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: How To Be As Presentable As You?

Zhao Youyue gave up. This guy has always seemed coherent and fluent enough in WeChat, so why the heck is he acting like a lobotomized alien in reality?

Zhao Youyue was an easy-going girl, and a very sociable one at that too. She did not fully understand men, but, men will always be men, they are the same species right? So, interacting with them should be not a problem to her.

Thus, she was very positive that building a good relationship with Han Leng, in reality was possible, so that she could ask favors from him anytime he wanted to, like this speech draft, for instance.

After all, he was a very talented person and could be handy for her too.

Therefore, Zhao Youyue took the initiative to talk to Han Leng on the second day, even though she had given up on him the day before. She spoke to him as she would speak to a girl

Han Leng was indeed like a girl, girlier than an actual girl, so to speak. He seemed to be afraid of her, continually struggling to stay away from her. Hence, he refused to talk, and would respond to her by writing it down on small notes.

Zhao Youyue would ask him many questions. For example, The Great Scholar Han, when are you going to publish your new work after the completion of your on-going one? What genre will it be? Could you write something that fulfills my appetite?

Then, Han Leng would hand over the small notes to her, written with concise answers—“I am still conceptualizing it.” Anyway, he would continue giving her brief answers to her many questions.

Meanwhile, he had stacked up a pile of textbooks and put them on the “Military Demarcation Line,” as if he has cast a powerful fort that could prevent the enemy from invading.

Zhao Youyue gave up, he must be crazy!

He used to be a normal person. What happened to him? He’s no different from an autistic child, now!

Zhao Youyue would collect these small notes every day, and put them inside her jewelry box. She wanted to see how long he could behave like this!

Now, Han Leng hesitated after Zhao Youyue increased the price to five hundred RMB. Seeing this, Zhao Youyue smiled playfully, and said: “Alright, no more bargaining, one thousand RMB! I would like my speech to be full of positive energy, remaining as creative as possible. Anyhow, it must make me look outstanding on that day! Accept it. You can do it, The Great Scholar Han!”

She tried to pat his shoulder again, and he managed to avoid her this time. He began to write his answer on his small notes: “I do not lack money, but, in exchange for this, I would like to know, how I can be as presentable as you?”

Zhao Youyue confidently took the note from him and read it. She was dumbfounded, and gazed at him in astonishment, was he a lady boss? He wanted to be as presentable as a girl like her?

Han Leng looked at her in anticipation. He wanted to learn from her on how to become a reserved, beautiful young girl, wait, no, a handsome boy!

Zhao Youyue was an open-minded person. Other girls would have thought that Han Leng was flirting with them, but, for her, he had awakened her powerful nature

From a different perspective, she saw this as a sign to tell her that she could treat The Great Scholar Han like a girl, only that he was even more difficult to approach than any other girl.

As an observant person, Zhao Youyue noticed the little changes of Han Leng. His hair was no longer messy, her dark eyes circles had lightened, and even the pimples have reduced. Perhaps he had postponed his training to be an immortal for the past two days?

She took out a fashion magazine on teaching a girl how to dress up from her drawer and pushed it towards him. Smiling, she said: “You would be as presentable as me if you follow these instructions!”

Han Leng was dumbfounded, and anxiously, he said, “No, what I meant wasGosh, I don’t know how to say it! I will write the speech for you, and it is for free, that’s it! Could you not talk to me so much, in the future?”

Zhao Youyue soon realized it, and quickly said, “You want to look handsome, don’t you? You want to change your image because you have fallen for a goddess from another school and you want to hook up with her, right? You should’ve just said it out loud. You have a pleasant voice, don’t you, use it more often? You’re worried that she’ll get jealous if I keep talking to you, right? That fear is unfounded. I’m not interested in romance, in other words; both genders make no difference for me, understood?”

Han Leng’s face blushed immediately. But, he was amazed by her intelligence, how did she guess it?

One could call her Zhuge Yue!

Also, Han Leng was astonished by her opinion on the equality between men and women. Did this Lady Zhao place herself above all human beings, treating the mortals with the insight of a higher species? A saint who was beyond the human realm?

She absolutely was the Lady Zhao who had a powerful sense of superiority!

However, one thing that she got wrong was that Chu Luoxun, the goddess in his heart, was living in his literary world, not a student from another school

He wanted a new image, mainly because he did not want to disgust Zhao Youyue.

He knew that Lady Zhao fond of everything that is pleasing to the eyes. Not only did she pursue the enjoyment of taste, she pursued the pleasure of sounds and sights as well.

She would appreciate handsome men and pretty women. For instance, she said before that she enjoyed Gu Yaoyan’s, her mathematics teacher, class the most, as he was more handsome than other male teachers.

For this, Han Leng had always perceived her as a shallow person. How could she judge a book by its cover?

He changed his mind now, thinking that there is no wrong in being a face-judger. Was there a person who truly doesn’t care about looks?

Lady Zhao was merely being honest, being herself!

Therefore, Han Leng took the initiative to give himself a makeover

As a highly efficient person, Han Leng completed the speech draft on the next day. It was very pretentious, full of the sentences of a full mark essay, and the examples used were not heard by those ordinary students before. Interestingly, it matched Zhao Youyue’s ability to be pretentious, herself.

Han Leng was indeed qualified to become a personal scholar.

Well, Zhao Youyue was nice to him too. She brought him a set of Luxurious, Large-scale and Leveled-up men’s skincare product, anti-acne products, and some men fashion magazines as well. She asked him to choose whatever clothing that he liked. She promised him that she would turn him into a male god, so that he would be able to hook up with the goddess that he had a crush on!

She could be his advisor anytime, as she was very confident when it comes to flirting with a girl.

Wasn’t she a good friend?

Wasn’t she a loyal friend as well?

She was indeed a bighearted person!

The good relationship between her and Jiang Wing Little Angel had proven that her tricks were workable

Zhao Youyue also wanted Han Leng to tell her who that Goddess was, so that she could collect information for him and reduce the difficulties he might face.

Of course, Han Leng refused to tell her. What a joke. Lady Zhao, you were unable to collect the information in my “Beautiful April,” regardless of how resourceful you were.