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Flattering Lady Zhao

Dong Yang may be serious about his work, but he did not have the fortitude to face such stubbornness. Therefore, he could only report this matter to the company, and let the seniors decide.

He thought that the best solution was to let the girl that had been strongly recommended by Rosemary come for an audition. If she is really that good, then it would be fine to choose her, while convincing everyone else at the same time.

What that irked him was Rosemary’s method of putting his recommendation forward, as if he had abused his role as the original author into making a forced decision for everyone else. Would there be anything fishy in this matter?

Dong Yang was too lazy to think any further. He could only hope that the girl that had been so persistently chosen by Rosemary to at least live up to those expectations

He still strongly hoped to make a proper animation for “The Strongest King.” This was also the highlight of the company for this year. Failure was not an option.

After Ye Hai resolutely decided this matter, he had started stirring up an issue with the animation studio. This left Su Li very envious, because she was also full of confidence towards Zhao Youyue, thinking that she would have been able to voice act ‘Xu Jing’ just as well.

Unfortunately, she had not taken the animation of “Pure Romance” seriously from the beginning. If not, she would have definitely chosen Zhao Youyue as ‘Xu Jing’s’ VA.

The four of them spent their time leisurely on that day. At night, Zhao Youyue became the host, leading the other three to another western restaurant with tasty dishes. Their steak was truly delicious, along with a truly expensive price. However, since Ye Hai and his wife had learned of Zhao Youyue’s grandeur, they no longer said anything.

It had been quite ridiculous of them to previously decide to advise her as one, to be thrifty..

It was quite a joke to advice a girl from such a family to save money. Zhao Youyue’s speed on spending money could not be compared to her family’s speed on earning money at all. She could not be compared with rich playboys like Zhao Hao as well. She liked novels, mangas, games, foods. How much would these cost her? She did not play those whaling RPG[1] online games which required millions to stay on top.

In a sense, Zhao Youyue indeed was a low-key, wealthy person. She did not have any bad habits. She seemed to be more willing to get addicted to mobile phones…

When she gained an insight of the wonderful world of literature, she would feel that the real world in 3D was nowhere near as colorful as those fantasy worlds in 2D.

Most importantly, she could enjoy causing trouble within the 2D world, setting various bug-like abilities and talents for herself, paving the way for a life without obstacles. That was true satisfaction. She actually missed her antics in “War Heroes” very much. Those outrageously strong abilities, while crushing the enemy’s whole army by herself, was simply too enjoyable!

Although it was similar to having a bullsh*tery dream, no other person would ever have such a wonderful, vivid dream. It was truly real and fascinating.

The guests enjoyed themselves to their fullest, on that day. The next day, Zhao Youyue continued being the host. She brought Ye Hai and his wife to some famous tourist spots in Jiangnan Provincial city. There were ancient towns, landscape gardens, along with their unique architecture. Su Li followed them throughout the entire journey as well.

Since Zhao Youyue has gone to so many places, she was quite proficient in tourism. Therefore, she could be considered very experienced. She was no female otaku. She took a lot of pictures with her phone and showed it off among her friends. She flaunted her radiance, wealth, and beauty, as if her life was very fulfilling…

Ye Hai and his wife were also very touched by Zhao Youyue’s warm hospitality. Unfortunately, she had classes the next day. Or else, they could have asked her to bring them to more places.

Ye Hai spoke to Su Li, “Great Mangaka Su, I’m really envious that you’re able to stay in the same city as Lady Zhao. You can ask her to bring you along and show her off in front of others! To be honest, it’s a wonderful thing to have a reader like Lady Zhao…”

Su Li giggled. She felt delighted as well. Actually, she never understood why Zhao Youyue treated her so nicely.

Since Zhao Youyue treated her so nicely, she treated her nicely as well. Su Li was such a simple woman.

Su Li remembered something and said, ” Great writer Ye, if I’m not mistaken, Lady Zhao will be participating in a provincial violin competition within these few days. Maybe we can attend and cheer for her.”

Ye Hai totally agreed, “Sure. Since we will be staying here for a few more days, it’s fine to enjoy some high-grade classical music. Speaking of which, I truly admire Lady Zhao’s music talent. I think that she can definitely become a composer. Her “South Hill South” sounded too amazing!”

“South Hill South”? Isn’t that the original song within your novel? Did she write a music score for it? Why have I never heard of it before…” said Su Li uncertainly.

“You didn’t watch her previous live broadcast? It was unfortunate that her live broadcast room was not popular enough. She has sung it only once and never sung it again, saying that the time is not right. Could she still be polishing it, while waiting for the moment to conquer the world with her great music, after that?” said Ye Hai.

“Hahaha, Great Author Ye, you’re truly a novelist. Your imagination is truly incredible, but it may be true. I’ve been in touch with her for so long. I can feel that she’s quite a perfectionist towards some matters. Whenever she does something, she would want to do it perfectly… But through my long-term observation, I’ve also figured out at the same time that her ideas were terrific, yet a bit lacking in executive force.”

“Is that so? I can feel that Lady Zhao is a daunting force. Her determination must be extremely strong. She’s a very assertive girl…She would definitely be something in the future!”

Since Ye Hai has gotten in touch with Zhao Youyue, he had been totally conquered by her charisma. He even vigorously praised her in the godly writers’ group chat, causing various envy, jealousy and hate among them. They lamented that she would never recognize their own works.

Besides, Ye Hai’s incredible fantasy was not exactly wrong either. Zhao Youyue was indeed using ‘Chu Luoxun’ to improve her music.

Zhao Youyue went to school like a nobody again. The awkwardness during the previous dinner with Huang Zongchao, the vice president of Student Union had also been resolved very earnestly by him as well…

Those top students finally understood that this inconspicuous looking Lady must not be taken lightly. It would be best to befriend her. If not, try to avoid messing with her. She was truly untouchable!

Huang Zongchao invited her to join the Student Union. Mr. Qiu, the class teacher also helped promote her. However, she rejected decisively. She had stated she wished to focus on her studies. She would not do anything that would affect her studies!

Mr. Qiu expressed his understandings towards her in the end…

Then, she bent down and continued playing with her mobile phone leisurely.

Translation Note:

[1] RPG – Role-playing game, which refers to games in which a player controls one or more characters. There is a complete storyline for such games.