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: Even the Creator Himself Sheds Tears!

“Why? The audience would not think it unusual for you to not perform,”‘Chu Luoxun’ asked while smiling.

Gu Yuan, alone, came to visit ‘Chu Luoxun’ again, as he was anxious about her.

“At firstI felt like you were reeling me into a nasty trap. However, the sound disappeared in the middle of the performance. I recalled my mom’s words, and scent, and all the memories of her transformed into music notes that danced in the air. Such a performance was indeed unforgettable.” Gu Yuan said.

“Really? By nature, it seems that you’re more of a performer, not a prize-winning machine or a human metronome. What an admirable, innate talent,” ‘Chu Luoxun’ was pleased.

Because she knew that Gu Yuan finally had created his own “musical path”.

“I knew it. That song was chosen especially for me, right? The “Liebesleid.” That song made me think of my mom, the scent of the softener she used for our clothes, the faint piano sound that can be heard by the sleeping child, the gentle hum of her lullaby, the smell of antiseptic, the echoing footsteps, and the slightly faded linoleum flooryou know that I have a lot of memories of the hospital. Now, you are reminding me of those memories.”

In the end, Gu Yuan’s voice became low.

“I really want to hear you play the piano nowI really want to have an ensemble with you.”‘Chu Luoxun’ was smiling, but, there were tears in the corner of her eyes. However, the ray of the sunset came in at that moment and leaned upon her cheeks, framing her cheeks with a golden halo, which perfectly covered up everything that should remain unseen.

“Are you alright? This check-up was not a lie, right? You are not going to tell me that you can’t go back to school, right? We will be able to see each other again, right? You you will not disappear like my mom, right? We already had a deal, right? That we are going to have an ensemble again! Meiyue is still not good enough”

“Yes, we have a deal. Pinky swear?”‘Chu Luoxun’ revealed a bright smile.

Both of them made a pinky swear. Could this be considered as holding hands?


Gu Yuan left in relief.

‘Chu Luoxun’ would always be the girl who only interacted with him in music, and, his girlfriend would be Lin Meiyue.

As Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue continued with their sweet, daily dates, ‘Chu Luoxun’ was left alone in the ward, attached to the IV drip.

In addition, the last scene of this serialized issue was the highly torturous scene!

At night, ‘Chu Luoxun’ was humming “Sweet”, the song she wrote for Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue. Her mouth seemed to taste the sweet cake. She really liked to eat sweet food.

She was the only one at the aisle of the hospital. She was walking. Suddenly, she staggered and fell to the floor. Fortunately, it was not her head that hit the floor first, but her legs had folded upon themselves and she now sat on her bum

Her face displayed an utter look of confusion. She tried her best to stand up, but her legs no longer responded!

Zhao Youyue had fought really hard to obtain the Goddess Card. This was her first time experiencing such a disease. It was genuinely terrifying for her!

If she has it in this reality, she really would not be able smile all day like ‘Chu Luoxun,’ like a normal person. She probably would not have been brave enough even to live.

Her legs had lost their senses; even her hands were losing strength. Even writing didn’t seem so possible now.

If we were to look at the well-known scientist, “Hawking” He seems to have only two fingers moving.

‘Chu Luoxun’ tried her best to move towards the railings on the wall. Then, she grabbed hold of the rail to support her body that seemed to have been paralyzed.

After struggling in vain, she fell helplessly.

Leng Zi, the creator, had placed all his effort into depicting this scene. It created a vivid, intense, mental imagery.

The wording and phrasing used further dramatized and sensationalized the actual scene Zhao Youyue was experiencing, if that was even possible.

Finally, the ever smiling face of ‘Chu Luoxun’ vanished, as she did not expect this to come out of the blue.

She gnashed her teeth, and “heavily” started punching her legs. Nonetheless, she still could not feel anything.

It was unimaginable for a healthy people to experience the hopelessness of losing sensation of the use of the body. It was as if the lower body had gone for good, no longer being part of herself anymore.

‘Chu Luoxun’ said to herself “Stand up! Stand up! You are my legs, right! Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!”

Her will-power was superhuman. After all, she had set her mental fortitude stat to the max. Nevertheless, her mind broke down at that moment. This had been too sudden!

Even though she was tough, but, there should be a process of adaptation.

Although she experienced a loss of her senses for a while where she fell down and hit her forehead, she regained those senses soon after

But now, she doubted whether she could stand up again.

‘Chu Luoxun,’ whose mind instantly broke down, covered her face and sat alone in the dark aisle. The only source of light were those cold, dreaded directional signboards

The ever-smiling bright Goddess Chu in the entire novel broke down and wept.

Gnashing her teeth, she cried silently.

She did not want to cry like a fragile person, even though there was no one watching her.

The beautiful young girl who once was so eye-catching on the stage, getting the audience infatuated with her music, was now sitting on the empty, cold aisle, crying alone.

There would be no one to comfort nor take care of her immediately. Although her family was not poor, they were not wealthy, and she was staying in the normal ward. There were no personal nurses for her.

At that moment, Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue were sweetly messaging each other through WeChat as usual, happily talking about the musical college which they had promised to enroll together

For art students like them, they would only need to earn a decent amount of cultural marks. Moreover, Lin Meiyue was growing fast under the careful guidance of “Chu Luoxun.” She was no genius, but she was talented in music, and she was much more capable than the average person.

On the one side was the distraught and lonely ‘Chu Luoxun’ whose legs had lost sensation while on the other side was the sweet first love and dog food. With this juxtaposition, nobody would deny that the writing was splendid. The readers of this issue would feel it.

The ‘Chu Luoxun’ fan club would probably become the sunspot of the male protagonist and heroine. But Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue should not be blamed, as the lies told by ‘Chu Luoxun’ had been very convincing. Her outstanding, optimistic, and confident image had taken deep root in people’s hearts!

Therefore, at that moment, the image of her lonely self, fragile and crying alone had pierced the hearts of the readers all the more!

The iconic character was half complete. She had to be half-iconic already, at this point.

The male protagonist and the heroine had no clue of ‘Chu Luoxun’s’ condition. However, in reality, thousands of readers were already acknowledging it!

It was indeed, most unfortunate!

How much was a kilo of blades?

I would like to book it first.

In reality, Han Leng was wiping his tears while writing these lines. Why did he write such a torturous scene? How could he be so mean?

Where was the promised, juvenile love comedy novel that was going to be warm and fuzzy, all the way?

Han Leng could not answer them. He also did not understand why this happened!

He was just this close to tearing all those drafts as he reread them!

However, he did not do so as they were indeed well written!

Even he himself cried after reading it. Wouldn’t it be great?

His writing would explode, every time Goddess Chu makes her appearance. The quality of the words would surpass the peak!

Thereforeoh my Goddess Chu, you really should not blame me. You would not believe if I tell you that your disease appeared by itself. I could not control it at all. I was only a helpless bystander, writing this down, so that your memory would be immortalized.