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The Awakened Heroine

Most interestingly, the song that they choose to perform was the song created by “Chu Luoxun,” ‘Wings of Piano,” a particularly sweet and vibrant piece.

Gu Yuan wanted to use this song, to turn his music into wings, and convey the emotion to her, emotions that he could not describe with words.

As for his purpose, he was conflicted and confused; he was even afraid of finding out the truth. Has he fallen for her? No no no, it was impossible! He already has a girlfriend, and he was sure that he loved Lin Meiyue!

But what was “Chu Luoxun” to him? He really couldn’t figure it out, and only through the music could he understand, and thus, he entrusted everything to the music.

Lin Meiyue’s purpose of joining was not to perform for “Chu Luoxun,” she wanted to convey her love to Gu Yuan through music, and she also wanted to show “Chu Luoxun” the result of her violin training.

Some readers might think that Lin Meiyue is overreacting. That’s right; ever since she became Gu Yuan’s girlfriend, she has become even more narrow-minded, and the power of love is not to be underestimated!

She knew that her musical talents were limited, so when she is not together with Gu Yuan, she would spend all her time and efforts on music. She was competing with “Chu Luoxun,” and she wanted to chase “Chu Luoxun” out of Gu Yuan’s musical world, no matter what!

In conclusion, love was selfish and blind, and when paired together with women’s natural, sharp instinct, spurs Lin Meiyue into action.

Soon, the music fest was upon them, “Chu Luoxun” took out her tablet and watched the live streaming on her sick bed. Her expression was plain, she could no longer smile, her body was in agony, the illness was ruthless.

It took a while for “Chu Luoxun” to notice that Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue were in formal clothing, and they looked just like a perfectly matched couple.

The green gown that Lin Meiyue wore drew a lot of attention to her. With her beauty and the purpose of performing, she was no longer a ‘side character,’ she was now the real heroine! With the power of love, Lin Meiyue had gone beyond her limits in this performance!

Gu Yuan was playing the piano accordingly at the beginning, but ever since he got influenced by “Chu Luoxun,” he became another one of those eccentric musicians. In order to convey his emotions, he had started to play the piano according to his feelings.

Of course, Lin Meiyue panicked, she even blamed Gu Yuan for making it so much harder for her to follow up, she started stressing out… He did not care about her feelings while he was playing the piano!

He only cares about Chu Luoxun… But no, not this time, Lin Meiyue was not going to take this lying down! No matter, what, she has to make her stand, here and now! She will lose everything if she lets this pass.

When “Chu Luoxun” heard Gu Yuan’s music rhythm, she can’t help herself but feel worried for Lin Meiyue… But this time, Lin Meiyue was not going to let Gu Yuan take the lead!

At that moment, Lin Meiyue started to play the violin against Gu Yuan without holding back as if she was possessed by “Chu Luoxun,” and the audience was shocked to see such a scene!

For the first time, she had transformed into the main protagonist on stage! She was not willing to become a supporting character, her status as the main heroine would be gone if she does not do anything!

Zhao Youyue was taken by surprise too, but of course, Chu Luoxun remained at east, she just continues listening to the two of them performing. Zhao Youyue was surprised to see Lin Meiyue becoming alive, in other words, she had gained a soul!

The character did not turn alive because of her possession, but it was the power of the author, Leng Zi who made it possible!

At that moment, Zhao Youyue was very impressed with the author, Leng Zi. Even though Lin Meiyue was forced to be awakened under the influence of Chu Luoxun, this was also the perfect display of Leng Zi’s writing ability.

She had a strong feeling that the two main female characters in “Beautiful April,” would both become iconic characters! Both of them were awesome, and these two had their own fans, the other would get mentioned when one is brought up…

Zhao Youyue did not know the fact that Han Leng now understood her better in reality, he had even attended her music competition, so he had mixed in the traits of Lady Zhao, as he wrote about Lin Meiyue!

Lady Zhao was like a side character all the time, but she would turn into the main protagonist at the right moment, isn’t she similar to Lin Meiyue? This was the reason why Lin Meiyue had turned alive! The Zhao Youyue in reality was not inferior to Chu Luoxun!

The awakened Lin Meiyue had turned this performance into a double waltz, not Gu Yuan’s solo show!

The author, Leng Zi further elaborated on what Lin Meiyue was thinking of at the moment.

She was thinking, “I’m not gonna let him go, focus! React properly, grab on to Gu Yuan!”

“I let him do what he wanted to last time because I felt that only she could match up to him in music… But I’m not satisfied! I’m his girlfriend, I want all of him!”

“All the hard work and sacrifices were not in vain, I’ve put my life into it while practicing!”

“Chu Luoxun said that Gu Yuan was a genius, one with a heart made of iron. But geniuses don’t work so hard! Chu Luoxun does not know him like I do! That’s because the hands I hold are so warm. I will never forget those moments…”

Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue exchanged eye contact on stage; and he realized his girlfriend had grown. He showed his gentleness, and started to sync Lin Meiyue. The emotions that he wanted to convey to Chu Luoxun were gradually tossed aside.

Gu Yuan started to slow down and ingratiate Lin Meiyue, because he knew her personality and habits, so he could guide her, and allow her to improve even further. But he never did any of this for Chu Luoxun.

Lin Meiyue blushed, so this is how it feels like to share something in common in music. She recalled the scenes of the both of them going on a date, eating the same ice-cream, walking around the school grounds while holding hands…

She knew that she had conveyed her feelings, and at the same time, she realized that it was a wonderful thing, to be able to communicate through music.

At that moment, Leng Zi did not describe the expression of “Chu Luoxun,” he only focused on how lonely she was. Perhaps, she should feel happy, because they were playing the song she created?

In the beginning, “Chu Luoxun” was a lucky girl who had the blessing of the whole world, but fate was slowly taking everything from her…

Suddenly, “Chu Luoxun” seemed like become the most useless and redundant person in this novel as if she had lost her value and was cast aside.

Chu Luoxun forced herself to stand up, and looked at the beautiful and harmonious scene from her tablet. She imagined herself performing with him, but now, she could no longer even hold her violin and bow, she was as good as quadriplegic…

Now, she could only imagine the scene in her mind.

Her physical pain would be nothing, when her soul is getting ripped apart, piece by piece. No human should ever experience such agony.