was because her face score was soaring, and her outfit was otherworldly!

Like Zhu Ran, the class monitor, many of her classmates were unable to recognize Zhao Youyue at first glance. In fact, they were curious to know who was this school babe, and why did she enter the wrong class? They have been in this class for one year, but they have never seen such a beautiful chic before!

Then, they gazed at her more intently and were shocked. It was her, right?

That’s right. She was Zhao Youyue!

That girl who could compete with Huang Zhongchao for the top student’s spot in school.

Various trains of thoughts started up in the minds of her classmates—

“This is impossible, right? Zhao Youyue is such a beauty?”

“This is amazing. Keeping long hair is enough to turn her into a super beautiful young girl?!”

“How could she become a goddess overnight, she was practically invisible? An ugly duckling turning into a swan, mayhaps?”

“Gosh! Why do I only realize now that I have been in the same class with this super cute and beautiful Zhao Youyue for a year? Sadly, we are going to be assigned new classes soon. This whole year had been a waste!”

“Her outfit today.is really awesome, and this is what is called by utmost innocent!”

Most of the male students were astonished by her appearance. Perhaps, this is what a gorgeous school babe should look, like from a man’s perspective. A girl who wears a plain white shirt and matches it with a short skirt, coupled with knee-high socks and a pair of leather shoes. Everything was so unpolished and raw.

Her outlook on that day would remain an eternal memory for her male classmates.

Chen Haoran, the class representative of the mathematics subject, who had a crush on Zhao Youyue, was gawking at the appealing, long hair version Zhao Youyue. He felt that as if she had conquered his youth!

Regrettably, he would not be in the same class with her next year, as he wanted to enroll in the science stream and major in Physical Chemistry, while she would definitely choose art class and Historical Politics as her major. Her performance in art subjects far surpassed Huang Zhongchao.

Even, Lao Qiu, their class teacher, had recommended that she enroll in art class. He even thought that she was capable of becoming the number one scholar in art subjects. Therefore, she would rank the first when the ranking of the art and science streams are determined, as Huang Zhongchao was going to enroll in the science stream for sure.

In China, there is this stereotypical belief that science students would earn more in the future. Thus, around eighty percent of the excellent students would opt for the science stream. After all, they could find a job easily in the future.

However, Zhao Youyue was not good at solving difficult science questions, and she was reluctant to participate in the Maths, Physic and Chemistry Competitions. These were not her expertise. That is, unless she is able to obtain a female scientist character card, someday.

On the other hand, she was able to patiently memorize the intricacies of arts subjects because of “Xu Jing’s Card.” Moreover, her reading experience that surpassed her peers made her invincible in the field of art, and she personally preferred art subjects.

Perhaps, she had been influenced by her mother, Wang Yan. After all, she is a professor of her University’s Chinese Language and Literature programme and a pure literature author.

At that moment, Chen Haoran had the urge to confess to her, yet, he did not do so. He was worried that their studies would be affected by it. Anyway, as a high school student, he would not involve himself in a romantic relationship

Nonetheless, he felt that he must do something. Otherwise, it would be impossible for other people not to make the first move based on her beautiful looks now, right?

The chances of this happening were low.

Chen Haoran was slightly regretful over his prior inaction. Actually, he could have taken the opportunity to be close to Zhao Youyue through Han Leng, and the short hair version of her was not as eye-catching as she was now

Unfortunately, it was all too late.

Zhao Youyue was no longer a side character. She had transformed into a heroine!

Only after she was seated, did the previous noise resume. She could feel all eyes on her, and even Wang Yang who sat in front of her, turned his head to the back frequently, trying to talk to her. However, he held back his words back, in the face of her stunning makeover.

Sometimes, the men do not dare to talk to gorgeous girls, fearing that they might offend the belle by mistake

Han Leng was the only one in the class who was not aware of her entrance.

Maybe he was practicing being immortal again, or, he was still feeling low. This was why he was bent over his desk, sleeping. He could sleep as long as he liked, since there would be no classes today.

No amount of noise would stir him.

He was in the pits of despair. He could not pick himself up for a reason—he had written Chu Luoxun to death!

Han Leng knew that her image would be imprinted in the readers’ minds after her death, and she would become an iconic character. By this, “Beautiful April” would become a memorable, iconic work too

None of that gave him any comfort. He would rather have her still be alive, so that he could still be moved by her reactions and feel her emotions. Undeniably, she had left him.

Unlike Han Leng, Rosemary Ye Hai had consciously written Xiao Yu to death. He knew exactly what he was doing.

However, Han Leng had been cheated by a mysterious energy. Since then, his favorite Goddess Chu was forcibly removed from his literary world

What did this indicate?

A break-up, of course! He had been dumped!

This was far more miserable than his crush on Zhao Youyue which ended up in vain!

Han Leng was a very lonely creator. The existence of Chu Luoxun had been a miracle to him, and she swept away his loneliness! He was blessed by the Goddess of Literature!

Whenever he wrote about Chu Luoxun, he would hear her pleasant voice which lingered around his ears, telling him her stories. He had listened to her music many times over. Unfortunately, he could not write all of them, and could only write selectively. He knew that all of this was only happening in his head, and yet, they were such vivid memories!

He had even suspected that he had transmigrated into a parallel world and had witnessed all of this, recording it in the process

All in all, he never had a lonely moment when Chu Luoxun was still around. He loved her wholeheartedly. He had even disobeyed Lady Zhao because of her!

Han Leng knew that he loved Chu Luoxun the most. She understood his loneliness and always stayed by his side when he wrote his work

Zhao Youyue did not take the initiative to talk to Han Leng who was beside her, instead, she played her phone to distract herself from the awkwardness of being observed. At that moment, she missed the time when she was just a side character, where she could be one of the onlookers too, unlike now, when she is the one being watched.

Eventually, Lao Qiu, their class teacher, entered the classroom and started to arrange the day’s activities.

Han Leng woke up. He took a glance at Zhao Youyue who was sitting beside him from the corner of his eye. His head quickly followed, his eyes bulging out of their sockets.