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: There is no need to worry about being deceived anymore

Zhao Youyue had lost count of the number of times she had done the same thing over and over again. She used to obsessively imagine how her life would be, how she would feel, after she successfully obtains Chu Luoxun’s iconic character card, and once she gets a hold of Chu Luoxun’s musical talent as well as her mentality.

Currently, she is sitting all alone, in front of a piano. She obviously had no idea how to play it, the real Zhao Youyue was only good at the violin.

However, the moment she placed her fingers on the piano, it was as if she was one with Chu Luoxun, right there and then. She instantly felt an intense wave of familiarity, one that sort of resembles a strong, age-old friendship!

As expected, all of the musical instruments were Chu Luoxun’s best friends. As the God of Music was always watching over Chu Luoxun, she could easily set foot into the heart of any instrument!

The piano in front of Zhao Youyue actually belonged to her mother, Wang Hua, who still played it very often. When Zhao Youyue was young, she would always sit back and watch her mother with admiration, as her mother played the piano quite gracefully. Now, she could finally do it by herself!

Other than the fact that Zhao Youyue is now automatically familiar with various instruments, she is now in a much better mental state than before!

At this moment, Zhao Youyue was none other than the cheerful, strong, and confident Goddess Chu. Moreover, now that her hair has grown out a little, and although not yet waist-length like the hair of Goddess Chu, merely chest-length, it was sufficient enough to set off the kind of unique temperament associated with Chu Luoxun.

If you think about it, a long hairstyle would actually suit Zhao Youyue a whole lot more. A short-haired Zhao Youyue might look cute, but it cannot really define her face and enhance her features, and it does not bring out her own unique aura. Only with the right amount of makeup, would she look pretty and be stageworthy.

However, a long-haired Zhao Youyue would naturally be amazingly gorgeous, and would easily capture the attention of many people. If paired with makeup, Zhao Youyue would definitely be overflowing with a goddess-like presence!

Like they say, beauty can only help improve a girl’s reputation up to a certain extent. Once a girl has reached the peak of beauty, then things like her temperament, or talents would come into question. Of course, fame is also important. A famous, celebrity-like girl would naturally have a better reputation.

If the old Zhao Youyue was someone with a dull temperament, and almost devoid of talent, then she has transformed tremendously. Now, be it intelligence or music, she is unbeatable, and no normal human being would easily get to her level!

Throughout the novel, Chu Luoxun’s biggest regret was not being able to perform anymore. Due to her sickly condition, her hands were not even stable enough to hold a pen, what more play an instrument. Now, however, she was a happy owner of a perfectly healthy, lively body. At this moment, she has been reborn!

Zhao Youyue begins to play the piano randomly. Most of the songs are from “Beautiful April,” like “Sweet,””Leave All The Sadness To Me,””Angel Wings,””I Just Happened To Meet You,” and more.

As there are insufficient to be praiseworthy pieces of music in the world she lives in, Zhao Youyue shall use her talent to fill in the gaps. Chu Luoxun’s original works were somewhat classical, and her works may be far inferior when compared to works of various other well-known historical musicians. However, in this modern age, a classical piece of that sort would be more than enough to captivate the general public!

Classical musicians do not get much recognition nowadays. Most of the people just learn classical music so that they can pretend to be geniuses. Consequently, the number of classical musicians have significantly decreased throughout the years, as the general public did not know how to appreciate it. Musicians nowadays would very much rather focus on producing low-quality music for famous celebrities, or get involved in producing original soundtracks for movies, TV shows or even animes. When graphics are accompanied by music, they would create a bigger impact!

However, Chu Luoxun’s music is full of mysterious power. With a musical talent like hers, the standard of her performances would be so otherworldly, that some people would immediately enter a world of fantasy when they hear her music. Of course, to be able to do that, they must first be willing to open their hearts to her music. If they resist her music, and close the door to their hearts tightly, then they would never be able to see the mysterious world of fantasy.

In reality, it is highly unlikely for someone would be able to resist her music. This would be an absolute, when Chu Luoxun puts her heart into performing.

Chu Luoxun’s godlike talent in music is not that difficult to understand. It is similar to some novel characters and their superhuman abilities, but in a different context. It is close to how some authors describe their character’s cooking talents through the fact that they are able to make ‘light-emitting’ or even ‘aphrodisiac’ cuisines. How else would the author portray a character’s talent in music, or their talent in cooking, if not by such a hyperbolic method?

Now that Zhao Youyue can finally bring this godlike talent into reality, all the people that listen to her music might think that they have entered a world of fantasy, but little would they know, that this is just Zhao Youyue’s special powers! Being able to control the spiritual wills of others should count as a power, right?

Perhaps in the future, when Zhao Youyue gets the opportunity to gain a cooking talent from a manga or novel, she might really be able to prepare ‘light-emitting’ cuisines, but people would then think that they are hallucinating…

As she played the piano, a smile creeps onto Zhao Youyue’s face. Ever since she activated Chu Luoxun’s iconic character card, she had been in a jovial mood. Chu Luoxun had a great love for the world she lived in, but unfortunately, she was ill-fated and destined to die. Now that she had been reborn into the real world, and owned a perfectly healthy body that was capable of helping her achieve anything she wants, her love for the world has become greater.

All in all, Chu Luoxun was just a really strong, positive ball of energy. In the novel, she had almost zero complaints, even when misfortune after misfortune constantly dawned upon her. Only after a few unexpected circumstances when life suddenly struck her too hard, she cried a little. Following that, the smile on her face would return, and she would never cry again.

Now that Zhao Youyue was fused with Chu Luoxun, she was filled with a friendly aura. An aura which implored others to get close to her, and befriend her. She would light up the world of others, and bring them warmth – just like the Sun.

Chu Luoxun was the type of person who would reach out to anyone who loved music as much as her, without hesitation.

Her character card was not like Xu Jing’s, or Yu Shengfan’s at all. Xu Jing was just a silent, expressionless and inhospitable girl that liked studying too much. The aura around Xu Jing was one that always made people around her weary. It was a little scary and people knew that they were better off not disturbing her. She somewhat gave off an ‘if you disturb me, you shall die!’ kind of feeling.

Yu Shengfan, on the other hand, is just so full of negative energy that people would not dare to approach her. Filled with loneliness and depression, and paired with a sharp tongue, Yu Shengfan would ultimately be the type of person that everybody would hate if she existed in the real world.

This is why Zhao Youyue does not really activate Yu Shengfan’s card often in her daily life. The only time she would need Xiao Yu to showcase her skills is when she feels the need to scare off some no-lifers which tend to bad-mouth others.

The reason why Ah Yu was always expressionless during her live streams was because she did not feel the need to be friendly with her viewers. Even so, she was undoubtedly an intrepid gamer, and is the best in her region. Soon, she will be participating in a King of Glory competition, and will definitely emerge as the best King of Glory player in the country!

If Zhao Youyue wants to become the best player in the country, she must activate the Yu Shengfan card. Her own skill level can only bring her rank up to diamond in her region, at most.

However, whenever Zhao Youyue activates Yu Shengfan’s character card, she often has to deactivate it halfway through her live streams, so she can be her true self again and give some explanations to the viewers. She has to make it seem like she was a perfect Yu Shengfan cosplay, to not let anyone find out that she was indeed the sharp-tongued girl herself…

Well, now that she has Goddess Chu’s iconic character card, everything will be fine. Zhao Youyue could just mesmerize the viewers with her music, and her music would do its work of healing the pain of those viewers who had previously been hurt by Yu Shengfan’s words. Thus, when viewers enter Zhao Youyue’s live stream room, none of them will ever be able to leave…

After she had finished playing a few songs on the piano, Zhao Youyue was filled with nothing but happiness!

This is the best part about being Chu Luoxun. As long as there is music, nothing else matters. She can momentarily forget about all the frustrations in life and just drown in happiness. The sad thing is that life took it all away from her, to the point where she could not even perform anymore.

Zhao Youyue had nothing to worry about anymore. If she is tricked by an Old Sly, or whenever she feels sad, she can just activate the Chu Luoxun character card and charm away the pain with the beauty of her music. Therefore, Zhao Youyue would not have to worry about being deceived anymore!

Maybe now, with her beautiful music, she can even go ahead and try to charm away the pain of the readers who were still sad about Chu Luoxun’s death?

Someone like Su Li could really use some of her music right now. Considering how she was already depressed due to the death of Chu Luoxun, while carrying half the burden of the blame. Well, who told her to draw that magnificent illustration of Chu Luoxun out of excitement, right after accepting the job offer to become the illustrator of “Beautiful April,” only to have Chu Luoxun’s death conveniently popping up subsequently?

This surely cannot be a mere coincidence. The ‘deceiving mangaka’ Su Li’s touch is clearly poisonous! The truth simply cannot be denied!