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Dont Step Over This Military Demarcation Line!

That person’s face could not be seen by Zhao Youyue, as her new desk mate was sleeping, bending over the desk, while the teacher was not in. But, this person was undeniably a male.

Zhao Youyue felt uneasy. Why would a male student and a female student be arranged to sit together, especially when they are already in high school?

Wasn’t the school worried about improper relationships?

She would not do so, of course. However, was Teacher Qiu underestimating her charm?

Well, she would not know that she was still that honest, responsible, innocent and low profiled good girl in the eyes of Qiu Yingchun.

Such a girl is not attractive to the high school male students who are experiencing puberty. Many are still fond of those “bad girls” who are better at dressing up. That is more exciting.

Perhaps this is why many high school male students who dug the bad-boy style have managed to hook up with beautiful high school female students. As a result, there was now a classic aphorism saying that a woman does not fancy a nice man.

There is a gene that craves for excitement within man.

Actually, both the good girls and the sincere men are powerless when it comes to love relationship. They can only helplessly look at the person that they like fall into the arms of those “bad guys.”

It would be perfect if the scumbags are matched with the girls who liked to play dumb while the good girls are matched with the sincere men. Unfortunately, reality is always merciless.

Zhao Youyue was unsure if she had offended Teacher Qiu before that he played her for a fool.

She was very confident that, within a short period, she would get along well with the new desk mate if she is a girl and turns her into her “loyal dog,” just like the cuties, like Jiang Qing Little Angel and Su Li. As a person who always interacted with the girls, Zhao Youyue was very confident in ‘seducing’ girls to her side.

Whenever they called her “Missy,” Zhao Youyue would be most pleased, her narcissistic side being satisfied. Perhaps a diva was residing in her, even though she was gentle and charming.

Her latest deskmate would be a male, and she was really clueless when it comes to manipulating him, as she seldom interacted with his gender.

Zhao Youyue walked towards her desk. Luckily her desk was not by the window, but the passageway. Hence, she did not have to wake him up, who seemed to be sleeping soundly, to make way for her.

When she came to her desk, she discovered that he was Han Leng!

This wasn’t that bad, after all. They knew each other. There would not be a single awkward moment even though they never carried a conversation past 10 words, in reality.

Zhao Youyue noticed a fascinating pattern. Han Leng seemed to be trying hard to keep a distance from her, putting the chair close to the window and huddling up by it. They were both thin individuals, and there was enough space to fit another person in between them, if Zhao Youyue remains in her regular position.

At that moment, the entire class was observing her, to see what her reaction would be after knowing that her desk mate had been changed

In the end, they were disappointed as she was as calm as usual, taking out a magazine and reading it. This was her privilege, being allowed to read magazines during the morning reading class. She had a valid reason—that was to improve the level of her essay writing.

This was also the motive of Teacher Chu by arranging them to sit together. He hoped that Han Leng would aid her in improving her essay writings, so that her results would be perfect.

Chen Haoran, in particular, was closely observing her reaction. As he witnessed her calm old self, he saluted her even more. If he ever finds his deskmate being turned into a member of the opposite sex, he would freak out and be at a loss

Han Leng was not fully asleep actually. What a joke. This was the first day of him being the desk mate of Zhao Youyue. How could he possibly sleep in peace?

Also, he had just seen her elegant and eyes-catching demeanor yesterday. That long dress and violin would never leave his memory for a while.

Therefore, he pretended to be asleep, as he could not face her at the moment. He really did not know how to start a conversation with her in reality. That would be too awkward and difficult!

He was indeed much comfortable admiring her from afar!

It was already good enough to be able to chat with her over the internet. With her being so close to him now, he could barely breathe!

Nonetheless, Han Leng had his own way of keeping himself tranquil, that was by telling himself that the girl that he liked was “Chu Luoxun,” who was his perfect creation. Regardless how charming Zhao Youyue was, she was incomparable to her!

He would then calm down instantly as if he has become a saint who was impervious to desires and passions

Finally, Han Leng woke up, but, he still stuck himself closely to the wall, intentionally distancing himself from her. If it is possible, he would like to pretend to be asleep for the whole day, yet, he knew that Teacher Qiu was about to enter the classroom. That man was a robot when it came to timing. Moreover, he could not sleep peacefully as Chen Haoran, his bestie, was not beside him anymore.

What surprised him was that Zhao Youyue had simply kept her magazine – “Vista: To see the world,” and took out the Chinese textbook. This happened just as he lifted his head up.

Although she was allowed to read the magazine during this session, she would try her best to take out the textbook before Teacher Qiu enters classroom, so that she could use the “she is trying to improve her level of essay writing and accumulating the elements for writing” as a reason for her to continue reading, if Teacher Qiu does a spot-check. By this, Teacher Qiu would not think that she is reading the magazine every single time.

Soon, Han Leng realized that she already had Teacher Qiu’s behavior at her fingertips. Her excellent results were probably gained by being an opportunist student!

Zhao Youyue turned her head to take a look at Han Leng. He had messy hair, thick dark-eyed circles, and a divine aura face. The pimples on his face had increased as he had repeatedly burned the midnight oil recently. What a waste of an idol face. Well, earning money by using his skills would be the only way.

Honestly, the ungroomed Han Leng had given a bad impression to Zhao Youyue, who emphasized on proper care. However, Han Leng was ultimately a creator, right? This would give him a point.

Also, Han Leng was well-behaved before this. Overall, she did not hate him.

Han Leng felt uneasy after knowing that she had just glanced at him. He huddled up himself closer to the side of the wall, which could be created into an emoji—afraid.Han Leng limited.jpg.

Zhao Youyue was too lazy to take the initiative to talk to him; she only kept leafing through the textbook. Han Leng’s reaction was what she wanted. She felt like she was occupying the space of two persons, what a great feeling of freedom!

She was truly a free and easy-going girl.

“Ah ha, you have stepped over the line!” Finally, Han Leng began to speak, coldly.

“What?” asked Zhao Youyue curiously, slightly turning her head towards Han Leng.

“How can you put your elbow on my desk?! Don’t step over this Military Demarcation Line!” Han Leng gravely answered her.

“Are you still a primary school student?” Zhao Youyue asked him flatly.