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: Revealing himself

Zhao Youyue was still figuring out on how to exit the novel; she hoped the readers would not be able to guess the fate of Chu Luoxun until the very end.

How does one leave a deep and impactful impression to the readers? Probably, the deepest form of despair, after giving them a glimpse of hope…

The author, Leng Zi could feel Chu Luoxun’s emotion and thoughts. She was very fond of “Chu Luoxun”, so when he is “inspired,” she would know exactly what “Chu Luoxun” was going to do next, as if she was communicating with her spirit.

Han Leng knew he had completely fallen in love with “Chu Luoxun.” He could feel the passion and living spirit of “Chu Luoxun.” She was an optimistic, confident, energetic girl, and no such girl would exist in reality.

With Goddess Chu as the role model, Han Leng was no longer interested in any girl in reality, but Lady Zhao was an exception. He felt that Zhao Youyue was different, compared to an ordinary person, she had a saint-like personality, she was not inferior to Goddess Chu herself. Even though he was lucky enough to become her deskmate, he could never actually see-through her.

Unfortunately, it was only for this semester; they might enter different classes when they enter the second year of high school. With Zhao Youyue’s superior grades, she would definitely enter an advanced language class, while he would most likely end up in an average class.

Han Leng believed that the luckiest thing that ever happened to him was to become the deskmate of Zhao Youyue! It is most enjoyable, being able to follow Lady Zhao!

“Chu Luoxun” had given him the hint that she will live, her body may be paralyzed, but as long as her fingers could move, she will live on!

Leng Zi trusted “Chu Luoxun” completely; he would respect her will. Of course, he never wanted her dead, after all, Chu Luoxun was struggling with all her strength to live, he would never kill her.

As many fans started asking about the finale, most of all regarding Chu Luoxun, Leng Zi had promised them that the Goddess, Chu Luoxun would not die!

Her sickness was just there to make her a strong, optimistic character. As the plot thickens, her illness would eventually get cured. It definitely was not because she wanted to make her miserable, or that she wanted to kill her anytime she wished to. Leng Zi was telling everyone to be at ease!

The fans trusted her, and she was confident about it too, she firmly believed that there was no possible way for her to kill her own beloved goddess! Leng Zi was not like those old slies who would lie to their readers.

They would promise not to kill a character and give them even more scenes on the contrary, even though they have already decided to remove that character. When they give such false promises, their tone would not be as firm.

But Leng Zi was different, her persistence and confidence somehow had reached the fans. If she ends up lying, the fans have suggested that she change her novel’s title from “Beautiful April” to “Your lie in April.” Not only were the characters lying to the readers, the author had been lying from the very beginning.

Han Leng was confident that Goddess Chu would not do anything reckless, and he decided to leave the choice to her. Just as Zhao Youyue had said, just go with the flow. A perfect girl such as “Chu Luoxun” wouldn’t mess him up, right?

A lot of fans supported Leng Zi; they even praised her for getting better at writing a love story. As they watched the lovey-dovey couple twirl about, the readers would feel as if they were experiencing that sweet couple sensation themselves, it was magnificent!

Besides that, Lin Meiyue was becoming livelier as well; she had even taken the initiative to kiss Gu Yuan!

For the recent chapter updates, Chu Luoxun was nowhere to be found. These chapters had been focused on the main hero and heroine. They finally overcame their awkwardness and broke free from Wang Yan, and they went to the amusement park for a date. During the fireworks display, just as they were about to kiss under a Ferris Wheel, they ended up being interrupted by a child, this had left many readers furious!

Then, Lin Meiyue had encountered some problems, because her parents would not allow her to attend a musical school, they did not think that she had the talent. Despite her family being against the idea of her attending a musical school, her love towards Gu Yuan never stopped her from following him.

As both of them took a walk together under the sunset, Lin Meiyue decided to take their relationship one step further by kissing Gu Yuan.

There was no need for a tragic backstory to build up a character, the gentle Lin Meiyue who never had been synonymous with the word ‘assertive,’ had become even more developed. Many of her fans were satisfied with her development; their relationship was still as firm as ever!

They both proved that without Chu Luoxun, they could solve their own problems, they were the perfect couple who had fallen in love at first sight.

But more fans were concerned about the sickness of Goddess Chu! Even a perfect love was no match to a tragic, heartbreaking scene…

To those who were concerned, the love of the main hero and heroine was no longer “fresh” to them. They were complaining about the annoying love life of the lovely couple; they just wanted to see their Goddess Chu back in action, her absence was killing them!

After knowing that Chu Luoxun would not die, as guaranteed by the author, Leng Zi. The fans of “Chu Luoxun” once again lifted their spirits, but they did not urge the author to make Chu Luoxun fall in love with Gu Yuan anymore. They only hoped that Chu Luoxun could get back up to her feet…

Obviously, the fans of “Chu Luoxun” were firm in their beliefs, that she was the main heroine!

The daily topic in Leng Zi’s fan group was to have the beautiful author doing a face-reveal. When Han Leng could no longer take it, he admitted that he was a male author! He said that there was no need to reveal his photo, as there was nothing to show, even though he had become a hunk, after undergoing Zhao Youyue’s modifications…

He believed that everyone had forgotten him using a voice-altering device to cover his identity, and that he was well hidden in reality. Many new fans never got to know if Leng Zi was a male or female, but for some reason, many had assumed this author to be female.

He no longer needed to use the female author identity to get closer to Zhao Youyue, because he found that his relationship with Lazy Zhao had improved! So, he decided to admit that he was a male author. The beautiful female author was a fake, non-existent character!

But no one believes him at all!

Some old fans said that they have heard the voice of Leng Zi before, and guaranteed that Leng Zi was a female author!