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: Resonance Among Creators

On Friday, Ye Hai and his wife, Li Mengyao, departed for the province of Jiang Nan from Beijing. Throughout the journey, he could feel the goodness of his wife even more.

In life, Ye Hai was a lazy and careless man. He sometimes couldn’t even remember where he had placed his information book, but as long as Li Mengyao is there, she would manage to find it.

As usual, she had prepared all the things for this journey. Barring any unwanted circumstances, they would enjoy themselves here for few days, letting their parents look after their kid.

All in all, Ye Hai was 120% satisfied with his wife. He could not imagine how his life would be if he leaves her. It must be terrible.

Therefore, he will never cheat on her.

The incident of the female Douyu Streamer, “Ah Yu,” was merely an accident. He just wanted to be clear about whether it was true that the character he created had transmigrated into reality

They reached the province on Friday, and Su Li picked them up. When Ye Hai saw Su Li, he sighted that she was young and beautiful. Although they had met each other before to discuss the copyright contract terms, her charm had increased even more, now.

Of course, the credit went to Zhao Youyue. Su Li has become a famous Grand mangaka, with millions of Weibo followers and a yearly income that exceeded millions of RMB.

Money can be traded with beauty once the woman becomes rich. Plastic surgery was the easiest way.

However, Su Li did not need it as she was a natural beauty. It was just that she had not emphasized on keeping fit, previously. Now, she had Lady Zhao as her guide and role model. Hence, Su Li’s charm has increased significantly.

Well, the proverb saying “One who touches rouge will be stained red, one who touches ink will be stained black,” exists for a reason. Even her temperament had changed, becoming bighearted, as she actively contacted Lady Zhao.

Su Li greeted the man’s wife enthusiastically. In fact, she was more familiar with Li Mengyao than Ye Hai. Maybe it was because both of them were women, having a mutual topic.

After seeing the close relationship between them, he suddenly thought of the Yuri plot between Xu Jing and Yang Xixi in Su Li’s first work, “Pure Romance.” He felt some greens [1] growing on his head

Well, Ye Hai chose to forgive her!

At that moment, the atmosphere between them was pleasant. Anyway, they have had a successful collaboration before, which enabled “The Strongest King” to achieve great results through their hard work.

“Oh, yea! Ye Grand Author, I have invited Lady Zhao to go together with us tomorrow, and check out to see who this “Ah Yu” actually is.” Su Li thought about it and said.

“Who is Lady Zhao?” Ye Hai could not react for a moment.

“The Zhao Yue tycoon, Miss Youyue who tipped you the Golden Sect Master by using the Qidian account called [I Am Youyue’s Biological Brother]. It is by her hand too, right?” Su Li explained.

“Oh, I see! That Miss Youyue! I would never have thought that her surname really is Zhao! The Zhaos, tsk tsk.” Ye Hai managed to react now. He had always called Zhao Youyue “Miss Youyue,” and that was why he did not know her surname.

“This means that her name is Zhao Youyue?” Li Mengyao interrupted.

“That’s right. Her name is Zhao Youyue, with the unpredictable background. I could not believe that a missy like her likes to read novel and manga” Su Li added.

“Me too. It is unbelievable that a reader would tip a book with one hundred thousand RMB, let alone, ten thousand RMB at once!” Li Mengyao was feeling confused, when she recalled the day “The Strongest King” got the Golden Sect Master!

Well, no one would understand the world of the wealthy person, tipping one hundred thousand RMB like it was nothing

However, they had misunderstood Zhao Youyue. For her, it was actually heart-breaking to tip ten thousand RMB at once. Unlike her cousin, Zhao Hao, the wealthy second generation who was as rich as the son of the richest man, Ding Yuncong. Wait, he should be third generation, as his surname was Zhao, as well.

Since Ding Yuncong generously gave away supercars worth ten million RMB to the participants of Esports, Zhao Huo tipping a book with Golden Sect Master should be nothing right?

Ten thousand RMB? Not a big deal. It was not even sufficient for Zhao Hao to buy high standard non-ranking equipment in the “Fantasy Westward Journey.”

Those High God super tycoon fans had such financial power too, but they were too lazy to make that move, as there was no more “God of Wars” in this era. Even the super tycoon would never beat the game operators

“I have never seen Miss Zhao Youyue before, but her photo. Since we are going to meet now, I must thank her.” said Ye Hai, “In fact, when I first wrote “Yu Shengfan” into the story, it was actually a cameo for this missy, but it became incontrollable, the more I wrote about it”

“I know this feeling! It is the intoxicated state! I managed to think of the finale for “Pure Romance” in such a stateBut, Ye Grand Author, you have deceived me by drawing my Xiao Yu to death in “The Strongest King”…The pan [2] is on my head again. Many rumors on the internet said that there will be misery, as long as it is my work. Therefore, one must be cautious when reading the deceitful work of mangaka Su!”

Su Li complained. That time, Ye Hai was indeed putting too much effort into deceiving the readers, letting her as the illustrator, carry the pan. Till now, many still thought that the “blacklisted” Su Li was the main reason why Xiao Yu had died.

Ye Hai smiled awkwardly and quickly said “Perhaps this is the resonance between excellent creators like us. Let’s not talk anymore, dinner is on me. You can bring Mengyao and me to the most delicious and high-class restaurant!”

Su Li thought to herself that this Rosemary was indeed thick-skinned, an oddity who would write Xiao Yu to death with a snap of his fingers. A new, cutie cheater like her was totally out of his league!

“All right. Ye Grand Author is definitely a Platinum High God of Qidian, going into the fore without any reservations! Talking about food, I think Lady Zhao should be the expert, she is very fastidious in eating which seems to be a little wastefulBut, I have learned a lot from her. Let’s go to that private restaurant. I think we can still make an appointment, because I always go there with Lady Zhao, and she is rather close to the boss.”

Su Li undoubtedly regarded herself as Zhao Youyue’s toady, willing to become a stooge for the Zhaos. However, a sense of pride could be felt from her speech. Apparently, she enjoyed playing that role

After all, one should be proud, to able to befriend a member of such a high-class family.

In this world, not everyone deserved to have Zhao as their surname, not even if they were rich

Translation Note:

[1] Green () here means cuckolded. In Mandarin, the husband of an adulteress is often described by the word (wearing a green-colored hat).

[2] Pan ()/Carry the Pan () is used in mandarin to refer a person who is left holding the bag. The general meaning is that someone has ended up getting the blame for a bad situation. (ED Note: I didn’t know this, not until I read this TL note, or I would have used the term ‘scapegoat’. Tell me what you guys think, we can always change it!)