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What A Coincidence

At that moment, Ye Hai could not describe the fluster in his heart, as if he had been caught in bed. What was wrong with him?

However, Ye Hai was a grand author after all. He got a little bit calm after thinking that there was nothing between him and “Ah Yu.” Emboldened by this thought, he coughed lightly and calmly said “Honey, I was discussing with someone about workyou’d better return the tablet to me.”

Li Mengyao’s face was emotionless, and she did not throw any tantrums. Her reaction, or lack thereof, caused Ye Hai to feel very uneasy.

Undoubtedly, Ye Hai was very respectful of his wife. He has never quarreled with his wife, because she was not a woman with unreasonable demands who would blow up a small matter

She gave him time to explain everything. Ye Hai got straightforward with her and began to explain seriously “Here’s the thing. This female Douyu Streamer named “Ah Yu” is imitating “Yu Shengfan” so perfectly and her skills in gaming probably rivals fictionAll in all, to make “The Strongest King” animation perfect, I would like to invite her to dub for “Yu Shengfan.”

After listening to his explanation, Li Mengyao looked convinced, but still taunted him “Oh, ye grand author who is now well-known and can casually tip a female Douyu Streamer with his richness. Moreover, the girl fans are spreading all over Qidian, and they would come and play with you with a simple wave. A yellow-faced wife [1] like me, can only stand and watch.”

Ye Hai quickly comforted her “There is no such thing! You are always No. 1 in my heart, not a yellow-faced wife! Honey, you are forever beautiful!”

Li Mengyao was certainly not a yellow-face wife. Before Ye Hai became a Godly Author, they were already living together in abundance, without having to worry about the daily necessities. She also had plenty of time to keep fit, and was absolutely a charming woman. She was confident that no mistress could be compared with her by beauty alone.

In terms of empathy, which woman was better than her?

Li Mengyao could be considered as a winner among the women, managing her marriage very well.

Ye Hai was good at coaxing others. Moreover, he never had the thought of betraying his perfect family. Well, men can sometimes be confused. The brain hole of an author is even greater, imagining the character of his book transmigrating

As for Ye Hai, no girls, in reality, can move his heart. Despite the fact that he had many girl fans.

However, he would surely lose his mind, if a character of his book comes to reality one day. As a creator, he would harbor certain feelings for his creations.

Under his crazy, remedial persuasion, Ye Hai finally regained his wife’s trust. He promised to bring her along, and Su Li too, to discuss the work with “Ah Yu.” As it is, Su Li was one of the creators of “The Strongest King.”

She began to become interested in “Ah Yu” after listening to her husband’s description. After all, Li Mengyao was a fan of “The Strongest King” too. She felt cheated when Ye Hai wrote Xiao Yu to death, and she was so angry that she had him sleep on the couch for a week

Now, knowing that this “Ah Yu” could perfectly imitate Yu Shengfan’s voice and the quality of her venomous tongue, which fulfilled the image of Yu Shengfan in her husband’s heart, her curiosity about this girl had reached its peak, and she wanted to meet her too.

If “Ah Yu” could truly roleplay Yu Shengfan to perfection, she might become her fan too.

Soon, Su Li learned about this news from Ye Hai. She was also very interested in transmigration. It would be most profound!

Suddenly, Su Li recalled the time when she first met Lady Zhao. There was a moment too, when she thought that “Xu Jing” had transmigrated from her “Pure Romance”!

She had no idea on who they were going to meet with, this time.

After receiving the private message, she thought that it had to be a fraud. Well, nowadays, there are so many liars on the internet. Also, many female streamers would get mistreated after being seduced by large amounts of tips.

Of course, some of them were gold diggers who were willing to do the “pleasurable” things with the godly tycoon. This was the hidden rule. Nobody would innocently think that those godly tycoons were tipping them merely for their talent right?

Such a hidden rule has ruined the reputation of female streamers in overall. Some even jokingly said that the number of female streamer would increase whenever the internet starts throwing out anti-porn filters

Basically, Zhao Youyue, who was never lacking of money, will never meet a fan alone, just because she has been tipped. If the fans are in a group, she would consider it, as this would increase the cohesiveness of her fans.

Nevertheless, Zhao Your felt a sense of familiarity with Ye Hai’ QQ number after seeing it. Thus, she searched it on her QQ. To her surprise, it was really him!

[Leaves Fallen on the Sea] was really [Rosemary], Qidian’s Platinum Author!

An impulse to urge for an update ignited within Zhao Youyue. This [Rosemary] had the time on his hands to watch live-streamers but had no time to write, and he was far behind on updates. In fact, according to her update principles, a Golden Sect Master has to have one hundred updates!

However, Ye Hai, the shameless old thief had managed to muddle over and retain his title. Again, he became a “Two Update Monster” that only updated two works with 6,000 words, every 5 PM. He was too lazy to even request for tickets.

Even so, his work had remained unshakably at the first position in the top ten Original Billboard, solely due to the vote from his fans. It was clear that “The Strongest King” had been apotheosized!

Zhao Youyue did not reply Ye Hai through QQ but directly through private message. The meeting point was set at a high-class business club in the Province of Jiang Nan, just to see if he would come.

Of course, Ye Hai immediately agreed with it. After that, he flew there from Beijing together with his wife.

On the other hand, Su Li was surprised. That female Douyu Streamer was in the Province of Jiang Nan too?

What a coincidence. She was there too

Translation Note:

[1] Yellow-face wife () describes a woman who has been married for a long time. The (face) color indicates that she has aged with the burden of housework. (Someone says, in ancient China, to cover the aging face, women misuse the cosmetics with lead and turn their face yellow. The elder they are, the more yellow.). It’s a derogatory term. Husbands use this term to describe their wives as their love fades out. Wives complain about the housework and the relationship by calling themselves “.”