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Goddess Zhao Youyue

As Zhao Youyue headed for the violin competition venue with her teacher, Liu Yuxi, naturally, she did not know that her deskmate, little angel Jiang Qing had been spirited away. She had been forced to change into a miserable position, because of Mr. Qiu, who cared about his students’ results.

That’s right, that particular seat is not seated by just any student. When the teacher thinks that a student still can be saved, he would make that student seat right in front of the classroom, so that student would have no choice but to focus in class.

As for students who the teacher have abandoned, they would get thrown into the corner of the classroom, so that they would not affect the other students who were keen on studying.

Obviously, Mr. Qiu still had hope for Jiang Qing. When she became the deskmate of Zhao Youyue, her grades were still average, about the same level as Zhao Youyue. But now, Zhao Youyue had improved tremendously, turning out to be one of the top ten students in the whole school, and could pick any university or profession at her own discretion.

Mr. Qiu had acknowledged Zhao Youyue as one of his proud students. He actually wanted every student to excel, even when it came to a student like Han Leng – who only had one specialty. He would understand and support Han Leng, even though his grades were going through a steep fall, knowing that Han Leng could earn even more money than he did…

Since the majority of the population comprised of normal people, a normal job would easily support one’s life. Mr. Qiu believed that even if Han Leng did not have good grades, he could still earn money with his ability to write an essay.

But not with Jiang Qing. She may be a good singer, but the road to becoming an artist was even tougher. As she was not earning more money than Mr. Qiu, he would have to improve her grades. If she is unable to even find herself a university, how would she even land herself a job?

Actually, Zhao Youyue was responsible for Jiang Qing’s lousy results. She set a terrible example. Zhao Youyue could be seen slacking off most of the time, not even tensing up during exams, but still, she had been able to get good results, and that did not mean that Jiang Qing could do the same too…

Lady Zhao was a laid-back person who loved to have fun; her attitude had significantly affected Jiang Qing.

Zhao Youyue and Liu Yuxi had arrived at the theater; it was no different than the stage in “Beautiful April.” They first went to the backstage preparation room; every contestant has their own private rooms, since this was a provincial level music competition.

Those who obtain a ranking or a trophy in the final contest would be qualified to enter the national music competition.

Reputation in the classical music field can be earned by obtaining more trophies; and the same goes to the field of literature too. Of course, this cannot be measured with sales volume alone. It would be awkward if one book had a sales volume of 100 and the other had 50.

A literary work could gain its fame after winning an award, bringing great sales. It was not like a web novel which only served to please the readers; actual novels could be brought back physically, to be displayed on bookshelves.

For example, take the book, “Frog” by Mo Yan, how many knew of its existence before it got the Nobel prize in literature?

After winning the award, the volume of its sales increased drastically. Of course, this still could not be compared with the sales of other popular literary works…

After it won the award, many people bought it, but how many people have actually read it?

The same goes for classical music, unless combined with pop music or anime music, would be dull like pure literature. A high-level, unpopular literary art.

Zhao Youyue could not be bothered much about classical music; her goal was to get the trophy. She thought that the main hero of “Beautiful April” was cool; to the point of getting the title, “Humanoid Metronome,” “A machine meant to win trophies.” He still had his booming sense of presence. Even though he has never participated in a music competition for years, when he arrived at the theater, he still became the center of attraction. It had always been her biggest dream of being seen and talked about by the crowd!

So, in the qualifiers, she had played the violin the way the judges expected in order to win their favour, and she got first place as a result!

Now, she had the confidence to get the one and only gold medal in the finals!

“Are you done changing into your gown? Tsk… What a fine body you have, my little sister Youyue!” Liu Yuxi was admiring Zhao Youyue, who had changed into her custom-made gown.

After all, Liu Yuxi was no longer young, but Zhao Youyue was at the height of her youth. When she changed into her gorgeous gown, her goddess temperament was brought out almost instantly – she was mimicking Chu Luoxun.

Even though she has not obtained the character card of Chu Luoxun, don’t forget that she has already experienced what Chu Luoxun has been through, and even endured all her sufferings. Although she did not have the musical talent of Chu Luoxun, she could perfectly imitate the goddess temperament of Chu Luoxun because the latter was part of herself too.

Unfortunately, her hairstyle still remained as that cute short bob cut. As mentioned before, Zhao Youyue had a face most suited for long, black silky hair. She would instantly become a goddess if she grows her hair out!

The only thing that’s stopping her from becoming a goddess would be her hairstyle!

Many female characters in the fictional world had waist-length hair, which includes Goddess Chu. But it would be difficult to keep such long hair in reality. A far manageable hair length would be just slightly above the waist…

Another thing worth mentioning was that Zhao Youyue was able to get the first place in the qualifier thanks to her looks. A gorgeous gown and some light makeup had transformed her into a goddess; if her classmates saw her, they would not even recognize her!

After listening to Liu Yuxi, Zhao Youyue took a deep breath; she could not help but chant her magic words. Even though she had activated her “Xu Jing’s card,” she still felt nervous.

Liu Yuxi then laughed at her, “My little sister Youyue, your mom and dad are here to see you perform. I might as well have you know that first to save you from the shock.”

Zhao Youyue rolled her eyes, “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you, teacher? Now I’m getting even more nervous!”

“Don’t call me teacher, call me big sister! Well, don’t frighten yourself, if you ever get nervous in that tri-no state of yours during the performance, I’ll eat your violin live on stage!”


“My, I’m really impressed, you can play a song out perfectly, without inserting any feelings at all, this is a talent meant to win trophies! What will happen if you have your own concerts in the future? The audience would be bored to death!” Liu Yuxi was worrying a little bit too much.

But Zhao Youyue was not worried about that at all; she could just turn into the real Chu Luoxun, because her music would definitely win the hearts of the audience…