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Her Laughter and Happiness

In fact, torturous elements are commonplace in juvenile novels. After all, most people must have experienced something regretful when they were young.

If a juvenile novel could cause a wave among the readers, it would already be considered a feat in itself.

Regrettably, most teen films preferred to use “abortion” as an element to express pain. This seemed to be the daily pastime of the current youth, in the minds of the screenwriter and director

This couldn’t be any more wrong. “Abortions” do occur to some younglings, but, others were mostly innocent, and would never commit such an atrocity.

It was just like the perfect first love between Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue in the “Beautiful April” which was sentimental and full of wonderful moments. Unfortunately, many people did not have a “Chu Luoxun,” and they might never have even experienced first love before.

The most wonderful thing to experience in this world would be to find out that your crush feels the same about you.

Perhaps this was the crucial element in the perfect first love, otherwise, it would be yet another one-sided love story. Even if they get together, it would only be the results of one party, or, the other was feeling lonely and simply decided to follow the trend, seeing that everyone else in love.

This would be a more realistic situation. There would be a sense of instability and viscosity in that relationship. Well, both were just getting partners as a makeweight, as long as both of them were happy about it.

Initially, Han Leng wanted to write a story purely about the perfect first love. Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue would be his prime examples. There would be some misunderstandings and setbacks to torment the readers, but it would end beautifully, nevertheless.

According to the personality of the male protagonist and the heroine, their relationship was destined to be stable

This was a work based on his personal fantasy of his first love, as reality had let him down. Thus, he was using the novel to cheer himself up.

Even the music element was merely an embellishment, so that the male protagonist and the heroine could speak the same language and, at the same time, increase the relatability of the novel, even though he hardly understood anything about music, especially classical music.

Nevertheless, everything had changed after the appearance of ‘Chu Luoxun’!

The music element which originally served as an embellishment had become a prominent element!

Even Han Leng himself was frightened by it. He really did not understand the circle of classical music, yet, what he had written was convincing enough. Many readers had even started asking if he was once in that circle before

Initially, ‘Chu Luoxun’ was meant to be used to improve the relationship between Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue. She was merely a supporting character.

Because he had been so good at describing her debut, even his editor have noted that his words would be full of indescribable spirituality each time ‘Chu Luoxun’ appears; he had vividly described every detail of this girl who was blessed by the God of Music. It was impossible for such a perfect person to exist in the three dimensional reality

Han Leng could not afford to be complimented. On top of that, the editor and the readers also said that this was a nice character, full of sunshine and hope neither lacking in her ease of relatability. One would not only be influenced by her optimism, but would also be moved by her music while reading her lines. Although the music was just made up of words, one would be able to “hear” it.

Han Leng, who was a “former web novelist” who could not afford to be complimented began to add on to ‘Chu Luoxun’s’ scenes, unconsciously. She even became the comic relief of the work as she started pulling off more and more bizarre stunts. She was a bundle of joy.

Although she possessed the beauty, talent, and confidence of a goddess, she did not have the demeanor of one. She was also not a daughter of a plutocrat but was born in a common family. Her family ran a cake shop business, owning three or four chain stores.

Her family could be categorized as wealthy, but middle class. Thus, she could afford to learn many kinds of musical instruments. It would be too unrealistic if she was born in a poor family.

The readers would smile unconsciously whenever they read passages of ‘Chu Luoxun’—What would this joyful girl come up with this time?

How would she assist the male protagonist and the heroine?

How would she use the music to save the male protagonist from his psychological trauma?

How would she patiently guide the heroine so that she would find that magic in her violin?

Unknowingly, this beautiful young girl who was originally fated to be the “Dugu Qiubai [1]” of the music had completely surpassed Lin Meiyue, the heroine. Even Gu Yuan, the male protagonist was overshadowed by her existence.

Nonetheless, the editor and the readers did not see it as a problem. On the contrary, they felt that Leng Zi’s work was only getting more exciting, and the charming ‘Chu Luoxun’ had deeply touched their hearts.

On the internet, there would be people feeling sorry for themselves, thinking that it would be great if a friend who is always optimistic and full of laughter and happiness existed in their youth. She even knew who you liked and would assist you

“The only thing that is absent between the winner of life and myself is the Goddess Chu!” This phrase instantly became a hot topic on Weibo.

“Beautiful April” was so popular, that ‘Chu Luoxun’ had become an iconic female character. Many of the readers who finished reading all the current release of this work would express emotional sighs. Why would they worry that this first love story would fail, since the Queen of Assistance, ‘Chu Luoxun’ was there, and the male protagonist and the heroine were just there, gaining a “sleeping victory”?

Therefore, many readers felt that ‘Chu Luoxun’ should be the soul of this work and also the main character. The other two were merely faux main characters.

Well, some supporting characters would be well-depicted in many works. They were even more popular than the main characters whereby everyone would still remember their names and forget the names of the main characters, years after going through them. This was mainly because the finale would not differ much, whether the name of the main character being Zhang San or Li Si, or, anything else.

Of course, Gu Yuan in the “Beautiful April” was still liked by many readers. His image of a fallen genius who had risen again had been deeply rooted in their heart. Also, many praised him for being loyal to Lin Meiyue.

He was not obtuse. Although he was sentimental in love relationships, he was responsible. By this, Lin Meiyue would remain intensely secure and said that she feels at ease whenever she is with him.

The male protagonist is very charming in term of his personality. This why there was the fan club of ‘Chu Luoxun,’ passionately helping her by hinting to Leng Zi, directly and indirectly, to let her replace Lin Meiyue. She and Gu Yuan were a better match, even in music. This was the resonance between the geniuses!

As ‘Chu Luoxun’s’ fan club gained more momentum, the latest issue of “Mengya” was published

The diehard fan club of ‘Chu Luoxun’ and Jiang Qing the Little Angel, the desk mate of Zhao Youyue bought the magazine as soon as it was published, anticipating the next batch of laughter that Goddess Chu would bring in this issue.

However, the place where the words “laughter and happiness” would commonly be seen would be “the laughter and happiness in a good game.”

Translation note:

[1] Dugu Qiubai () is a fictional character in the novel of the famous China author, Jin Yong.