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Streaming the Whaling Card Game

Probably due to the influence of the character cards, Zhao Youyue had grown fond of card collection games. There is this card collecting cum battle mobile game called “Summoner’s War,” which was similar to “Onmyoji” in the other world.

However, this was a game with a broader worldview, that involved entities like Cthulhu, and the summoning of all kinds of weird stuff. The God Cards, The Mythology Beast Cards, and The Evil Spirit Cards etc. are SSR [1].

Upon entering “Onmyoji,” the gamer will be given a “Manual of The Other World”. Then, the tutorial would begin, along with putting in a variety of materials, the character, and the Monster Cards etc. that he wants to summon. The more precise the description, the more accurate the summoning would be.

But, “Onmyoji” is truly a deceitful game. Many gamers did not acquire the card that they really wanted, even though it was close to their description.

For instance, you would like to summon a “Mermaid Card,” and you have described it, sparing no details, and yet, a “Medusa Card” appears. The possibility of getting this card is far greater, as the “Mermaid Card” is very rare. Once this evil card is summoned, you will need to battle with it by using your collected cards. You can only gain more materials for summoning and experience points for leveling up by defeating it.

It was actually an exciting game to play. Its most celebrated attraction lied in its unpredictable nature. Whether it is good or bad, the results are always exciting!

At the same time, it contained many branch plots. Oftentimes, a precious SSR card would contain a series of branch tasks. One can collect it only after perfecting the character.

It is said that the game developer is so serious in developing and perfecting it that they are constantly adding new cards to the roster, keeping those obsessed collectors Whaling and RIP Liver’ing [2]. Those sheep were willing to put themselves through all of that, as they would be very happy for a month if they manage to collect an SSR card!

Unlike “Onmyoji”, SSR cards in “Summoner’s War” were scarce. However, it was worthwhile, as the card promised great performance, often forming the basis of a specific deck build..

A legend had even popped up on the internet concerning the designer of this game, the top game planner whose nickname was [Two Big Spys], saying that this planner wanted to create a character card with its own intelligence. The card would be consistent yet kaleidoscopic; gamers could own her but not the real her

However, a legend would remain as a legend. [Two Big Spys] had not yet specified the methods of obtaining the card, and it is impossible for an extremely rare card to possess such intelligence with today’s technology.

This was merely a beautiful pipedream.

Otherwise, how could there be a game character who seemed to have a soul and really be alive in a card game?

That night, Zhao Youyue resumed her streaming, and without using “Yu Shengfan”, she played the Whaling and RIP Liver game, “Summoner’s War.” She had been so obsessed with it recently, and did not have an SSR card yet, since she just started. All she had was a set of standard card, and all of which were side characters.

Once she started, many fans of Yu Shengfan entered, and they greeted her by using bullet curtains—

“What game will Xiao Yu play today? Will she continue to fight for higher ranking or a LAN game?”

“Watching you playing games is boring, it is too easy for you. Let’s sing; I want to hear the song “South Mountain” again!”

“Come, I am begging for some scolding. B*llsh*t Yu Shengfan, come and confront me!”

“There’s a bullet curtain that begged to get scolded again, this only happens in Xiao Yu’s streaming”

“No matter what, let me send her some fish balls first. Besides that, I beg of Xiao Yu to turn on the camera!”

“No point turning on the camera, the streamer must be a fat otaku girl, a big fat one!”

“What’s wrong with fat otaku girls? Did she eat your rice?”

“I like Xiao Yu’s streaming so much. I don’t think that there are any streamers who are as money-conscious as her, she has the style of a plutocrat lady!”

“So, those tycoons will not support her? She will become popular if they do so. Her streaming is nice, she’s a very skillful one indeed”

There was a Douyu user, whose ID was [Leaves Fall on the Sea], who often sent Zhao Youyue many presents during her streaming. However, he was not one of those tycoons who sent her presents that are worth few thousands RMB each. She did not know him, but he was actually a Platinum Author of Qidian – Ye Hai.

That’s right! Ye Hai, the [Rosemary], had been apotheosized by one book, and by signing the platinum contract with Qidian web novel website, became the Supreme God of the internet literature world. It was all because of his book, “The Strongest King”.

Ye Hai still liked “Yu Shengfan” very much, the character who once lived in his novel. He even agreed with many fans of Xiao Yu who associated the success of Rosemary to her, whether it was when she was alive or her death that earned the tears of so many readers.

As for Ye Hai, Yu Shengfan was the character who sublimated his work!

Ye Hai had missed the moment where he could feel as if Xiao Yu was living in the world of his work, just like Han Leng who now could not repress himself from favoring “Chu Luoxun”. It was all because they were so unique in the novel!

Creators often indulged in the moments of describing them with their inspiration that seemed to be ever flowing. The creators wanted just to keep on writing whenever that happens, even though they might surpass the main characters.

It was clear to Han Leng that the more he wrote about “Chu Luoxun,” the more he was deviating from his original intentions, which would give the readers a strong hint—This “Chu Luoxun” goddess is going to take over!

Lin Meiyue seemed to be very stable, but was she truly?

She still had not interacted with the male protagonist regarding music. On the other hand, “Chu Luoxun” was the one who made the first move of saving him

Han Leng was helpless, only able to watch the spotlight of “Chu Luoxun” take over his original heroine. Along with that train of thought, he suddenly realized that Zhao Youyue was not so attractive anymore, in reality.

Oh, yes. Compared to Chu Luoxun, she was nothing. It was so funny how he was so fond of her, he must be blind.

Zhao Youyue was utterly incomparable to his Chu Luoxun!

Han Leng came to this conclusion.

Just as Ye Hai discovered the Three Dimensional Yu Shengfan’s streaming, he felt that no streamer could compare to his daughter!

That’s right, at the bottom of his heart, Ye Hai had already regarded this girl, whom he has never once seen, and did not even know her name, as his own daughter

It’s impossible for her to be his wife, right? Unlike those fat otakus, he would not shout “That’s my wife!” when he sees a beautiful girl. He had a wife, and could not afford to make such mistakes.

Translation Note:

[1] SSR means superior super rare.

[2] Whaling and RIP Liver () are internet slangs which describe a game that will cause the gamer to spend a lot of money and stay up late to play the game.