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On this day, people finally remembered

Habits and rituals, are sometimes terrifying.

The previous Su Li would have been very resistant against carrying a pan. She was clearly the kind of mangaka who cared about her readers. Why was she slandered as a cheater? As a drug Lord?

Of course, Su Li was complacent, thinking that “Drug Lord” was a good designation, meaning that her works are easy to get addicted to, like getting a drug addiction along with severe withdrawal symptoms.

Now, she had a holy sense of duty.

She, Su Li, is contributing to Lady Zhao’s cause. Do not forget that. Yet she did not know how many readers had entered the pit, as per the “Youyue” tycoon’s recommendation. Now, “Beautiful April” ended up making such big news —— abusing the female character with the highest popularity towards her death. Shouldn’t the “Youyue” tycoon who recommended this piece of work take some form of responsibility?

To be honest, Su Li felt that the plot development related to Chu Luoxun in “Beautiful April” was more natural, compared to Yu Shengfan in “The Strongest King.” Both of them were sick, but Chu Luoxun’s illness had clearly existed since the very beginning. There was a foreshadow when she appeared, and later on, she had fainted after the play, and also, the various kinds of medicine that she carries with her

Furthermore, similar cases like Chu Luoxun’s illness can also be found in reality, whereas Yu Shengfan’s incurable disease, if we were to insist on researching the details, was highly virulent. It was an incurable disease, specially designed for killing Yu Shengfan, and she was its first and last casualty.

No matter how good Rosemary’s writing skills are, no one would be able to deny that Yu Shengfan had been worked towards death on purpose.

“Beautiful April” was not like this. First of all, Chu Luoxun’s illness was not an incurable disease; it was curable, there was hope. Currently, everyone could not confirm how she will end up next.

Furthermore, from the perspective of character creation alone, to be able to smile on while encumbered by such illness, would serve to deepen her optimistic and strong image further. After all, to still be able to face the world with a smile, calling her ‘stout’ would be an understatement now, wouldn’t it be? What form of extraordinary willpower was this?

She had always been smiling, and finally broke down, being the human she is. That uncharacteristic, contrasting scene would certainly take a toll on all readers!

This was truly a scene that could thrill the hearts of readers. It would stimulate Su Li’s inspirations as well!

When Su Li suddenly found that carrying pans of kind of stuff not only did not decrease her income but on the contrary, increased her fame. At the same time she would be able to please Lady Zhao, so why not?

After all, the reason Su Li wanted to have a good reputation was simply to send more readers into her pit and bring her more income. After coming to know the power of this title – “The Pan of This Generation,” she accepted it calmly.

She, Su Li, could see the bigger picture!

Why bother about empty reputations that would not increase her income?

Su Li even felt that being able to become a punchline within the two dimensional manga world could also bring forth a facilitating role towards her fame!

One punchline that is now very popular on the internet is —— ‘It’s all Su Li’s fault!’

Of course, at this moment there were many people standing up for her…

The defenders quickly died off when three days later, amidst all the different kinds of fermentation and arguments that had long reached the climax, Su Li once again released an illustration of Chu Luoxun. One of her crying desperately!

Su Li had always been great at depicting characters in detail. The Chu Luoxun within this illustration, her mental status, and physical condition, were entirely different from the Chu Luoxun in her previous illustration. If one is to say that the previous Chu Luoxun was tender and beautiful blooming flower, then she is now nearly withered dry…

Looking from the perspective of the illustration alone, this was full of visual impact. If this illustration had accompanied the issue of that particular scene, to be seen by numerous readers, the world would have been flooded in tears!

Sometimes, only the complete combination of words, imagery, and sound could truly bring out a scene.

Understandably, the numerous “Beautiful April” fans took a fatal blow when this illustration rode on the new wave!

This Su Li is definitely having revenge on the society, isn’t she?

Does she still think that Chu Luoxun has not yet earned enough tears?

One wave had just been suppressed within the novel. Looking at this illustration will immediately remind others of that particular scene again. Readers with active lacrimal glands would cry all over again!

Some fans with good memories would remember Su Li defending herself three days ago, but it had been of no use. Numerous fans still treated her as the person carrying Leng Zi’s pan. After various sorts of ridiculous mockeries, Su Li spoke out —— If you guys persist, do not blame me for what happens next!

But no one expected that Su Li would truly live up to her threat. An honest person, the pan carrying hero would also explode, someday! It was just like Xu Jing, the three ‘No’s Straight A student fate, under the strokes of her brush.

Who asked you people to keep saying that it’s Su Li’s fault? You’ve woken the devil in her and brought this on yourself!

The fans were divided into two factions. One side was fervently against her. They strongly criticized Su Li’s character as the ‘Drug Lord’, releasing poison whenever someone disagrees with her, and threatened to boycott her works. So much for her revenge…

Another faction chose the soft, repentant method, hoping that Teacher Su Li would stay her godly powers. Chu Luoxun was not yet dead, but if you keep pushing the devil, even if she does not lose her life, she would end up like Stephen Hawking. It was simply unimaginable for the goddess Chu to one day sit on a wheelchair, unable to even speak!

This time, Su Li embraced the limelight, stacking more pans onto her head, completely covering for Lady Zhao.

Moreover, her ‘cheater’ and ‘Drug Lord’ titles which were on the verge of being forgotten, came back with the crack of a whip!

On this day, everyone finally remembered the terror of once being poisoned by the Drug Lord, and the humiliation caused by her following works.

Therefore, do not let Su Li carry the pan, just because she seems like an easy target to pick on. You will have ‘good experience’ if you offend a soulful artist like her.

Do not look down on the great mangaka Su, who had frenziedly given bentos to almost every character within her work, achieving complete extinction. If she becomes crazy, she would terrify even herself

But Su Li was nowhere near the ‘Old Sly’ title. After all, the wickedness of old thieves was not something that the new cute beginner, honest Su Li can compare to. Just like Rosemary, this pan-rejecting technique was perfect.

Leng Zi had pulled the same trick, this time. Be it the internet or within the group, people have been at each other’s throats, and she did not care. She had not even stepped out to receive the 200 RMB exclusive red envelope sent by local tycoon within the group.

Authors totally ignored the readers, sitting above the nine heavens, looking down upon the mortal beings, not giving a crap about their emotions, are the truly scary ones!

This is because the readers would never affect them. Whatever they write, readers would have no choice but to accept.

Don’t want to read?

If you don’t, then go away!

There’s no difference!

Someone would want to!

Magazine based youth novels did not bind readers by subscription fees and the like. No matter how many magazines are sold, the contribution fee for the book would not increase…

This is also why there are always so many depressing plots within youth novels.

The least harmful works to the readers would usually be the online series. After all, only a few online writers would not care about subscription counts at all.

Online articles pave the way for readers to contact their creators directly. Whenever there is a problem on the plot, the author would be able to receive feedback on time, and then make adjustments and amendments accordingly.

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Tonicquill: WellStephen Hawking is no longer with us. Either waythat was a pretty bad joke to me.