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This Saint Saens’ “Overture and Rotary Caprice” – the whole song was somewhere between nine and ten minutes. The prelude is melancholic; the rhythm is full of charm and sway. The entire song gave off a very Latino vibe…

It was rather nice to listen to, as long as the ears can take a syncopation that constantly beats.

Actually, the author, Leng Zi did not have any knowledge concerning classical music, but fortunately, his literary work now housed a troublemaker girl who knew what he did. He did not have to research on information for classical music, all he had to do was to let his pen run free in this “outburst of inspiration”.

At any rate, every author would want a troublemaker like Zhao Youyue in their literary work, in hopes that she would lessen the burden of creating new content…

As the piano started to play, “Chu Luoxun” also started to play her violin elegantly. Her movement was precise and beautiful, she closed her eyes, putting all of her soul into playing the violin…

Gu Yuan felt cold sweat dribbling down his chin, but he was smiling.

“Good, this is going smoothly, I can still hear myself playing the piano, luckily it was this particular song!” Gu Yuan murmured.

Even though he would trip over a note or two, as long as he pays attention to the violin and music score, he would go through this without any trouble… This was not a technically demanding song.

The stage was set!

It was going on smoothly, until…

Lin Meiyue was sitting among the audience, looking at Gu Yuan who had decided to play the piano again, she smiled. At the same time, she was a little bit disappointed with herself because she wished that she had the skills of Chu Luoxun, so she would be qualified to perform together with the genius pianist, Gu Yuan…

Lin Meiyue wanted to learn more from “Chu Luoxun,” because she was the girl Lin Meiyue admired.

The judge who had his eyes on Chu Luoxun was frowning, “The difference with the last performance was too great, is she behaving herself because she was cooperating with Gu Yuan?”

Just when the judge had the thought, Chu Luoxun winked at Gu Yuan and started to improvise wildly without following the music score, diverting from the original piece…

The judge can’t help himself but smile at her, “So you have finally revealed yourself, little girl!”

The audience became absorbed in her music!

There were many bright faces of enjoyment among the crowd, as if this was no longer a music competition, but a musical performance!

Gu Yuan’s best friend, Chen Hao was here as well, as he stared at the brilliant star, “Chu Luoxun.” Even an introvert like him couldn’t help himself but say, “She’s really awesome and beautiful!”

Chen Hao did not know of any classical music; if it not for his best friend, Gu Yuan, he would have never paid attention to classical music whatsoever. His only interest would be getting involved in studying to improve his grades; he had even sacrificed the prospect of romance, even though he heard from Lin Meiyue that “Chu Luoxun” had a crush on him…

Now, his heart was beating in tandem with her lively music!

Chen Hao starts to fantasize if she still has feelings for him after he graduated, surely he would accept her. But now, he chooses to focus on his studies even though he had a crush on her now.

Everything was going accordingly to plan, until the music arrived at the “Rondo” part…

Gu Yuan suddenly saw a familiar face among the crowd, smiling at him hideously, it was his dead mother!

Without a doubt, he was hallucinating. Just as the music was about to hit the climax, his “trauma” made its appearance once again!

The music notes start to shatter into pieces right in front of Gu Yuan, blurring his vision!

The musical notes were disappearing and disintegrating…

It was as if Gu Yuan had sunken into the deep sea, along with his piano!

He could no longer hear the sound of the piano!

Under such circumstance, his rhythm fell apart into a wreck!

“Hm? What happened?” The judge who had favored Chu Luoxun frowned, “Her accompaniment’s rhythm who has always been loyal to the score is going haywire.”

“Err… Her partner’s rhythm is a mess!” The other judge said.

The audience was roused from their stupor by this messy rhythm, as if they had been forcefully kicked out of a good dream, they all had dissatisfied looks on their face, it felt like premature ejaculation before foreplay…

Lin Meiyue was worried sick about Gu Yuan; her entire heart was agitated.

Chu Luoxun had opened her eyes too, her forehead was drenched in sweat, she frowned, not because she was worried about her performance was getting messed up, but she was worried about Gu Yuan as well. It looks like it would not be an easy task to save Gu Yuan from this bottomless abyss.

Gu Yuan bit down on his teeth, a nervous wreck. He felt as if he was at the bottom of the dark ocean, unknown to sight, nor known to sound, alone in the darkness. It was dark, and lonely, sinking into the bottom of the ocean alone.

The audience was starting to complain

“He’s playing the piano, right? What sort of accompaniment is he?”

“Her partner’s just terrible!”

“I liked the violin, but this pianist has completely messed up her performance…”

“It might be even better without her partner.”

The judge who liked “Chu Luoxun” also shook his head, “Their cooperation was a little bit out of practice but manageable. Now, Gu Yuan’s piano is destroying the performance!”

Damn, damn, damn! I’m hitting all these keys on the piano, but why can’t I hear any sound from my piano!

Gu Yuan’s mentality had collapsed entirely!

He gave up playing the piano halfway because he knew if he continued to play the piano, he would only ruin the violinist’s, “Chu Luoxun’s” performance…

The judge muttered to himself, “Wise choice, even though her points won’t remain unscathed from this, playing it further would only intensify the damage.”

“The pianist was terrible; he shouldn’t even have started playing in the first place!” Some audience members were angry, because they had completely fallen into “Chu Luoxun’s” violin performance!

Gu Yuan can only lower his head, blaming himself endlessly…

But then, “Chu Luoxun” also made a huge mistake, she stopped playing her nearly perfect violin performance!

All of a sudden, the whole theater was in a commotion!

There’s one thing in a music competition that contestant should never do, that is to stop midway during a performance. No matter what the circumstances are, they would undoubtedly get knocked out, when they end their performance prematurely. Even though the judge who favored “Chu Luoxun,” was forced to give an “X” to her.

Many of the audiences were blaming on the pianist; the violinist was great on her own, she should not even have a partner!

“Chu Luoxun” was already drenched in sweat, and sighed. Even though she was already exhausted, and at the limit of her body, but…

“Again!” Chu Luoxun looked at Gu Yuan, under the spotlight, she still looked as brilliant as ever, and with the dazzling smile on her face, it was as if she had not been affected by all the commotion!

Maybe it is an endless road in front of me, but still, I choose to march forward. Even the smallest start will pave the way for my journey!

Well, let’s continue.