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: Performing for Her

As mentioned earlier, Han Leng had been obsessed with “Chu Luoxun,” a supporting character in his “Beautiful April.” Whenever he writes about “Chu Luoxun,” he would favor her unconsciously.

When an author favors a character, they would put down the other characters. Of course, they would not notice it themselves…

Before this, Han Leng had described the bond between Lin Meiyue and Chu Luoxin as unbreakable, their friendship was steadfast, but that was before Lin Meiyue became lovers with Gu Yuan.

He thought that love was selfish; it could change a person, or make a person grow. Under the influence of love, the simple and innocent Lin Meiyue had changed, perhaps for worse.

This was not just Lin Meiyue’s problem; Gu Yuan was at fault too. If only he could focus his attention entirely on Lin Meiyue, all of these would not happen at all. Lin Meiyue had occupied his entire life, except for music, and Chu Luoxun would always be brought up whenever they discussed about music…

“Chu Luoxun” was simply too outstanding, she was irreplaceable.

Lin Meiyue’s music level was nowhere close to “Chu Luoxun’s” standard.

Gu Yuan’s EQ was average, but he was determined and decisive. Other guys would sway unsteadily between “Chu Luoxun” and Lin Meiyue.

With his average EQ, he had bluntly told Lin Meiyue that he was attracted to “Chu Luoxun’s” music, and both of he and “Chu Luoxun” had something in common in music, including the time when he was performing together on stage with her.

Things would have been better if he kept his mouth shut, but Gu Yuan felt that he should be honest with Lin Meiyue, because only music was between him and “Chu Luoxun.” He had a clear conscience on that matter.

He would not even acknowledge “Chu Luoxun” as his best friend, he only thought of her as a competitive partner, and he would try his best to defeat her. This was a mutual understanding between geniuses.

As a girl, Lin Meiyue could not allow that, because she loved him, so she chose her own method of protecting her relationship.

She would always be plagued by guilt in her heart which cannot be described by words; she knew that Gu Yuan loved her, but what about his music? Sometimes, only music can tell the truth.

She always knew Gu Yuan had fallen in love with her because he had mistaken her as the girl who played the violin, or else they would not have even made it this far.

What if that time, Gu Yuan had met “Chu Luoxun” instead of her? Lin Meiyue dared not imagine the outcome…

She also admitted that she had only ended up with Gu Yuan because of “Chu Luoxun’s” help. This made her feel like, “Chu Luoxun” was giving away stuff that originally belonged to her. But “Chu Luoxun” still had the ownership, and one day, she would take all those things back.

Women are always overthinking, and in order to portray the greatness of Goddess Chu, Han Leng had made Lin Meiyue even more realistic, making her even more lively. She was no longer innocent and pure like she used to be. Because of love, women would change themselves.

And so, to replace “Chu Luoxun’s” music, Lin Meiyue had used the songs “Chu Luoxun” created, and performed a duet with Gu Yuan, so that she could become closer to him. She even gave off the impression of a “genius composer,” but all this belonged to “Chu Luoxun.”

Lin Meiyue knew that doing this would cause more harm than good, but this was the only thing she could do. In the end, “Chu Luoxun” would still help her, right?

Everything that Lin Meiyue had done was not wrong, because she cared about him. She gets jealous easily, and her desire to win him over to herself was too strong.

Now that Lin Meiyue had exposed her real self to the readers, fans would surely flock to “Chu Luoxun.” This was precisely Han Leng’s intention; he wanted to make a perfect imagery of the goddess, “Chu Luoxun.” Lin Meiyue was a mere mortal compared to her.

Gu Yuan remained clueless about the problems between Lin Meiyue and “Chu Luoxun,” or to be more precise, Lin Meiyue having a problem with “Chu Luoxun.”

Gu Yuan decided to pay a visit to “Chu Luoxun” alone. Even though a part of him did not want him to come, but whenever he plays the piano, he would always think of her, and all his worries would come pouring down.

On the way to the hospital, he kept thinking about the moments he spent with “Chu Luoxun.” Although he had spent even more time with Lin Meiyue, the memories with “Chu Luoxun” were even more vivid!

This made him conflicted; he felt that more than music existed between the two of them, and he had been lying to himself.

“I thought you’d never come visit again.” ‘Chu Luoxun’ said to him weakly.

“I’ve brought your favorite snacks.” Gu Yuan replied.

“Do you still play the piano?”


“How’s school?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“How’s with Lin Meiyue? Still doing great?”

“Yeah, the songs she created were great, she’s a genius composer! I like the music scores she wrote, and I like performing with her too!”

“Is that so… So you came here just to show off your love to me?” ‘Chu Luoxun’ laughed at him while pretending to be angry.

“What? No! I’ve always wanted to come visit you; I just don’t know what to talk with you…” Gu Yuan’s tone had turned heavy.

“Just be like how it used to be, let go of the past. You’ll feel much better that way. Besides, there’s no point hanging on to the past; my music can still be replaced. A violinist who can’t even pick up her bow is a violinist without a purpose,” ‘Chu Luoxun’ said, with a plain expression.

At that moment, losing the ability to play the instrument was like nothing to her.

Why… Why do you have to say such words, it was you who brought me back to the musical world, those unforgettable memories… How can I ever forget your music!

Gu Yuan left the room; he felt terrible. Even though he did not want any of this to happen, but he could not do anything about it. He felt sad and miserable; she had given so much to him, and yet, he couldn’t do anything for her!

His mind was full of her brilliant image on stage, recalling every detail as she turned around and looked at him in the eyes with that beautiful face and that contagious smile.

He had decided to perform for her in the upcoming music fest. He even told his plan to his girlfriend, Lin Meiyue. She hesitated for a moment, and she agreed, but she wanted to perform together for her as well, because “Chu Luoxun” was her best friend.

Through a live video call, the two of them decided to perform for “Chu Luoxun”…