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Zhao Youyues Suggestion

“Chu Luoxun” waved off the concerns by simply saying that she had anemia. She asked him again, can you really forget the piano?

The piano was part of you, but just now, it completed you. But, you wanted to get rid of it, like cutting a limb off. That was why you experienced unbearable pain, and it seeped through your expression

Can you forget it? No, certainly not. We were born for that moment just now!

We are musicians, unheard of and causing a spectacular blunder, but now the audience is going to remember us forever. Till death, I will not forget. Because of your pianoforte accompaniment, I accomplished this. Thank you, Gu Yuan!

Gu Yuan recalled the ending moment of their performance. Before she fainted, her eyes had told him everything. A person who liked to smile, a person who cried just because of music.Such a straightforward person. Those honest eyes and even her back, was not easy to forget

However, they were just partnering for music, Gu Yuan emphasized.

His hesitation reflected Han Leng’s confusion. He was uncertain of himself. The more he wrote about “Chu Luoxun,” the more he felt for her. Like Gu Yuan, he could not abandon her too. He was increasingly favoring “Chu Luoxun.”

It seemed to be against his own will. However, he still wrote it — Is it? Did I faint again?

Chu Luoxun mumbled while looking at the rain outside the window.

He knew that many readers are going to investigate “ChuLuoxun’s” health condition after the release of this issue, thinking that the cause was not as simple as an anemia

Han Leng’s mind was cluttered, and he began to write the joyful dog food scene between Gu Yuan and Lin Meiyue. They spoke the same language regarding music and chatted happily via cell phones. Gu Yuan sighed at this, as he seldom spoke to her at school.

There was an indescribable form of tacit understanding between them. Well, this was probably the so-called soul mate.

Since their relationship remained secret, there was a part that left people uneasy. For instance, the heroine’s besties, Wang Yan, was interested in Gu Yuan and meanwhile, a senior of the musical society was interested in Lin Meiyue.

However, they were like cannon fodder

In addition to that, the creator, Leng Zi, even helped them this time, by creating the miracle of destiny.

On one night, they met by chance again, and got to be alone together.

They chatted awkwardly for a moment and then, shyly looked at each other. Han Leng had put a bloodletting amount of effort in writing this scene, trying to express every bit of his vision. The moon on that night was full and beautiful as well.

“Please be my date”Gu Yuan burst out.

“What dateI do not really understand. Give me several days, and I will tell you after that.” said Lin Meiyue. Although she liked him, she did not promise him, out of a girl’s reserved manner.

However, Lin Meiyue started to research on dating. She even searched the internet for the do’s and don’ts. She really did not know how to date a guy.

In the process of writing this, Han Leng felt that he favored “Lin Meiyue” again. How lovely was this nave and kind girl? She did not particularly stand out, yet she could purify a person’s heart.

She even asked her sister, Lin Mei, for dating tips

Gu Yuan was being cute too. He even posted a question on Baidu Zhidao, asking “I am a high school student. Please tell me how to be alone with her in school?”

Actually, the part that was the sweetest, it was full-on dog food, and echoed their conversation on WeChat—

“We did not talk at school today,” Lin Meiyue expressed her sadness.

“But, I am happy because I get to see you at school.” Gu Yuan shyly replied after thinking at length. He tossed and turned after replying, and even did sit-ups.

“Me too,” Lin Meiyue replied.

Gu Yuan was relieved after reading her message. Then, he asked Lin Meiyue to meet him at the music studio of their school.

His first love seemed to be smooth enough, compared to his musical journey. This made “Beautiful April” to constantly be read in a light-hearted atmosphere, allowing all the heaviness and suffering to be borne by “Chu Luoxun”.

Finally, Han Leng realized that he could refrain himself from being increasingly attracted by “Chu Luoxun” by not writing about her. Honestly, he was happier when he wrote about Lin Meiyue. Now, that is the feeling of first love.

“Chu Luoxun” and Lin Meiyue were not rivals in love, yet they opposed each other naturally. Even Han Leng himself was confused about it.

So, he decided to discuss the plot with Zhao Youyue. He found that her suggestions were valuable, although she was not a creator.

“You want to increase the scenes of Lin Meiyue by reducing “Chu Luoxun’s” scene? That is literary suicide! Leng Zi, “Chu Luoxun’s” popularity is very high now, compared to Lin Meiyue, who barely exists. By doing so, the readers will surely be against it” as advised by Zhao Youyue immediately, after reading his message about reducing “Chu Luoxun’s” scene.

Han Leng thought that her suggestion was reasonable. There were indeed many discussions about this character since her full appearance in the last issue, which surpassed the main characters’. Before this, everyone had been discussing about the dog food feeding of the main characters.

“No conflicts will happen between Chu Luoxun and Lin Meiyue. One is only interacting with the male protagonist in music, while the other occupies his entire life. That is very clear. Leng Zi, you should just write it according to your explosive inspiration, and it will be an iconic literary work for sure!” Zhao Youyue encouraged him.

As influenced by Zhao Youyue, Han Leng decided not do so and wrote it according to the ideas he gets in his “intoxicated state.” He guaranteed that “Chu Luoxun’s” scene will be no less than Lin Meiyue’s, but she will appear only in the music related scenes.