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Lets donate to Zhao Youyue

“I never expected Zhao Youyue’s family to be so poor. I feel bad for her…” Chen Haoran sighed.

It was now a self-study session. There was no teacher in charge. Therefore, the class was a mess. After all, the monthly test had just ended. Moreover, it was already June. The weather became increasingly hot, the ceiling fans in the class have all been switched on. Under cover of the sound of the ceiling fans, everyone was able to enjoy chatting and relax their tense nerves.

When it was May, Zhao Youyue had participated in the provincial violin competition. She successfully passed the preliminaries. All the judges gave her high comments. They thought that she was that one violinist who respected the original composer the most. She was able to perform the specified music on point. Her skills were superb. She was like a human metronome!

Such contestants might not be able to become excellent performers, because she would not please the audiences. However, she definitely could become a prize-winning machine. The judges loved her very much, and the prize-winning selection had nothing to do with the viewers.

This competition was about classical music. Ignorant masses should just step aside. They did not even have the right to cheer ‘666’s. Only the audience members with good taste could do so.

In the current generation, classical music have become the niche among niches. Its sole purpose of existing was to show oneself off.

Obviously, Zhao Youyue was roleplaying Gu Yuan, the protagonist of “Beautiful April.” Of course, she chose his younger, pre-trauma self. He was also known as the “Human Metronome.” The only difference was that Gu Yuan’s instrument was the piano. She switched on ‘Xu Jing’ card when she played the violin. It sounded exactly like the performance from a textbook, without any personal emotions.

If Gu Yuan also had ‘Xu Jing’ card, maybe he would not be scolded by his mother for subconsciously sprinkling in his emotions while playing the piano.

In fact, to be able to perform without adding any emotions was something amazing in itself. Music should be more sensible than that.

Therefore, in Zhao Youyue’s violin teacher, Liu Yuxi’s opinion, her performance during the competition sounded ‘dead.’ However, the judges enjoyed such a style. After all, this was a music competition, not a live concert.

Ye Hai and his wife who had attended the competition were a little disappointed, as Zhao Youyue had not integrated her spirit and emotions into the music. They noticed that the violin competition was boring, and the audience was trying hard to stay awake…

Ye Hai’s wife, Li Mengyao had also read Leng Zi’s “Beautiful April.” After all, Lady Zhao had strongly recommended it. As a female, she also loved youth novels as well.

In the end, she got cheated, reading up to the latest issue in one shot.

The character ‘Chu Luoxun’ etched a deep mark in her heart. When she read about the scenes related to ‘Chu Luoxun,’ it felt as if the violin melody played by ‘Chu Luoxun’ within the literary world had manifested within her ears.

At first, she was expecting to be able to enjoy a performance that would be comparable to ‘Chu Luoxun’s’ during the violin competition. It would be nice if Zhao Youyue could perform in such a way.

When Li Mengyao heard that Zhao Youyue was good at playing the violin, the first thought that appeared in her mind was that, “Who’s better between Zhao Youyue and ‘Chu Luoxun’?”

Obviously, the reality in 3D was ruthless. When the contestants are placed in the novel, they would probably become nobodies without names. The same would go to Zhao Youyue.

If it was an anime, their performance would be static, like a slideshow. The characters within the scene would only start moving when the real main character appears. Animation studio funds were highly limited. It should be spent on main characters. Any nobody that makes it in a slideshow could count themselves fortunate enough.

Su Li cheered loudly for Zhao Youyue, praising her skills unceasingly. Actually, she knew nothing about music. However, through her observations, the judges had kept nodding their heads when Zhao Youyue was performing. That was why she knew that Zhao Youyue’s skills must be very good!

Of course, even if the judges did not recognize Zhao Youyue, Su Li would only think that they were blind. Lady Zhao’s very good. She’s the best!

Never underestimate Su Li’s determination in showing her admiration towards Lady Zhao…

Ye Hai and his wife left Jiangnan Provincial city and returned to the capital, feeling a little sorry for Zhao Youyue.

Ye Hai asked Zhao Youyue to wait for his good news. No matter what happens, he would have her be the VA for ‘Yu Shengfan.’

How about the voice test?

It didn’t exist!

Ye Hai had doggedly chosen Zhao Youyue. His instincts told him that Lady Zhao might have been possessed by ‘Yu Shengfan.’ He did not even dare to talk about the mysteries that happened whenever he gets intoxicated.

As for Zhao Youyue’s classmates, they did not know that she had participated in the provincial violin competition, and had entered the finals. The finals would be held in the middle of June.

Without any exception, Chen Haoran did not know that Zhao Youyue would attend the competition as well. Still, as long as you focus on the minute details of her actions, you would notice that her family financial situation was not the same as the rumors among the males, not at all.

However, Chen Haoran believed in the rumors. From time to time, he would chat with Han Leng about Zhao Youyue, ever since he had expressed his crush for her. It was like a sharing session.

Han Leng heard Chen Haoran’s sharing and suddenly laughed, “You really think that Zhao Youyue’s from a poor family? She’s a Lady!”

Han Leng had gradually reduced his concern about the inexplicable feelings he had at the beginning. Through his writings in “Beautiful April,” he indicated to himself, that he had put everything else down. There was only one goddess within his mind, that is——Chu Luoxun.

After listening to Han Leng, he replied, “Leng Zi, don’t listen to the rumors among the females. They liked to spread rumors the most! Someone told me that he saw Zhao Youyue’s mother working as a street vendor, being beaten and chased away by the urban management. So miserable! No wonder I’ve always felt that she’s always sulking alone. It’s because of the huge pressure in life….”

Han Leng’s mouth twitched, asking, “Bro, have you ever read “Pure Romance”?”

“What’s that? A love novel? Hahaha, you already know that I’ve no interest in that. Sci-fi is quite nice, though…” Chen Haoran replied.

Han Leng felt helpless. Chen Haoran was clean and honest; he definitely did not read 18+ novels like “Pure Romance”. Han Leng felt embarrassed to talk about it as well.

He could not tell Chen Haoran about his PY trade[1] with Lady Zhao as well.

Han Leng also knew that Chen Haoran was a very stubborn person. The moment he makes a conclusion, he would never change his mind, unless there is actual proof.

“Then, what’s your plan?” Han Leng asked snappily.

“Why don’t we gather all the classmates to organize a donation session for Zhao Youyue? Maybe even the whole school? After all, her study results are so good. We have to make sure that she has nothing to worry about!” said Chen Haoran, earnestly.

Han Leng went as white as chalk.

Translation Note:

[1] PY trade – PY trade refers to ‘backdoor trade’, meaning a trade is carried out behind the scenes, not intended to be discovered by anyone else.