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A Beautiful Lie

Literary world.

The place where “Chu Luoxun” appeared at was the hospital.

Her sickness had left her no choice but to stay at the hospital, which had cost her screentime in the novel.

When Zhao Youyue was in control of this body, she experienced the pain of being mortally ill. This sickness would be even more unpredictable, in reality.

Maybe in reality, her sickness could not worsen in such a short time. But anything could happen in a novel, when the plot requires it.

Every time Zhao Youyue possesses this body; she would miss her healthy body in reality. This taught her to pay attention to her physical condition even more. No one could understand how precious a healthy body was, without experiencing the suffering of a sick person.

This was actually the first time Zhao Youyue had endured such torment, Zhao Youyue had already exited the novel when “Yu Shengfan” was ill, before that, the little fish was still very healthy and energetic.

The illness of “Yu Shengfan” was completely made up by Rosemary. When Zhao Youyue activated “Yu Shengfan’s card,” she only felt some stress and excitement, at most, because her body was healthy.

This was why a lot of fans could not accept the death of little fish, the plot progression made no sense at all!

But “Chu Luoxun” was different, in order to create an iconic character, her illness had been present since the beginning, many details to her backstory were introduced, much more than “Yu Shengfan’s.” The plot progressed slowly, adding to the realism. So when “Chu Luoxun” was suffering, the readers could only accept it, thanks to a huge amount of foreshadowing that had subconsciously gnawed away at the minds of readers.

Zhao Youyue certainly did not expect this illness to put her through this much pain!

If Zhao Youyue had not set herself as an optimistic and strong-willed character, she would have chosen the easy way out of this pain.

“Chu Luoxun” still stayed strong as ever, even whenever she needed to cry, she would only cry during the lonely night. Whenever she tries to pick up the violin’s bow, her hands would give way. Her fingers would tremble, and she could only hold herself and cover her face with those fragile hands…

This scene mirrored the imagination of the reader, Jiang Qing. Under the detailed writing of Leng Zi, this simple scene was certainly heartbreaking!

After losing the ability to play her favorite instrument, the suffering that “Chu Luoxun” going through right now, was far worse than the pain she felt in her physical body!

What that broke people’s hearts the most was not her tragic bouts of pain, but the positive and lively front that she displayed in front of her friends.

Her friends were, of course, Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue. Both of them would come visit “Chu Luoxun,” and the heartwarming interaction between these three was unbearable. No one knew how much longer could this bundle of joy, “Chu Luoxun,” live!

“Chu Luoxun” knew that Gu Yuan would be participating in the upcoming national piano competition in December; this would determine his future music career.

“Chu Luoxun” was unable to perform due to her body condition, and she hoped Gu Yuan could spend more time practicing the piano, Gu Yuan suddenly saw the shadow of his beloved mother in “Chu Luoxun,” of which entire passages were used to describe that dj vu sequence.

Those sensitive readers would have noticed that “Chu Luoxun” was reliving the fate of Gu Yuan’s mother…

Most readers would not notice such minor details; they would only think that “Chu Luoxun” wanted Gu Yuan to improve his music level, and her actions would cause him to pick up the pace.

“Chu Luoxun” asked Gu Yuan to leave, so that she could have some time alone with Lin Meiyue. Deep within Gu Yuan’s heart, he started to reject “Chu Luoxun,” he was afraid of seeing “Chu Luoxun.” He looked at “Chu Luoxun” who was at the sick bed like his late mother, he even refused to accept any strict advice that “Chu Luoxun” gave him regarding music.

Soon, he realized he loved the gentle and considerate Lin Meiyue even more. He enjoyed performing together with Lin Meiyue as well, because she was playing along with him, not like “Chu Luoxun” who was playing against him…

But, he dared not face his own feelings, he could not decide on which girl he would prefer to perform with, or which girl he cared for. Gu Yuan also thought that Lin Meiyue was a talented composer, the original songs she creates made him feel they have known each other for a long time.

Now, the room was left with “Chu Luoxun” and Lin Meiyue, she took out her self-composed pieces and gave them to Lin Meiyue. She told Lin Meiyue happily that she had found inspiration from their sweet love and had created this song. Unfortunately, she could no longer play the violin, so she hoped Lin Meiyue could turn these notes into beautiful music.

Lin Meiyue took the sheets unhesitatingly, while asking, “Chu Luoxun, are you ok with this? These are your compositions, but you want me to take the credit? I’ve never been able to compose anything myself.”

But “Chu Luoxun” replied, “You always take the best photos of yourself and Gu Yuan for me, and that inspired me, these are the fruits of your labors. Besides, didn’t you want the title of ‘genius composer’? You’re my best friend after all…”

“That has to be a lie?”

No, this was a beautiful lie.

“Chu Luoxun” did not know that as Leng Zi was writing this scene, he wrote what Lin Meiyue was thinking as well

Lin Meiyue was careful and sensitive; she knew very well the gap that stood between Gu Yuan and herself in terms of music. After becoming his girlfriend, she realized she could no longer tolerate the mutual understanding between Gu Yuan and Chu Luoxun. She wanted to keep his heart and mutual understanding to her own, but her talents were limited…

Ever since she became Gu Yuan’s girlfriend, she would always send her sweet photos of her and Gu Yuan to Chu Luoxun, as if she was declaring something. But Chu Luoxun only smiled, turning all these into songs and giving them back to Lin Meiyue…

Lin Meiyue would protect her sweet love carefully, and even though she had officially become lovers with Gu Yuan, she had more dark secrets now. Still, Chu Luoxun was always smiling, continuously supporting her.