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The time to exit has come

When Han Leng saw the way Zhao Youyue handled those love letters carefully, he was disgruntled. He wanted to take a look at those letters that made the dignified Lady Zhao feel appreciated, so he wrote a note to Zhao Youyue, saying that he wanted to have a look at those love letters.

Zhao Youyue was completely unabashed, these love letters were like trophies to her, tools for her to increase her sense of presence, so she was willing to share, and of course, show them off.

After taking a look at the love letters, Han Leng mocked the standards of the love letters, saying that they were poorly written; he even picked on the errors and grammar mistakes. Then, he scribbled out a draft to show what a love letter should really be, in his standards.

He made it clear that he did not mean any of those love sentences to Zhao Youyue; he just couldn’t stand people who wrote love letters with such low standards. It was a sacred practice to him, even though he used this “sacred thing” to earn himself some fast cash.

So, Zhao Youyue read how Han Leng showed off his fancy sweet sentences

“You’re the snow, and I’m the street, only the sunrise would separate us.”

“The beauty of spring is no match to the beauty of your smile; one will never understand if one never beholds you.”

“Listening to the wind on a stormy night, dreaming of you.”

“Just like the moon[1] in the sky, I can never reach you by touching the reflection of the moon on the sea.”

After reading all this and more, Zhao Youyue was very impressed with Han Leng, single lines of him would blow away entire passages of lengthy letters!

The last one had even incorporated her name, “Yue” into the sentence, and he barely had to raise an eyebrow to come up with it!

So, such is the power of a naturally talented author!

How terrifying!

To be able to take the first prize in the new concept composition contest during his junior high school was an extremely rare occurrence!

One thing for sure, Lady Zhao Youyue was a girl who welcomed praises, her narcissism could be overbearing at times, she enjoyed being buried under a pile of compliments.

This was one of the traits that she had inherited from her mother, and although she did not show off her lady-like temperament, deep within herself, she was ruled by a superiority complex that was probably even stronger than her mother’s.

Zhao Youyue took out an exquisitely packaged box from her desk drawer, and in the package was an abundance of snacks.

As Zhao Youyue was basked in her pride, she had completely forgotten about Han Leng’s. She had him eat her snacks as much as he wanted to, as if he was her pet…

If this was the old Han Leng, his pride would never allow it, “Do I look like a dog to you, Lady Zhao?”

“Lady Zhao, you already have so many lackeys, do you even need me?”

“I’d rather kill myself than eat snacks from Lady Zhao!”

But the fact proved that Zhao Youyue had a mysterious, intense form of charisma. By having a deskmate like her, listening to her soothing voice, one would fall deeper into a degenerate’s, temptation-filled life!

Zhao Youyue had demonstrated the power of ‘the conditioning of the subconscious’, without any direct orders, she somehow manages to get others to follow and obey her, listen to her every command.

So, Han Leng grabbed the snacks and started eating; he clearly enjoyed his role as a lackey of Lady Zhao!

Congratulations to Lady Zhao once again, for she has managed to recruit a talented person into her team. Unfortunately, he is not as obedient as the little angel, Jiang Qing. This talented person had some serious writing skills that would surely come in handy, during certain situations.

Zhao Youyue has also confirmed her suspicions, that there are no differences between male and female.

Zhao Youyue felt that she had opened up the heart of Han Leng by teaching him how to become handsome. This method could be used on a girl as well.

Under the influence of Lady Zhao, Han Leng changed drastically. His hairstyle became more fashionable, his skin turned fairer and lesser pimple remained his face, even his casual shirts were more tasteful, as if he had become a rich person with status…

Han Leng had earned much from his writings, and he did not need to support his family like how Su Li did. Of course, his family was not as wealthy as Lady Zhao, but his father was a cultural bureau officer, and his mother was an accountant, and what little money he earned from writing couldn’t be compared with his parents.

But Han Leng did not know how to spend his money, so Zhao Youyue taught him how to spend his money. Learning on how to spend money was far more important than earning money, because no one would ever know how much a person earned by outlook alone. But one could show off, if they knew how to spend their money wisely.

When a man learns how to dress up, his charm would undoubtedly improve over time.

Han Leng was once a night person, but now, he was a person who slept before 11 pm!

This was an order from Lady Zhao, of course, so he had to follow it obediently. After all, he wanted to make himself look more handsome.

This did not affect any of Han Leng’s writings. With more time to sleep during the night, he would not feel as tired during the day. So he would use the time to write when Zhao Youyue is not around the school, because she was a commuting student.

Now he had more inspiration on how to write the lovely couple Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue. Of course, that was all his fantasy. This could effectively soothe the pain of readers after they witness the suffering of Goddess Chu. How could they experience the despair of Goddess Chu if they have never experienced any contrasting sweetness before?

Only those who have tasted the sweetest things would understand the bitterest despair.

After Han Leng followed the advice of Lady Zhao, he had become more handsome, and had learned how to spend his money wisely. Since he had become so charming, he would draw the attention of the opposite sex.

When a girl is bold enough to take the first step, it would not just be a simple love letter that comes her way.

Just a day before the holiday, a final exam stood before them. Zhao Youyue was indulging herself in studying; she did not return home during the night’s self-learning session, so that she could get hold of the teacher immediately, if she encounters any problems.

After all, Zhao Youyue was not an elite scholar that can solve every difficult question; she would still encounter problems during her revision, so she would have to consult the teacher, and she wanted to make sure she was prepared for the exam. Zhao Youyue had even used her recess time to do her revision.

A girl in hotpants and a tight T-shirt came to Zhao Youyue class, it was a day before the holiday, so uniforms were not necessary.

The girl was looking for the handsome and talented Han Leng.

Han Leng’s seat was just beside the window, so the girl just opened the window without permission, “Hey, junior, can you come out for a sec, I need to talk to you.”

Her voice had a seductive husk to it, she had to be a second-year student, since she was calling Han Leng a junior, and third-year students should not be around anymore because they had finished their exams on June, it was already July right now.

During the night classes, the classroom would be rather silent, and the sexy voice of that girl attracted everyone; almost, instantly everyone stared at Han Leng…

A well-informed guy said, “Isn’t that Lin Xuanya from second-year? She was the lead dancer in the art class, a company scouted her, and she might be an idol in the future. She’s the daughter of a wealthy family, what business does she have with Han Leng?”

The girls were looking at Zhao Youyue who was still busy studying with a pitiful expression, as if she had lost Han Leng. It was all because of Zhao Youyue that Han Leng had changed so much in one month!

Now Han Leng is being seduced by another girl!

Han Leng retained his cool, but he looked at Zhao Youyue anxiously, and noticed the attention he drew, “Make it quick, the hot air is gushing in, I wouldn’t want my classmates to be uncomfortable.”

“Can I add you on Wechat?” Obviously, Lin Xuanya was a girl with initiative, she seemed to have taken a liking to this talented, handsome, and rich guy.

“Sorry, I do not know you.”

“Then, let’s get to know each other…”

Before Lin Xuanya was done talking, Han Leng had already closed the window and bolted it shut, leaving her smacking on the window angrily…

He was not bothered by the heat, but he was concerned about Lady Zhao. It could mean trouble if the heat bothers Lady Zhao Youyue who was sitting beside him!

He knew that Lady Zhao was very fussy about her surroundings. He did not want Lady Zhao use her soothing voice to question him, it would be terrifying! She would kill him!

Han Leng rejected the girl decisively, because he did not want the heat to bother Lady Zhao. Besides, Han Leng already had a girl he loved, and that was Goddess Chu Luoxun. No girls could ever be matched up with her!

Err… Of course, Lady Zhao was an exception, because she made him feel that she was even better than the main heroine in his fantasies.

This day, Zhao Youyue was not in her uniform, she would suffer if she wore her uniform in this hot weather. She wore a knee-length skirt, revealing her beautiful and fair legs. The sandals she wore were not cheap, but she did not wear them to show off, she just picked this pair out of her many footwear.

When Zhao Youyue is not in her uniform, finally, nobody would believe that she would be an elite scholar from a poor family. Her dress and lady-like temperament show it all.

Her beauty, academic grades, and music talents had gained a lot of attention!

The second semester of first-year had finally come to an end, the students in this class would go their separate ways, because everyone was going to the classes according to their choices.

Zhao Youyue had used one year to turn herself from a side character who had little to no sense of presence, to a famous person in school, achieving one of her small goals.

Next, she would make herself well-known, not just limited to school grounds. After all, compared to real VIPs, she was just a side character…

Before that, she had put in all the effort, experienced the sacrifice and suffering, just to get the character card, “Chu Luoxun.” It was about time she reaps what she sowed.

The time has come for her to make her departure from “Beautiful April.”

Translation note:

[1] Moon – The moon has the same character of Zhao Youyue’s name, “Yue.”