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: It feels great to be Chu Luoxun

Long story short, with the “unintentional” help of “Chu Luoxun,” the relationship between the main hero and heroine became even closer, and both of them walked out of the school by the sunset, and the scene was absolutely breathtaking…

Han Leng felt a surge of sweetness flowing through his body after writing this scene, as if he was experiencing his first love himself, getting closer to her in reality.

Later that night, Lin Meiyue took the initiative to message Gu Yuan, inviting him to go see “Chu Luoxun’s” music competition. Gu Yuan was wide awake, lying on his bed, recalling everything that he had been through for the day.

After he saw Lin Meiyue’s mail, he bolted upright. He hesitated for a moment because he still had that trauma towards music competitions, but eventually agreed to go with her.

Of course, they were not going there alone; they had invited Chen Hao and Wang Yan as well.

They were too embarrassed to on a date alone…

After they decided to go watch the music competition together, they started to talk about music, and it went smoothly unlike previously, when their conversation was extremely awkward. Both of them vaguely felt their feelings for each other.

The most wonderful feeling in the world was to find out your crush likes you too, it was just indescribable.

Unfortunately, most crushes are one-sided.

“Curly hair!”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s your nickname.”

“What a weird nickname. lol.”

“That’s because your hair is messy, as if you just woke up from your sleep.”

“Beautiful April” was a modern romance novel, and the conversations between the main hero and heroine via Wechat became more frequent. Even though they were too shy to talk to each other in reality, both of them had no problem holding a conversation in Wechat, after finding a topic on even ground to dwell in.

For the “Chat history” to be more heart-warming, and full of lovey-dovey scent, Han Leng had done his homework, so his readers would smile while reading those text messages, even he could not resist the urge to fall in love again.

When “Beautiful April” gives rise to such sentiments, it was destined to be successful.

Success is still not enough to make a literary work famous; it would need something outstanding. That “something,” was undoubtedly “Chu Luoxun.”

The four of them went to watch “Chu Luoxun’s” national music competition the next day. When Gu Yuan arrived at the venue, he was already surrounded by the crowd…

Gu Yuan was once a famous pianist because he was amazingly talented, but now he was just a failed music genius, his plight was awfully similar to the main protagonist in “Fight Break Sphere.”

Gu Yuan’s expression turned dark, but he tried to put up his best appearance, because Lin Meiyue was right beside him, perhaps this was the power of first love.

It has been a while ever since Gu Yuan showed up in a theater, his musical senses were still intact, he could even become a judge. This music competition was about skill and accuracy; those excessive personal feelings were unneeded, Gu Yuan’s mother was always scolding him for putting in unnecessary feelings into his instruments.

What that made Gu Yuan curious was that, this violin competition was accompanied by a piano performance.

This was actually a subtle hint for Gu Yuan to become “Chu Luoxun’s” partner in the future.

The contestants before “Chu Luoxun” were nothing special; they were just about average, nothing was special in their music, which sunk the audience into a stupor, until “Chu Luoxun” appeared on stage.

“Chu Luoxun’s” style was completely different!

Concurrently, Han Leng had also entered his “intoxicated state” when he reached this point!

He wrote, “Chu Luoxun” stepped up in a silky white gown, and her face alone drove the entire theater to utter, bewitched silence!

“Chu Luoxun” did not come here to win the competition, she just wanted to bring more joy to the people, while expressing her genuine feelings to everyone.

She felt a little nervous before the play, so she chanted her magical words in her head, “Dieu de la musique, s’il vous plat coutez mon appel,” and after saying those magic words, she instantly found her flow…

“Chu Luoxun’s” performance was marvelous, the audiences stood up and gave her a round of applause. But her actions had earned the fury of one of the judges, as it was no longer that specific song, it had been heavily improvised. He admitted it was indeed better than the original, but this was a competition, not a performance!

“Chu Luoxun” could not care less; she was happy about it, because she had came here to perform at her own will, she does not need any approval or praises from the officials.

The plot of “Beautiful April” went to a halt at that point.

Meanwhile, in reality.

Zhao Youyue stirred from her sleep. Even though her body had enough rest, but upon entering the “Two Dimensional Gate,” she would still be awake in her dreams, and it mentally drained her. Everyone knows the difference between dreaming the whole night and sleeping through the whole night without having any dreams at all.

This is why Zhao Youyue would not enter the “Two Dimensional Gate” every day, and even if she does enter, she would only go in for a few hours, in order to have enough time to rest and stay healthy.

Possessing “Chu Luoxun,” was certainly enjoyable, but she was getting ahead of herself this time.

She was indeed in a good mood, being able to possess a goddess character like “Chu Luoxun,” was an amazing experience.

“Chu Luoxun” was very popular in the novel, even the children who did not know her beforehand would buy her flowers after hearing her spectacular performance.

Indeed, not many readers would like a character like “Long Aotian,” or “Mary Sue.” That was because the author never actually put in any effort into the character development, but who does not want to be “Long Aotian” or “Mary Sue” in reality?

That was just a fantasy that everyone wished they had.

When “Chu Luoxun” used her music to capture the hearts of every single audience, Zhao Youyue was looking forward to the day where she could do the same in reality!

When it comes to games and music, she definitely preferred the latter.

Her live-streaming in Douyu had not yet really picked up. It certainly was not easy to become successful in a short amount of time; it was not as easy as in the novel.

First of all, it could not be helped, because Zhao Youyue never reveals her face, which resulted in a great loss of her appeal as a female gamer.

Second, to become the first rank in the nation was definitely not going to be an easy task. Also, Zhao Youyue did not spend too much time playing games; it would be quite impossible for her to live stream her game every single night. There was no way that she would reach the top in such a short time.

Thirdly, Douyu was one of the largest live streaming platforms in the nation, without any sponsor or a signed contract with Douyu, there was little to no hope for fresh blood to become famous overnight.

Fourth, upon activating “Yu Shengfan card,” Zhao Youyue would become irascible. A rich lady like “Yu Shengfan” would never bother about the gifts thrown in by the fans. A tycoon would want the live streamer to be respectful and thankful for their gifts, but “Yu Shengfan” showed no signs of being thankful at all. Naturally, nobody would want to promote her…

But Zhao Youyue had faith in “Yu Shengfan,” she firmly believed these setbacks were all temporary.

At this moment, what that concerned her the most was the latest issue of “Beautiful April.”