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A Plot That Deviates from The Original Idea

The readers who argued about it were not to be blamed. The creator, Leng Zi, was simply too cunning!

She had inserted a huge climax in his recent issues, which was Gu Yuan, the male protagonist being forced by “Chu Luoxun” to take part in the national level musical competition.

As a result, Gu Yuan, who was once a famous musician, drew forth two new characters who were his ex-competitors. After knowing that he was taking part in it, one of them even gave up on the international competition for this competition!

The other was a female pianist who came for the sake to meet Gu Yuan again, for she decided to become a pianist after she was influenced by his music as a child

An article should have an ever-changing tone that flows like the ups and downs of a mountain range, akin to the contrast of bright, green leaves spreading out beneath the shadow of bold, red petals. Both of them were already famous young pianists in their industry, and basically, their existences were to serve as a foil to Gu Yuan’s.

Once a creator of the literary internet world, Han Leng knew exactly how to get criticized for being pretentious.

His writing style could be said to be pretentious and annoying. Everyone knew that those High God hipsters produced convoluted, unnecessarily bombastic passages, especially in the case of the High God who wrote “Making a Fool of the Feudal Princes by Using Beacon-fire.” It was full of pretentious content, from the main characters to the side characters. This was to better set off the greatness of the main characters.

Therefore, Han Leng described Gu Yuan’s ex-competitors as high and mightily as he could, despite them already being the top youngest pianists that could ever exist!

However, they were still obsessed about Gu Yuan and tried to get a sense of presence in front of him before the performance. Unfortunately, Gu Yuan was intrigued and had asked them, “Who are you guys?”

Many readers would feel inexplicably satisfied when they read this in-your-face moment. This was because the male protagonist was once so great that he ranked first in every piano competition ever. Who would care about those who were constantly chasing after them?

Nevertheless, Han Leng knew that he could not let the competitors be despicable culprits, unlike typical web novel antagonists. It was unnecessary to create excitement at the expense of other characters, for a juvenile novel like this.

Thus, both of his competitors were set as highly disciplined performers, where one was very diligent while the other was so talented that music could be produced according to the imagination, combining with the emotion that yearned to be expressed.

Unfortunately, as there was the monster level “Chu Luoxun” who served as a contrast, the female pianist was destined to be a narrator, explaining the state created by the male protagonist’s music during the competition.

The appearance of the two ex-competitors stirred up a great response from the audiences, foreshadowing their greatness once again. Finally, it was the male protagonist’s turn!

For the article to be full of ups and downs, Gu Yuan unsurprisingly messed up during the performance again. His psychological trauma resurfaced, and he could not hear the sound of the piano. Eventually, the performance fell apart!

This was the agonizing part, and to make thing worst, one would need to wait for another week for the upcoming chapter. Lastly, this issue had triggered the readers of “Beautiful April” again. The fan group was full of Slogan Red Packets—

Someday with a knife in my hand, I shall kill those who love to torment!

Anyway, the first ever colossal climax would occur in the next issue!

After Gu Yuan stopped, the scene of his previous performance together with “Chu Luoxun” suddenly came to his mind, which was the same as today. However, when Chu Luoxun told him “again”, it stroke his soul, immediately!

Many of their moments of being together flashed back in his mind. In most of them, they were talking about music. It was so relieving and warm

The most unforgettable part was when they played the piano together. He was guided by her music, and gained insight of many things.

That night, the music studio was lit up by the moonlight, and “Chu Luoxun” said, “the moon is beautiful tonight.”

Gu Yuan agreed with it. Then, they continued playing the piano

The moon was beautiful, but it was not as beautiful as the piano on that night!

Music was even more beautiful!

In the midst of the sound of the piano, his wounded heart was slowly healed by the ever-radiating Goddess Chu.

Clearly, Han Leng did not include any romance in their interaction, not even a subtle fledging. The sweetness between Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue, contained enough dog food as it was.

The interaction between Gu Yuan and “Chu Luxun” was faint, just like a hedge between that which keeps friendship green.

However, the deep correspondence between them in music had already expressed many details

There was only music in between them.

Therefore, it can be said that Leng Zi, the creator, is simply too cunning!

It was so hard for the readers to choose between the correspondence among the male protagonist and the Goddess Chu or the sweet first love of him and Lin Meiyue in reality!

Those who placed themselves in the role of the male protagonist wanted both!

But, most of them split into two gangs!

One was the gang of the “Chu Luoxun” goddess, the other was the gang of the first love Lin Meiyue.

What agitated the gang of “Chu Luoxun” was the song that Gu Yuan performed again was solely dedicated to “Chu Luoxun.” At this moment, the first love Lin Meiyue or whoever she was, could have just gone aside and drowned herself!

Wasn’t this mirror the change of Han Leng’s love life in reality?

Zhao Youyue or whatsoever could have just gone aside and drowned herself!

My “Chu Luoxun” is my one true love!

After finishing his performance, the hall was silent. Then, the audience applauded, after being dumbfounded for a moment. The truth was that, his performance was so great, that the after sound was still lingering on in their hearts.

The reaction of the audiences was even better than what the two-competitors had received.

The female pianist, who had the ability of “synaesthesia,” had been explaining the state reached by the male protagonist. In the end, she pointed out—

This was a song filled with the smell of April.

She perceived Gu Yuan sitting in front of the piano with his eyes closed, with a blossoming gigantic sakura tree beside him, as if the petals have scattered across the entire hall. So beautiful

It had reached the huge climax. Obviously, this indicated that the male protagonist had tentatively come out from his deep psychological trauma, and he was ready to be at full throttle!

The anticipation could kill readers!

The “Beautiful April” had completely turned into a work that emphasized on music, from a refreshing love work. The music was initially intended to be an ornament

Honestly, Han Leng had never thought of such a development initially, as he did not understand music much. Emphasizing on music would be revealing his weaknesses. All he wanted to do was to emphasize on the feeding of the dog food!

What would it indicate, the more he emphasized on music? Shouldn’t he be clear about this?

However, he continued to write as so. He just could not control himself!

Most importantly, the readers were excited too. Even the gang of Lin Meiyue accepted that the male protagonist had to achieve greater success in his music career

On the other hand, the gang of “Chu Luoxun” got a stroke on their head again as they were celebrating. The illness of “Chu Luoxun” was gradually revealed, it was not anemia. Would a patient of anemia carry all sorts of pills?

Leng Zi, have you been reading “The Strongest King” recently?

Is your “Beautiful April” going to be adapted into a manga, with Su Li as the illustrator?

If sowe have already called the police!