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Forever Remembering Her Weeping

What is this contrasting change of events?

This was how Jiang Qing felt, reading the latest development!

“Chu Luoxun,” who always appeared with a brilliant smile like the sun and brought warmth to everybody, broke down and cried!

There was not any sense of violating the Goddess’ privacy at all, as Leng Zi used his exquisite writing style to describe in detail the hopelessness felt by “Chu Luoxun” when she lost sensation in her lower body, with her hands being unable even to support her body. The level of detail practically flung readers into her shoes!

This was because Han Leng was in an “Intoxicated state” at that time. Therefore, he could clearly experience the fear and hopelessness of “Chu Luoxun” at that moment. The creepy surroundings around her did not help one bit.

It was late at night, at the hospital. It was silent, and the smell of the antiseptic was in the air. Previously, she was humming “Sweet” as she was walking down the aisle. She must have been trying to fend off the creepy atmosphere.

Even a man, in such an environment, would feel the intense feeling of depression!

The atmosphere, coupled with the sudden tragedy was overwhelming, but “Chu Luoxun” held her voice back. She wept silently. She was tough as nails!

Others would have wailed!

Therefore, Jiang Qing, who always placed herself in “Chu Luoxun’s” shoes, was struck by environment described by Leng Zi, as well as the terrifying onset of “Chu Luoxun” illness and her despair!

One moment, all had been sunshines and rainbows, and the next moment, everything changed drastically. It was impossible for Jiang Qing’s little heart to take!

When “Chu Luoxun” broke down, helplessly punching her legs that just refused to feel anything and then hopelessly clutched her face and cried, Jiang Qing broke down along with her!

This Goddess Chu was so pitiful. Death might be even better than the cruelty of this illness!

Jiang Qing even imagined a scene where “Chu Luoxun” used her superhuman willpower to pick up the bow of the violin with her trembling fingers, only to lose strength and have it clatter on the floor

“Chu Luoxun” would only be able to gaze upon her favorite musical instruments in despair, unable to play them anymore!

How was such a scene not torturous?

Jiang Qing instantly regretted imagining such a thing.

She started bawling to herself. One must know that as a hard-core gang of “Chu Luoxun,” she had deeply bonded with the Goddess Chu, but Leng Zi had applied fatal poison to her Goddess, and in extension of that, Jiang Qing too.

Nonetheless, the image of “Chu Luoxun” weeping silently had been deeply engraved in her mind

The imagery of “Chu Luoxun” only became more vivid in her mind!

All previous descriptions of “Chu Luoxun” have been nothing but passages of joy. She was all smiles, either be it a gentle curve of the lips. or a wide-opened mouth, or the mysterious, silent smile as she indulges in music. You would never find her without a smile, and you would never know what she was smiling about

Wherever she was, there would be laughter. Even when she simply appears, without doing anything, you would already find yourself unconsciously smiling, for that was her power.

It was incredible. Even though she was merely a character on paper, her optimism, perseverance and confidence, all of that positive vibe, would burst through the papers and mesmerize readers.

She was the most dazzling character ever, neither peevish nor pretentious, as she wholeheartedly helped those around her, bringing them into the light.

Some people would still be unclear of her motives in helping the male protagonist. However, everyone agreed on one thing, she was doing this out of her own volition!

This was her true self, unable to ever see others being unhappy. If they are unhappy, she would share her happiness with them.

It is said that a girl who loves to smile is undoubtedly lucky, yet, this had not been the case for “Chu Luoxun.”

When nobody came to help and comfort the girl, who was always smiled beautifully, but was now hopelessly and helplessly crying alone in a dark corridor, late at night, does anything else need to be said?

For the rest of her life, Jiang Qing would never forget how “Chu Luoxun” cried painfully for the first time. Although “Chu Luoxun” has shed tears before, those were not tears of hopelessness!

She shared her sunshine and happiness with others. Where were those who had been healed, cared for and helped by her when she was alone in that creepy hallway?

Well, those two were still being lovey-dovey, heartily enjoying the warmth of interconnected hearts

At that moment, no one will remember “Chu Luoxun,” who once was an eye-catching genius violist on stage.

What her music did gain was the recognition of the audiences. She grew no more popular by winning prizes. She was only popular among the students as she was much more open-minded during the campus party, compared to when she competed! Of course that free spiritness would create lovelier arrangments! Let’s not forget that those were all her original songs

It was as if she was destined to be forgotten by others. No one would know that such a genius once walked in the musical world.

Hence, Gu Yuan, whom she has saved from the chasm would enjoy the honor of being crowned. He will have a bright future and a girlfriend in mutual love.

“Chu Luoxun’s” illness had deteriorated so fast, because of she had given her all at helping Gu Yuan recently

Anyway, Jia Qing was totally unable to forget this character. Although she had smiled many times previously, all that joy would never surpass the despair her trembling heart felt right now!

“Chu Luoxun” really made people sorry for her. She radiated warmth to others in the entire novel, but she could only endure her pain alone when she was in a desperate situation.

Although Jiang Qing knew that she should not hate the lovely couple, she just could not help but to feel that they were unworthy of “Chu Luoxun’s” acquiesce. Why couldn’t’ they even tell the pain that their so-called friend was going through?

Now, what Jiang Qing wanted to know was whether her illness could be healed, as there was no mention of it being incurable. It seemed to be a chronic disease. It should not be that big a problem if one takes good care of himself, right?

While Jiang Qing had mentally exploded and was crying badly over this latest update, the whole internet was wailing too, specifically “Chu Luoxun’s” fans. It was as if their parents had died!

Interestingly, several of Lin Meiyue’s fans had defected to the enemy after this issue was released!