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The Demeanor of a Missy

When Ye Hai saw the actions of Lady Zhao, he had the same thought that Su Li had before. Could this Lady Zhao be a character of a novel or manga?

This was because a Missy would appear in such a way, according to the settings in a novel or manga, sitting in a luxury car, while not even needing to raise sully her hands on the door handle. The driver would open the door for her. Then, she would slowly make her way out of the car

This was how Miss Zhao made her appearance, giving a strong sense of Dj vu. One would think that it was a strange, adolescent delusion at the beginning. Isn’t this too pretentious?

However, after giving it thorough thought, how many girls in this world would mock the appearance of the Missies in the novel or manga?

Only a few of them.

Unfortunately, her luxury car seemed to be slightly lower in class. It was no a limousine. If she was the daughter of a celebrated plutocrat like in a novel or manga, it could very well be one.

Well, perhaps she was low-profile, or she did not care about the brand of the car. For her, it made no difference, whether it be a luxury car that is worth three-four million RMB, or one that is more than ten million RMB.

Zhao Youyue’s family was not lacking of money, and had zero debts. It was not like those companies seemed to be doing great, but the surplus revenue is being used to pay the interest of the loan. After all, real estate gave the country prosperity, not industrial business. Nowadays, industrial business was in a dreadful state

The private hospital that was owned by her family was not any small hospital, but one with an establishment with deep roots, having a military background and conducting all sorts of trades behind the scene. Those who afforded it may not necessarily be there due to illness or sickness, but for recuperation. Well, they were all veterans.

However, Zhao Youyue never understood the political ecosystem of China. She had underestimated her father, who looked like another typical noble.

Nevertheless, at this moment, Ye Hai and his wife were astonished by her actions.

Ye Hai felt the surreality of the scene, because a missy like her would either appear in the visualization of the creator, or in gossip fluff, like “Digging up the top 2G in China”, or rather, it would appear as a headline like the wedding of the century, complemented by a mind-blowing setting

If such a person existed, he or she would have no connections to a person like him, and yet, this Lady Zhao was his loyal reader. She had even gave him many constructive suggestions over the internet, and he had put many of them to good use too.

On the internet, Ye Hai always thought that there was nothing special whatsoever about the Youyue Tycoon. Now, his perception of her had changed, immediately. Well, it looked like pretentiousness was compulsory for such a character, or else it would not portray the greatness of a person like Zhao Youyue, who had a strong sense of presence. Who would notice her greatness, if she does not make trouble?

Therefore, she had to do so. What she needed now was the appreciation of the creators

Nevertheless, the fact was indisputable. She was the ideal reader in the eyes of many creators. She alone was much more useful to the work, compared to other readers. She was now the Master of The Big Book List of Qidian web novel, which had over one hundred thousand followers. Whenever she promote a book, the effect may not be any less than the efforts of the official Qidian website.

Most of the creators of Qidian web novels and webcomics were like the women of Zhao Youyue’s harem, hoping that Youyue Tycoon would turn up someday and visit their works

Unfortunately, she had been obsessed with a certain juvenile novel, recently. Wasn’t she a typical female reader? It was completely normal for her to get engaged in one. Many male creators and readers would be turned off, after knowing that it is a juvenile novel. It was full of those poisonous, affectionate scenes. They would rather read articles or mangas with sexy elements.

At that moment, Su Li passionately welcomed Zhao Youyue after seeing her coming out of the car. She naturally held her arms and said “It looks like you are getting more beautiful. Your outfit today speaks of your taste and quality! You are indeed a missy with a good taste!”

“Sister Li, you are getting good in smooth-talking”

She allowed Su Li, the Great Mangaka, to hold her hands as she led her to Ye Hai and his wife. Ye Hai, who was wearing spectacles, looked average and was slightly pudgy, which fulfilled every stereotype there is about authors.

On the other hand, Li Mengyao made her eyes sparkle because she was indeed quite pretty. Although she was not as beautiful as Su Li, her charm would leave single dogs like Su Li in the dust. She deserved to be called a beautiful wife. Ye Hai, the Rosemary was lucky to have her as his wife.

Ye Hai and Li Mengyao were studying Zhao Youyue too. Her appearance and her outfit really stood out, giving off the full aura of a missy. Li Mengyao vaguely remembered that her upper wear was part of the latest series of a certain luxury brand, and it matched well with her slim-fit pants, creating an excellent visual effect.

That day, Zhao Youyue did not wear a dress. It was a dynamic, fashionable style that still looked feminine.

Actually, she would definitely become the cool kid by appearing this way in school if she wanted to. However, it was really unnecessary. She would depend on her results and talent to gain the sense of presence she wanted.

At this moment, even her airy fringe was so unique, that it did not seem rustic at all. It made her poise and visage outstanding and graceful instead.

She was really such a person. Zhao Youyue took the initiative to greet Ye Hai and his wife. She was no afraid at all to portray her exceptional social skills.

Although, she really loved his “The Strongest King,” she had remained calm while meeting him in person. Unlike those fanatic fans, she did not ask for his signature either, which left Ye Hai a little disappointed. Perhaps he thought that she should be his number one fangirl, but she had turned out to be a rational fan

Li Mengyao had a good impression of Zhao Youyue too. Before this, she perceived Zhao Youyue as a little girl who spent recklessly but, now, after meeting her, her maturity level was completely not that of a high school girl, as well as her mannerisms, which left her thinking that Lady Zhao was not any average little girl!

If Su Li had not told her that Zhao Youyue was a high school student, she would have thought that she was an undergraduate. No high school girl would behave like her!

“It really is unforgivable! The missy is already here, yet “Xiao Yu” is not. How arrogant is this female live streamer? Making the missy wait for her!”

After Zhao Youyue got along with Ye Hai and his wife, Su Li began to complain about “Ah Yu”

“Errshe is already here.” Zhao Youyue said with a faint smile.