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Zhao Youyue receives a love letter

With the ghostwriting by the talented, great gifted scholar Han, Zhao Youyue’s speech under the national flag was a great success.

Although Han Leng’s academics weren’t particularly good, he had attained a great deal of achievements under his literary belt. When he was in junior high school, he won the first prize in the New Concept Composition Contest, becoming the youngest ever prize winner in that contest. Such an achievement is much more incredible compared to the gold prize won by Zhao Youyue during the Provincial Violin Music Contest, since the New Concept Composition Contest was at a national level.

Therefore, Han Leng certainly had experience in giving speeches under the national flag. His speech was also anti-establishment and straight-edged. The moment he ended his speech, all the students laughed, and the headmaster would be wanting to beat him up…

However, his ghostwritten piece for Zhao Youyue was not as reckless. It was like the first time when he carefully wrote a remorse letter for her. He would also tailor-make for her, a perfect speech under the national flag. A speech that was full of positive energy, yet interesting.

Imitating a female’s tone to write a speech was too easy for a gifted-type writer like Han Leng. He had been quite successful in acting as the female writer ‘Leng Zi.’

Excellent writers would be able to switch mindsets and write plots from a different persona. Male protagonists don’t always have to be written by male writers, and female protagonists, female writers.

That was just what newbie writers and readers thought.

If a writer is only satisfied in writing from his own gender perspective, he would be at a disadvantage.

Han Leng focused Zhao Youyue’s speech on how she had achieved such an accomplishment with her own effort, not only in her studies, but also in her violin skills.

It was his purpose to make her speech sound like a transference of positive energy—— ‘As long as you put in the effort, you can be as successful as I am!’

However, Han Leng did not believe a single word that he wrote there, down to a single syllable. In fact, he felt that this Lady Zhao was actually a genius. She was not the hardworking-type at all. Yet, everyone felt that she was very hardworking, her life’s experience being textbook inspirational. This was something that impressed Han Leng. Which of your eyes actually see her being hardworking?

Just because she originally had no sense of existence, and emerged all of a sudden, everyone would start assuming the superhuman amount of effort she had put, in the silence?

We can only say that humans are living creatures that are easily deceived.

After Han Leng became Zhao Youyue’s deskmate, only did he notice that Zhao Youyue was even lazier compared to his imagination. She had so many different kinds of miscellaneous books which were not even related to her studies. Is she still a female high school student?

Numerous stuffs startled him within her desk, including various snacks, causing him to lose his mental balance—— Why could she still retain such good results in her studies?

He absolutely refused to accept it!

Han Leng still firmly refused to talk to Zhao Youyue in reality. He only used small notes to communicate with her. Even so, he failed to always refuse the tasty snacks…

He would always sincerely thank her on Wechat at night, and indicated, “Actually, I like the blablabla, can you bring more, next time?”

Of course, Lady Zhao was full of promises. She was never afraid to have others asking her for something. She was afraid that they would want nothing from her. Once they are used to her existence, they could no longer escape.

This was probably the benefits of being Zhao Youyue’s deskmate, as if you would receive surprises anytime. You would never know, what Lady Zhao, who couldn’t care less about studies, would take out of her bag, during break time.

No wonder Jiang Qing the little angel could not focus on her studies. Her attention was clearly on the various surprises…

Through further observation, Han Leng also noticed that Zhao Youyue became two hundred percent serious during classes. She became totally different, even down to her very temperament! What’s wrong with that extremely obsessed attitude towards learning?

The same status would also appear when she does her homework. In the past, she would do her homework and play her mobile phone at the same time. But now, she would finish her homework at the highest efficiency, to buy herself more time to do and learn trivia that is not related to her studies.

Han Leng vaguely understood her secret to maintaining good results in studies, but it was almost humanly impossible to emulate. He would be unable to focus during class, constantly being distracted by new ideas related to his writing.

If he truly imitates her usual slovenly, leisurely attitude, while only applying such extremely addicted attitude towards learning during classes, when doing homework and before examinations, he would be doomed.

For normal students, they couldn’t afford a lapse to compromise their momentum. Not unless you also had an ‘Xu Jing’ card.

Zhao Youyue’s speech under the national flag had inspired lots of students throughout the school. The headmaster was also impressed. After he took back the microphone, he continued to praise her, considering her a very good role model for all students!

Thus, no matter what she did, everyone will automatically assume that she was dedicating her life and time to the pursuit of academic perfection. For example, if she played with her mobile phone, it would be to enrich her extracurricular knowledge. Even when she plays KoG, it was also to train her mind and finger flexibility!

The more flexible your fingers are, the more incredible your performance would be, when answering tests and playing the violin, isn’t it?

Therefore, playing KoG is totally beneficial for Zhao Youyue, the elite scholar who could turn anything into a learning experience!

It was like the case of the author even called playing mahjong, ‘drawing materials.’ Anything and everything would give him materials. If he does not draw materials, he had no idea for his manuscript. That was no problem at all!

Zhao Youyue’s sense of existence burst, all of a sudden. Many male students have now noticed her appearance!

Nobody would ever expect this elite scholar and talented female to also be a short-haired super cutie!

Zhao Youyue finally enjoyed the treatment of receiving love letters in the school for the very first time!

That’s right. It was July. The final exam was around the corner. At the near end of the second semester of Year 1 in high school, Zhao Youyue had received a few love letters!

Some carried signatures, some did not. Although the number of love letters seemed to be relatively sparse, considering the fact that the school had a strict management, and the fact that they lived in the modern age of digital messaging, love letters would be rather obsolete. Getting a few of them would be a feat in itself.

Even Han Leng wrote in small notes, indicating that he was better at writing love letters than writing remorse letters and speeches. If not for the fact that his love letter writing business was practically non-existent, he would never write any speeches for Lady Zhao!

Zhao Youyue was pleased, to be able to receive love letters. She did not care who sent her the letters, since she would never fall in love. However, from another perspective, this was strong evidence that she was now gaining more recognition!

Come on; she wanted to know, how many bosses would have received love letters as students?

There aren’t many, are there?

Therefore, these puerile and tender letters, yet made up of nothing but genuine love, would remain forevermore in her most appreciated care. How could she simply throw them away?

These love letters also explained that her efforts until now, was finally bringing forth their harvest. From the first speech under the national flag in her life onwards, she would not possibly remain as a nobody within the students’ heart anymore, would she?