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Zhao Youyues Victory

Unlike the one integrated in QQ which is often used as a prank or to distort a voice, this voice changer was a miracle, born from the internet, rendering the gender of a person undistinguishable.

Han Leng was skillful at using the voice changer because there was an expert of this equipment in his “Web Game: Conquering the World” fans group.

Initially, everyone had thought that this reader was an uncle. The modified voice was so magnetic and masculine.

Later, Han Leng found out that the real owner of this voice was a female college student. Her nickname was [Hua Qi].

He had learned about this from [I am the fairest], another Godly author who was skillful at writing all sorts of genres. The cohesion within its fan group, [White Cloth League], was on another level!

[I am the fairest] knew [Hua Qi]’s gender because they had a very close relationship. She would lie to others but not to [I am the fairest]. Han Leng was in shocked at that time, he would never have thought that this miracle equipment could modify a cutie girl’s voice into an uncle’ voice

Soonafter, Han Leng added her as friend. From their conversation, he learned a lot about the voice changer and got himself one too. He played with it out of curiosity, but who knew that it would find practical use now.

Besides this voice changer, there was another vocal technique called “voice mocking,” it was very seductive too. However, it will definitely sound unnatural by using this technique, as he had not revealed his gender.

“Voice mocking” is indeed hard to master. Moreover, he was not interested in talking in a female voice in real life, but he had no qualms about doing so on the internet. Well, he did not value integrity, after all.

He had been mocked as a ladyboy by selecting the “Wu Tian Ji” when he played the earliest game, called “Westward Journey Online” by NetEase. So many male gamers had fallen for her, sending her money and equipment. He even ‘married’ the richest tycoon in the game. He had never used his time card since then; all expenses were covered by his ‘husband’

At that time, he just entered primary school, still being a thick-skinned boy, but stopped the practice after he grew up. He eventually stopped taking advantage of male gamers by such means.

However, now he did so only to prompt Zhao Youyue’s opinion about his new workErr, more correctly, by using a female voice!

When Leng Zi’s female voice appeared in the group, the response was huge, as compared to those of Zhao Youyue’s earlier reaction—

“Leng Zi really is a cool goddess. Such a cold voice is amazing!”

“What a nice voice! It’s totally different from [You Yue] Tycoon’s gentle, soothing voice!”

“At first, I wanted to lurk silently in this group forever, but not after listening to Leng Zi voice. I must emerge to start marking my territory. Leng Zi, are you married?”

“I would like to confess to Leng Zi, and I would give twelve marks to this voice. Leng Zi is my wife now, do not mess with me!”

“If she wants to be crowned as a talented beauty, her talent must be more outstanding than her voice!”

It seemed like all the attention that had been given to Zhao Youeyue earlier had fallen on Leng Zi. Well, this was because “she” is the creator of “Beautiful April.” Those who chose to join this group were definitely her true fans!

Their hearts were still more inclined to Leng Zi, compared to Miss Youyue’s red packets.

Zhao Youyue did not doubt Leng Zi’s gender after hearing his ‘female’ voice. Normally, one is a female for sure, if the revealed voice belongs to a chic. While those who either delete the pictures of themselves after posting it or post a time-limited one, while hesitating to reveal their voices, were the most suspicious ones

After all, voice changers or ‘voice mocking’ was very difficult to master. On the other hand, posting a picture of a beauty is easy, as such pictures are available online, or to make it even more obscure, they could secretly use one of their female friend’s pictures that nobody would know.

Which one is more difficult to pull off? The answer was obvious.

Han Leng deeply understood this. Therefore, he decided to use the voice to solidify “Leng Zi’s” gender as a female.

It did not bother Zhao Youyue at all, seeing all the fans clustering around Leng Zi. After all, Leng Zi was the creator of this story.

She took the initiative to add Leng Zi, enabling her to send ‘her’ a red packet at any time, as well as to gain a sense of presence. She could also send ‘her’ a variety of hints, so that ‘she’ would not delete the scene involving “Chu Luo Xun.” She wanted this character to be iconic so badly

Upon seeing the friend request from Zhao Youyue, Han Leng approved it immediately. He thought to himself that she would be more convinced that he is a female author, after reading the articles on his timeline.

Then, they started to greet each other. The atmosphere was harmonious. It didn’t take long for Han Leng to realize that, by pretending to be female, they communicated far more smoothly!

Why would he think so? This was because he felt awkward and failed to think of any topic whenever he chat with Zhao Youyue in his own identity, deleting the word that he had typed. Eventually, he just talked about nonsense to portray his uniqueness

But now, he was holding an entirely normal conversation. Then, Han Leng started to notice that Zhao Youyue were very concerned about “Chu Luo Xun.” She kept fishing for more information on how this character would appear.

This might be due to how he had finely foreshadowed “Chu Luo Xun” at the beginning of the story, he thought. The truth was, Zhao Youyue, the troublemaker had aimed her turrets at him!

“After careful consideration, I will make her appear extraordinary. Now, she might seem to be an aloof goddess. After that, you all will realize that she is actually very friendly and approachable in the next issue,” he replied.

Zhao Youyue made a gesture of victory in her heart after reading his reply, knowing that has Leng Zi decided to adopt her settings. Han Leng, on the other side, was still very proud to think that he was the one who had come up with this idea

And thus, the latest issue of “Meng Ya” arrived in the market after several days. The appearance and performance of “Chu Luo Xin” helped increased the heat of “Beautiful April” by more than one level.

This work began to spread among the students of all school widely.

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