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: Pretending to be the female author Leng Zi

A talented author would be sober and alert when he is full of “inspiration.”

They realized the necessity of sobriety when making a solid plot, lest they mess things up in their wild recklessness, inserting ludicrous elements into their literary work in the process, ruining the whole book as a result.

When Han Leng was in “intoxicated mode,” he still remembered that Zhao Youyue was reading his new romance novel, “Beautiful April.”

Han Leng felt extremely embarrassed, because he had used her image as a reference for his writing material without permission, and felt that he had violated her in some way. He had wanted to break off his friendship with Zhao Youyue by writing this novel because he thought that it would help him plunge into the darkness of his writing even more…

He had described Lin Meiyue as an introvert, a person who is easily embarrassed and rather jumpy, giving off a moe vibe. That is how Han Leng sees Zhao Youyue.

Her identity aside, the other characteristics of her were of his fabrication.

In fact, Lin Meiyue was nothing similar to Zhao Youyue. Zhao Youyue was not an introvert, nor would she get embarrassed easily, that is unless she makes a big fool out of herself.

Of course, Zhao Youyue had the capacity for nervousness; everybody goes through that.

Even the goddess, “Chu Luoxun” herself would get nervous on stage, but she would chant her magical words to invoke calmness upon herself and perform at her best.

On a serious note, Zhao Youyue was just a regular person, except that she was richer than average, and that barely made her special, because she never flaunted her wealth in life.

When a person shows something off, it presents evidence that person owns something. These days, nobody would know that you’re rich if you don’t show it off!

Zhao Youyue never stayed low-profile on the internet though, but who else would know her identity in reality?

Playing with her phone did not make her unique either, it would be weird if youngsters never touch their phones.

When a guy has a crush on a girl, he would only have a crush on his mind’s self-made imagery of that girl, not the actual girl herself.

Well, it takes no reason to fall in love with someone, it was an inexplicable phenomenon, or it could simply occur just because they were feeling horny at that moment.

As a high schooler, there would always be one girl in Han Leng’s heart. A weird person like Han Leng, chose to love his imaginary girl to satisfy himself.

Although he had Zhao Youyue’s contact, he never actually approached her aggressively. After finding out that his best buddy was in love with Zhao Youyue too, he decided to back off.

Many guys were like Han Leng when they were young and raw.

But most guys would go over the top when confessing their feelings. Even though they would face rejection more often than not, at least they had an answer for themselves, unlike Han Leng who would never know anything, it was such a pity.

Han Leng affirmed himself that he had no need for the answer, for he had talents! He could lie to himself with his writing skills and indulge in his own fantasy world…

No matter what he encounters, he would always think

Why not write something down.

This was the nature of Han Leng; he loved writing even more than anything else, and even his lover only existed in his writing!

When he is so full of himself, he would think that the whole world was a blank piece of paper for him to write upon. No matter how rich or famous a person is, under the ruling of his pen, that person would always be his puppet, fully submitting to his ‘personal’ whims.

Of course, that would not happen, because the world would not allow him to upload such content. Even if he does upload such content successfully, it would get censored eventually, and that was how the world works!

Han Leng actually wanted to know Zhao Youyue’s opinion on his book, but he was too embarrassed to ask her directly.

Eventually, he came up with the idea of buying a new QQ ID. He purchased a high-leveled ID and changed the name to “Leng Zi,” even changing the gender to “female”…

After buying the ID, he customized his QQ space and made it look like the newsfeed of a literary young girl, and casually wrote a few simple diary entries that told the events of the day from “her” point of view.

This was actually one of Han Leng’s talents too. As a talented author, he could mimic the writings of a delicate female; it was that simple for him. A couple of books had been written by Osamu Dazai like “The Setting Sun” and “The Schoolgirl,” both were written from the perspective of a female, and it certainly was exquisite.

Unfortunately, Osamu Dazai no longer existed in this world.

After Han Leng set up everything up, he felt that it was perfect. He wanted to add in a few fake photos at first, but he feared that he would get busted, so he scrapped the idea.

Of course, Han Leng never wanted to be a lady boss; he was just disguising himself as a female, temporarily. Then he created his own reader group, and he invited everyone who was in the forum of “Beautiful April” from Tieba. He intended to develop his own fanbase.

He knew that Zhao Youyue would join the fan groups of her favorite literary works. According to the fans, she would even give out red packets without saying much, and the money in the red packets she gives out would have a lot of money in it.

Han Leng was not interested in her red packets, but he wanted to approach Zhao Youyue as “Leng Zi” because he wanted to know her opinion about his work, it was important to him.

Mengya would never promote this talented high school author, and they definitely would never expose his gender, so he could be assured of his confidentiality.

The forum of “Beautiful April” in Tieba was not particularly famous, there were only a few thousand subscriptions, but there were many people who discussed the plot, and this proved that many readers had paid attention to this literary work.

Many people were praising this literary work for not being cliche or purposefully heart-warming, they were just happy seeing this cute couple being together.

The main hero had a slightly darker personality because he would sometimes mock the current education system, but this was satisfying for the students to read, because they had the exact same thoughts.

Other than this, the other topics were mostly circled around “Chu Luoxun,” because everyone was looking forward to her grand entrance!

Han Leng decided to use his sudden outburst of inspiration to make a reasonable entrance for Chu Luoxun, but she would immediately show off her talents, because the main hero and heroine would watch her live performance, a violin competition that they would attend together, so that their relationship could develop further.

A typical entrance via a grand live performance, would definitely leave a deep impression of this character in the hearts of everyone!

For some unknown reason, Han Leng realized that when he was writing about “Chu Luoxun”, his pen would start flying across the paper with uncharacteristic speed and fluidity, as if he was no longer in control of himself.

Of course, this smooth writing was indeed an enjoyable experience, but it worried him so.

He knew that he was supposed to put in more feelings for the main heroine, because Lin Meiyue was the only main heroine he acknowledged, was he “shifting his love” to another character?

Han Leng dared not imagine anymore…