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Conflicts have started emerging

Zhao Youyue was displaying her versatility through the live broadcast for the first time. Moreover, the support by the tycoon audiences had increased her popularity drastically. Not long after, Douyu live broadcast platform took the initiative to come to her doorstep to sign a contract with her.

Throughout the process, she remained hidden. It was her father, Zhao Jiayi who greeted Douyu’s director, Zhao Jiaren, and further asked a lawyer to directly help facilitate the contract. The terms were very favorable. Zhao Youyue was indeed a member of Zhao family.

Even the contracting staff member of Douyu officials was dumbfounded. He had also watched Ah Yu’s live broadcast. Even after yesterday, when she had live-streamed herself spamming money and flashing her Tencent’s Xinyue member level 3 symbol, he wouldn’t have thought that she would have this much capability. It was not until the moment when she did not even turn up in person during the contracting process, but had the senior director come in her place, that he suddenly wanted to kneel before her. Who is she? Isn’t this a bit too much?

Such news quickly spread throughout the livestream industry. The ‘UC Shock Department\'[1] was specialized at heating up such matters. The title was “Shocking! The Douyu Streamer, Ah Yu’s true identity is the daughter of Douyu’s director, Douyu seems to be under her family’s name!”.

The news started with a thorough description of Ah Yu’s live broadcast yesterday. She was said to be absolutely worthy of the title ‘Douyu’s Yu Shengfan’ in terms of gaming. The news also expressed that her livestreaming style was amusing and witty. She was even praised for being multitalented. Her violin was superb!

This was obviously Douyu, who intentionally created a sensational wave for Ah Yu, after signing a contract with her. Without a doubt, her Lady identity was most daunting.

Some female live streamers who also had the ‘Lady’ title were not always real ladies. They did not have the ‘Lady’ aura. But Lady Ah Yu was always in style. She did not even care about that little money gifts, not even when it could recover the money spammed from whaling.

After all, most female live streamers only wanted to earn money. Therefore, they had to please the audiences, the tycoons, especially. But Zhao Youyue was not like them. She only asked to be acknowledged. She wanted to become perfect, step-by-step, and conquer everyone. That was the accomplishment that she sought for.

Lots of internet users noticed the UC Shock Department going at it again. They complained one after another——

“The Shock Department receives more cash to publish ‘soft articles’ again. Is this Ah Yu’s recruitment?”

“Never heard about ‘Lady Ah Yu.’ I only know a ‘Lady miss.\'”

“What’s this? ‘Douyu Yu Shengfan’? Isn’t it just a sprayer[2] with no quality? I’ve watched her live broadcasts before. Very general.”

“I’ve watched her live broadcast yesterday. Her new style was quite nice. The various poisonous chicken soup statements were so funny. Her gaming skills were pretty good. Her violin performance at the end was even more amazing!”

“She is not ‘Douyu Yu Shengfan’ at all; she should be called ‘Douyu’s No.1 Violinist!”

“Anyway, I’ve already subscribed to her, because she truly relies on her skills and talents to survive. She isn’t like those sexy b*tch prostitutes. I believe that she can become famous!”

Some insightful audiences believed that Ah Yu would definitely become famous. However, she might find more success with her music than her gaming.

In fact, the type of live streamer that can really get stabilized and be sought after by tycoons, would be the musician types. For example, the ‘Miss Douyu’ Feng Timo, and Ah Leng, who had settled in Douyu recently, are consistently sought out by Douyu officials. They were both music live streamers and could sing very well.

Although Zhao Youyue’s current violin skill level was pretty good, it had not yet reached her peak level. She believed that she would be able to reach ‘Chu Luoxun”s state one day.

Once she reaches ‘Chu Luoxun”s music state, the effects of the live broadcasting would be something else. The audiences would be spirited away into a new world through her music and would never be able to come back…

‘Chu Luoxun’ who had maxed music talents could play not only the violin; she had also mastered other instruments. She could even play a guitar and sing. Although she had not yet presented it within the novel, now that Zhao Youyue was here, how could she not present such an ability?

Zhao Youyue had to upstage the novel, no matter what. If the audiences only remember her being good at playing violin and nothing else, her character card might not reflect her other talents.

She currently had an advantage in the literary world of “Beautiful April.” The readers did not hate Leng Zi for putting considerable effort into depicting ‘Chu Luoxun”s music. When they read the musical plots related to ‘Chu Luoxun,’ it was as if they could hear the beautiful music flowing out from within the words.

Many readers sighed. How nice would it be if ‘Chu Luoxun’ really existed in reality. If so, they could directly enjoy her beautiful music with their ears, instead.

Leng Zi’s writings had also been recognized by countless readers, as many readers were able to listen the music from within for the first time when they read Leng Zi’s work. Conditionally, you must read every single word, attentively immersing yourself into the artistic conception of the work. If not, you will not be able to enjoy the supreme feeling of the text mixing in with music.

The latest issue of “Beautiful April” was the arc where ‘Chu Luoxun’ was unaffected even though Gu Yuan had messed things up during the music competition, only for them to continue performing. Some readers cried after reading that arc. They had been totally influenced by ‘Chu Luoxun”s persistence towards music. The tacit understanding between her and the male lead, Gu Yuan had given many readers an endless amount of tangles and knots in their hearts!

Some readers who had been conquered by ‘Chu Luoxun”s charm, clamored one after another to let her gain the upper position. She was more beautiful than the heroine, Lin Meiyue. She could even co-operate with the male protagonist in music – on such a level that spoke from the soul. Why couldn’t she become the heroine?

However, there were also many readers who supported the lovely couple, Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue. They started having doubts, if ‘Chu Luoxun’s’ development was a little too premeditated. Although she said that she liked the male protagonist’s gay friend, Chen Hao, she had flirted with the male protagonist in the name of music. This was obviously the doings of a ‘third person’!

Undoubtedly, the ‘Chu Luoxun’ gang did not like such a statement. They criticized, “Some readers are too mentally dark. ‘Chu Luoxun’ has always wanted to rescue the male protagonist’s music career only. At the same time, she has continuously assisted both the male protagonist and heroine. She had never thought of stealing the male protagonist from the heroine at all. This is considered a ‘third person’?”

“Try to find a ‘third person’ who will encourage a couple to get together in reality, please?”

“Speaking of which, if it’s not because of ‘Chu Luoxun,’ Gu Yuan would be struggling to get closer to Lin Meiyue!”

Translation Note:

1.UC Shock Department The UC Shock Department refers to a group of people who always write news on a web browser called UC Browser. Their news articles usually come with shocking, sensational titles. Due to a large number of such articles on UC Browser, the internet users think that there must be a department that specializes in publishing such articles. So, the rumored ‘UC Shock Department.’

2.Sprayer The sprayer here refers to people who likes to scold others unreasonably. As long as there’s something that is not pleasing to their eyes, they will criticize. They have intense jealousy and a strong winning mentality. They’re right; the others are all wrong. Normally, people like these have tough lives in reality, and always seek for a sense of superiority by scolding others on the internet.

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