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Walking Out From Turbulent Puberty

Han Leng was struck speechless by the stupidity of Chen Haoran, but he almost burst out laughing, thinking of the dumfounded face of Zhao Youyue upon receiving the donation, if Chen Haoran goes through with thisLady Zhao, would you have such a day too?

Would it be enough for her to buy a bag?

In fact, Han Leng never once knew what was in this Lady Zhao’s mind. From their limited contact, it was obvious to him that Zhao Youyue was not a girl who would settle for a low profile.

She always showed off her selfies among her friends and seemed to be very good at mix-matching her clothing too. Her selfies were beautiful, with perfect angles, slightly touched-up, just enough to turn her into a goddess, as she was already a beauty. But, why would she always wear a school uniform at school?

Did she underestimate her peers so much, that she did not bother to flaunt herself in front of them?

Well, she already was on a different level compared to them. The sense of superiority that was deep within her would leave them unworthy of knowing her any better than this

This was probably what Han Leng believed.

The truth was that, the school uniform was a very convenient choice, as she would not have to think about what to dress, or how her peers would perceive her.

She was used to being a side character. Who would pay attention to her?

There is proverb that says “A girl will only doll herself up for him who loves her,” and she was still a single dog.

People only started to be significantly interested in her due to her recently excellent academic results, and had formed rumors to fill the gaps in her puzzle.

Perhaps, someone had said that Zhao Youyue and Xu Jing, a manga character who was a poor student that loved to study, was alikebla bla bla. Eventually, others omitted the fact that Xu Jing was a fictional character, and directly described her family to be very poor, and her mother was a roadside vendor who got beaten up by the city inspector, it was very pitiful!

Wang Hua, with the temperament of a missy, would have beaten those people up if she heard these rumors. An elite scholar goddess like her becoming a roadside vendor?

The rumors soon spread like wildfire. Zhao Youyue’s excellent academic results have become the supporting evidence. If not, why would a rich man’s child study so diligently?

Well, students nowadays are very narrow-minded. In fact, there were some rich students whose academic results were even greater

As a creator, Han Leng liked to think a lot and fantasize too, to an extreme level. He had such speculations, as he was unhappy with her status as a member of “the Zhaos”.

On the other hand, Zhao Youyue did not overthink like everyone else.

Why was wearing the school uniform equivalent to poverty? What mentality is that?

From this moment, Han Leng will hinder Chen Haoran for doing so. It will definitely become a joke.

Therefore, he said “Don’t mess up, for I know that you are a nave person. You should ask her yourself the truth. Our class has a Wechat group, right? You can add her as your Wechat friend”

Chen Haoran quickly declined by shaking his hand and said “I can only use my phone during school breaks…Moreover, it is improper to uncover other people’s wounds.”

Han Leng now realized that this boy never brings his cell phone to school. He always uses the public telephone in school to call his family.

“Oh, now you know that it is improper now. What was it you said right after the examination”

Without letting Han Leng finish his word, Chen Haoran quickly interrupted “Stop it! I was an idiot, okay. I thought that would comfort her!”

Seeing Chen Haoran like this, a faint smile formed at the corner of Han Leng’s mouth, thinking that talking to guys was definitely easier than talking with girls, as no scruples were needed.

“Why don’t you ask on my behalf, Leng Zi? You add her first and let me see your conservation after that.” Chen Haoran suggested, thinking that this was the best way to verify the condition of Zhao Youyue’s family.

Initially, Hen Leng wanted to refuse, as he did not want to talk with her anymore. They were not like-minded at all!

However, at that moment, the gorgeous figure of “Chu Luoxun” appeared in his mind suddenly. Her voice and her perfect poise while playing the violin rang through his thoughts. He smiled faintly and said, “Alright, I’ll ask her.”

“Leng Zi! You are my great buddy!” Chen Haoran was touched.

“I don’t know why you would like her. There are a lot of girls who are nicer than her in this world, and now you like her just because of her excellent results. I really don’t get you,” said Han Leng, being blunt for once.

Han Leng knew that he had completely walked out from turbulent puberty, and he had found his true love. Zhao Youyue was a past flame!

When Han Leng no longer placed Zhao Youyue in his heart, he discovered that he could peacefully communicate with her, without scrupling through anything. Hence, he decided to be in touch with her and tell her of his works on Qidian Web Novel. She had always been curious about it, wasn’t she?

Han Leng was once a rigid person, as he cared about his personal image. Now, things have changed. He was overly obsessed with “Chu Luoxun,” the character he has created. No girl, in reality, could turn him on anymore!

Han Leng certainly will not reveal his identity as the creator of “Beautiful April,” for he still had that little bit of integrity. After all, “Leng Zi” was the identity he used when he started using the voice changer

It was now June, and the “Beautiful April” had been serialized for more than ten issues since April, with more than eighty thousand words released. It was almost half the number of words in the whole book, out of the two hundred thousands words that he had predicted. This fulfilled the word count of a juvenile novel.

“Chu Luoxun” had many scenes, unleashing her astonishing musical talent again by being skillful at a variety of musical instruments, constantly guiding the male protagonist to perform by using his imagination. To bestow life into his music, she even registered him for the national level music competition, forcing him to move forward.

The effect, of course, was significant. Gu Yuan, the male protagonist, had never once forgotten about the piano. With her help, he got back to his musical track again

Nevertheless, this intensified the competition for the heroine. It was certainly an odd piece of work. In the novel, the three of them were good friends with no hard feelings, and there was no sign of love triangle either, yet, the readers have only continued arguing about the relationship between them!

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