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The big ending is released

They are two entirely different people, to begin with. Obviously, there is no way that Han Leng would be obedient like Su Li, who unconditionally gives in to Lady Zhao all the time.

Before this, he had only complied with Zhao Youyue’s suggestions. because he felt like they were useful and would make his story appear more interesting. The prime time for Han Leng to write anything is when he really feels like it, and feels the itch to write, especially when he has to write something about Chu Luoxun. This was because Chu Luoxun had her own unique interpretation of the story, and getting the right feeling before he starts to write really helped him portray it more accurately.

However, when Zhao Youyue’s suggestions clearly went against the storyline that he had already decided on, he would never even consider accepting them!

Allowing Zhao Youyue to have a look at the ending of the story prior to its release was actually a pre-emptive measure that Han Leng is taking because he was aware of his promise not to kill off Chu Luoxun…

He was already mentally prepared and ready to get scolded by Lady Zhao, though, because in fact, he had already broken the promise and penned down the death of Chu Luoxun!

The depressed look on Lady Zhao’s face when she found out about Yu Shengfan’s death was not something he could easily forget. Judging by how skillfully he had portrayed Chu Luoxun’s character, could it possibly fall short of Yu Shengfan?

One thing caught him off guard. Zhao Youyue was not even a tiny bit affected by the death of Chu Luoxun. What Zhao Youyue emphasized more was on the relationship between the male and female protagonist instead of the death of Chu Luoxun. It made it seem like she had expected, or even wanted for Chu Luoxun to die. How could this be!

Han Leng’s favorite part of his own story is how he had shaped Chu Luoxun’s character. If even he, as the author, had been captivated by her beautiful heart and soul, how could Zhao Youyue possibly not feel anything for Chu Luoxun throughout the story?

Han Leng feels that Zhao Youyue is just penny-wise and pound-foolish, as she had totally missed all the salient points of the story, and is undoubtedly appreciating the wrong things.

There could only be one reason as to why Zhao Youyue was acting this way. When she reads any part of the story involving Chu Luoxun, it is clearly something that she had personally experienced when she had traveled into that world. Thus, unless the alterations to the story have anything to do with Chu Luoxun, expecting a reaction out of her would be pointless.

To Zhao Youyue’s horror, Han Leng did not make alterations to any parts involving Chu Luoxun, but had instead messed with the relationship between the male and female protagonist. Unfortunately, if things are this way, there is nothing Zhao Youyue can do to stop it.

Naturally, as Han Leng had zero knowledge as to why Zhao Youyue is acting in such a weird manner, so conflicts are bound to arise between them.

After Han Leng had rejected her suggestion about the ending and thrown it out of the window, Zhao Youyue was left speechless.

Knowing that Han Leng is a guy who was assertive, and had high self-esteem, Zhao Youyue had to be clear about where to draw the line. If she continues to insist and push her views onto Han Leng, it might potentially provoke him, perhaps to the point where he would totally leave out and not write the part of all the characters in the story having a big reunion…

Whatever. Zhao Youyue had decided that she did not feel like enforcing her views on Han Leng anymore. A lot of authors in this world have their own stands as to how they wanted their stories to progress, and wanting them to change their mind is not something that can be done by coercion alone. Moreover, when it comes to authors like Han Leng, who is always over-ambitious and tend to get high all by themselves over insignificant things, it is pointless to even hope for a change.

The money that he gets through his work is just a bonus. If he had to choose between money and ambition, he would definitely choose the latter.

Truthfully speaking, authors like these are usually the ones who get all the recognition. They are normally the ones who are capable of coming up with amazing pieces of work that people are willing to die for. The quality of their works are generally far more superior than that of the works by authors who only focus on profiteering.

The ending that Han Leng had written was clearly directed towards Chu Luoxun’s loyal fans. As the fan club had gradually been increasing in size and power, and had become way more influential nearing the end of the story, the ending could be considered as something like a master plan. Knowing that the death of Chu Luoxun would certainly trigger the fans and cause an outrage, the story would inevitably become a hot topic, and thus, his novel would naturally become more popular and well-known.

If anything, Han Leng still managed to keep his promise, as the male and female protagonist did end up becoming husband and wife. At the end of the story, their love for each other was still unchanged. The only problem that remains is that nobody knows what the future holds for them.

Also, at the very beginning, before he had even started on the story, he originally planned for the male and female protagonist to get married and have their own child, but unfortunately, after that…

“Do whatever you want with the ending, I won’t bother anymore! About the cross-dressing, do not think you can just wear a dumb school girl uniform and get away with it. I am telling you now that you will have to wear anything I buy for you, and, in addition to that, I will also personally get your makeup done. I will be in charge of dolling you up into the prettiest boy ever! With your tall and slim figure, as well as your fair and smooth skin, you have already provided me with all the fundamentals I need to create the perfect look.” Zhao Youyue replies.

After reading her message, Han Leng lets out a sigh of relief. Finally, he is free from the grasp of this crazy, stubborn, loyal Lin Meiyue fan. Still feeling a hint of nervousness from the earlier conflict, Han Leng felt extremely lucky that he had made it through without that much challenge. Judging by how he had blatantly berated Lady Zhao earlier, he thought that there would be no possible way to persuade her into listening to him…

To his surprise, Lady Zhao gave in to him instead.

Zhao Youyue realized that it is impossible to make Han Leng change his mind at this point, therefore she had decided to stop. Furthermore, with a big ending like this, the story is bound to gain more attention and will undoubtedly soar in popularity.

Even so, looking at how tough and tedious his cross-dressing experience is going to be because of Zhao Youyue, Han Leng suddenly felt as if he had just fallen into a big, big trap!

Originally, Han Leng’s skin was not in good condition. He had a lot of pimples, and blemishes had clogged up his skin. However, with the help of Zhao Youyue, he had unexpectedly turned into a pretty boy! A pretty boy, perfect for cross-dressing! To make it worse, he somewhat resembled a certain live streamer called “Baby Xuan Mo” in a parallel universe, who was known for his naturally youthful, cutesy look.

Well, at this moment, there is nothing that Han Leng can do but trust Lady Zhao. There is no way to affirm whether her makeup skills are up to par though. If he has to pull off a flowery, flared look with absolutely no makeup at all, then he would rather die than do it!

In this modern age, ‘lady bosses’ are actually really common. Boys who have more defined features and are prettier than girls are not rare anymore. A lot of live streamers today that look like girls are actually guys, and some of them looked so flawless that they could easily triumph over about 70 percent of the other girl live streamers. If they imitate girls, or learn how to talk with a girly voice, or simply use a voice changing tool, they could totally pull the trap off, and nobody would even be able to tell. If, at the crux of the live stream, they use their real voice all of a sudden, it will be absolutely insane!

Luckily for Han Leng, he had already mastered speaking in the voice of a girl. Even without the use of a voice changing tool, if he were to send a voice message on QQ, nobody would even doubt its legitimacy.

Since the voice changing tool can only be used with a computer, he would have to fake one, when he’s with a phone.

Even so, as Han Leng had zero experience on cross-dressing, and had no clue about how to put on makeup at all, the fact that Lady Zhao had offered to supervise and do everything for him personally makes him feel a little excited about it…

Han Leng did not think of himself as a pervert, but an “artist.” The pursuit of beauty is not an endeavor limited to just females. Furthermore, isn’t this a really great opportunity for him to get more inspiration?

Like, to see the world in a female’s perspective, or something…

Maybe ‘Code Cross-dress’ would even boost his work efficiency?

Therefore Han Leng, under the duress of Lady Zhao, had hesitantly agreed to meet up with her during the summer break in August. The plan was that they would go to school during placement day, deal with school stuff, then proceed to hunt for the perfect costume.

At the same time, Han Leng had forwarded the ending of “Beautiful April” to the editorial department of Mengya. In exactly three days, the big ending will be released!

Another good news worth bringing up is that Su Li, ‘The Mighty Mangaka Su,’ had just been confirmed as the illustrator for the “Beautiful April” manga booklet. In celebration of it, she had happily produced another exquisite piece of artwork featuring Chu Luoxun in the midst of a performance.

This time, Chu Luoxun is not seen with a violin. Beneath the vast and endless starry sky, right next to the boundless ocean, she is seen playing the piano. As a swarm of seagulls incessantly encircle the air, tears roll down her face…

All in all, this illustration of Chu Luoxun is so magnificently filled with a mixture of beauty and sadness that it cannot possibly be accurately described merely by the use of words.

Though the artwork received a lot of recognition on the internet, and had been liked and shared countless times, a lot of readers felt very uneasy. Although Leng Zi had already promised not to let Chu Luoxun die, when Su Li suddenly trolls and presents such an ingenious piece of artwork right before the release of the big ending, everyone would lose sleep!

Su Li was just, such a notoriously wicked girl.

Finally, after three days, the big ending of “Beautiful April” is up for grabs!

Almost all the readers bought the magazine as soon as it was released!