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Inviting the Missy Out

Su Li had since moved to a more upscale apartment, which was also her new manga studio. She had recently hired a male and a female assistant, both of which were diligent. Their existence made the panels of the manga more exquisite and interesting.

After getting the title as King of the New Stars for her first work, “Pure Romance,” Su Li was now a famous mangaka in the manga world. It had even established her status in the manga world after it had been animated and achieved good ratings.

She had gained instant victory with the iconic female character, “Xu Jing”. Moreover, terms like scumbag, Darken and cleaver will be eternally passed on in the ACG [1] world

No ordinary mangaka could create such a “Godly Creation.”

Well, for her second work, she was not the original author, but it had been based on the adapted manga[2], “The Strongest King.” At first, many people in the industry had questioned her choice, as “The Strongest King” was infamous at that time. Drawing it was almost looking for failure!

However, the popularity of “The Strongest King” afterward proved that Su Li’s precise vision was correct. Many of them became more envious, jealous and hateful of her.

Nowadays, many mangakas are good at drawing but not at adapting a story. Also, the manpower and resources were usually reserved for those well-known mangakas. No High God would give the copyright to an infamous mangaka, right?

Su Li was being condescending when she first drew the “The Strongest King.” But, it gained her the free copyright and other side incomes.

Rosemary too, never expected that the popularity of this novel to instantly turn him into a Platinum Author from a weak little author. He had initially pursued the ability to simply excel. How much did this novel exactly excel, to have a manga, and for the author to be King of the New Stars, Su Li

Obviously, Su Li gained more advantages from this work compared to “Pure Romance,” almost becoming the Silkworm Potato of the manga world. Her first work earned her the King of the New Stars; the second work got the highest form of achievement

Only Su Li knew that the credit of choosing “The Strongest King” as her second work mostly went to her number one fan, Lady Zhao. She was basically clinging on to Lady Zhao’s thighs. She had always treated Zhao Youyue with beer and skittles, for she knew that Zhao Youyue had tipped her a lot.

Zhao Youyue was indeed close to Su Li now, because she may be the creator who respected her the most. She was not arrogant, despite having the title of manga High God

Meanwhile, Zhao Youyue also thought that she could be a pretentious person by being a friend to Su Li. She could even know more excellent creator through her.

After all, many High God Authors were inquiring Su Li for collaboration for their next work. Perhaps, they would create another successful work like “The Strongest King”?

However, Su Li had not agreed to any of them. Clearly, she wanted to get Zhao Youyue’s guidance first. What should she draw as her third manga?

Should I an original work?

For Su Li, original creations were troublesome, as interesting plots weren’t easy to create. Her brain would only be full of unbalanced plotlines. Do not forget her another identity in the world of adapted manga, “Teacher Wang Li.”

However, it was no secret anymore, as her drawing style was distinguishable through its aesthetics and exquisite delicacy, the same style as her manga adaptation too. Moreover, the combination of “Wang” and “Li” formed the word “texture.” Wasn’t it obvious?

Although her identity was publicly known, it was no big deal, as long as she does not admit it.

Instead, those fans of “Pure Romance” and “The Strongest King” started to purchase Su Li’s adapted manga out of admiration for her. This had unexpectedly increased her income.

In addition to that, Su Li’s adapted mangas were getting much more sensational each time, with readers being unable to control themselves. Her normal mangas would never be as good as her adapted mangas.

Anyhow, her drawing style was still much liked, containing the fashion and aesthetics which fulfilled the young readers’ visions. Her art form was the new golden standard of all manga, unlike those mangakas who are being eliminated due to their old drawing styles.

Su Li had initially chosen to become a normal mangaka to hide her identity as an adapted mangaka. Unexpectedly, her manga journey had been smooth thus far.

Anyway, she firmly believed that Zhao Youyue was her lucky star. As long as she hugs Lady Zhao’s thighs tightly, nothing will go wrong!

After knowing that the female Douyu Streamer, “Ah Yu,” was in the province too, Su Li messaged Zhao You Yue “Missy, your one month off period will start from this Saturday, right? Would you like to hang out?”

After reading her message, Zhao Youyue frowned. She was going to meet Ye Hai on that day too, and now Su Li was asking her out too, what a coincidence?

Then, she replied, “Sister Li, did any good thing happen to you recently?”

For Su Li, it was an honor that Lady Zhao called her “Sister Li.” It shared the same pronunciation with “understanding.” Hence, there was an emoticon called “Cant’ Sister Li.”

“Missy, you are right! Ye Grand Author said that he spotted a female Douyu Streamer who is suitable for the role “Yu Shengfan.” She is here too, and we are going to test the quality of “Ah Yu””

“Actually, I feel that part-time Douyu Streamer like “Ah Yu” certainly won’t do well. I don’t know why Ye Grand Author is so obsessed with her, and he even pledged that he wants only her. Men always will be men, losing their minds to a woman’s charm!”

“How? Does Lady Zhao want to go with us? I heard that “Ah Yu’ is a rich person too, but undoubtedly not as rich as you. You should go and put her in her place!”

As expected, Ye Hai would go together with his partner, Su Li, to meet “Ah Yu.” Then, she gently smiled and replied “Sure! See you then. I will be punctual!”

Translation Note:

[1]ACG refers to anime, comics and games.

[2] Adapted manga () refers to the adaptation of the original manga, mostly with obscene plots.