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Goddess character settings completed!

Zhao Youyue took control of Chu Luoxun, who had already acquired both “Brilliance” & “God of musical’s blessing.”

After possessing her, Zhao Youyue noticed a hidden setting for Chu Luoxun that had been set by the author Leng Zi. Before a performance, Chu Luoxun has to chant a sentence in French, “Dieu de la musique, s’il vous plat coutez mon appel,” (which translates to God of Music, heed my call) to relieve her of any worries, so that she would be able to perform flawlessly.

It was not clear why she had to chant in French, maybe that would make her cooler, or it was just some adolescence’s delusion.

Chu Luoxun actually knew French, probably due to her family background, but Zhao Youyue did not set these details, she only can establish a character’s abilities and characteristics.

It was quite amusing to discover this hidden setting, some people in reality would do the same, saying some specific sentence or words to keep their cool.

This might be some form of silly superstition in our reality.

But in the world of novels, these chants were incredibly useful; everything was possible in the world of stories and manga. In a fantasy sports manga, characters would shout out their own technique’s name before they unleash it, like “Flying hawk ball” or “Tiger’s style shooting.”

Every killer move in “Prince of Tennis” and every character’s technique in “Kuroko’s basket”…

When Zhao Youyue gets the chance to enter such “Killer sports” worlds, she would create a memorable, ultimate skill too. A character without an ultimate skill in the world of fantasy sports would be a nobody!

It would be extremely embarrassing to shout out a technique’s name before using it in reality…

This would be interesting, trying to create a realistic character in a fantasy sport literary work.

Zhao Youyue was satisfied with the simple settings of Chu Luoxun; she just cannot resist a brilliant female character, because Zhao Youyue herself emphasized on appearance.

Zhao Youyue was far from brilliant in reality, but she was similar to the main female protagonist Lin Meiyue, in this literary work. Although she was cute, she did not possess a superstar-like divinity that would strike everyone dumb when she makes her first appearance.

Unfortunately, Zhao Youyue was not as lucky as Lin Meiyue because Lin Meiyue was lucky enough to fall in love at first sight. Zhao Youyue had never liked a guy before, and probably never would. There would be no guy to fall in love with her at first sight too, especially when she barely stood out in class.

Would she still be the same person when she attains perfection in the future?

No matter the circumstance, it was not wrong to make oneself become more superior, perfect and become lesser and lesser of a side character.

What was the mentality of a person when they rather stay as a side character?

Zhao Youyue could answer that question herself; comfort. Complacency.

Actually, she had a hidden Zhao Youyue character card; she would become a side character whenever she activates it so that she could observe under cover of darkness, and this was probably the best assassin skill that she could have.

In fact, the “brilliant” trait that Chu Luoxun possessed gave her the presence of a goddess, her sense of presence would be at the maximum. “Yu Shengfan” in “The Strongest King” cannot be considered as a goddess, because she was a twin-tailed lolita, and everyone was calling her “Little Fish.”

The character, “Chu Luoxun” that Zhao Youyue possessed would have the temperament of a goddess because she had the blessing of the God of musicals, she could even play ancient instruments.

For an on-going series with a total of more than 40,000 words, Chu Luoxun has not yet officially appeared in the novel, but she had already been mentioned in the previous chapters, everyone was already hyped up for her debut. She would be the perfect goddess in the eyes of the author, Leng Zi.

Even though she did not appear in the main series yet, but she was already showing great potential, and her own rumors and legends already heralded her coming…

It was just like a fictional character from the novels of “Jing Yong” – named “Loner who seeks defeat.” He never actually appeared in any novel, but his fame was beyond imagination!

Of course, Leng Zi did not have the writing skill of a “Jing Yong” author, but he was a talented essayist. His writing skill was decent; he was already able to use bombastic words to form philosophy-esque sentences, while keeping his senteces clean and simple. His writing style was self-ridiculing and easy-going, and he would never forget to insert some form ironic humor in his literary work, making readers laugh while reading.

Leng Zi had used every single flowery word in his vocabulary to describe a musical goddess that has not appeared in the series; he was trying to get everyone to know, how awesome she was.

After Zhao Youyue was done reading the latest chapters of the novel, she found herself attached to Chu Luoxun before the character even made her appearance, the hype was real!

Zhao Youyue felt an imminent “sleeping victory” when she decided to possess “Chu Luoxun” because she was similar to the character “Loner who seeks defeat.” It appears that the “Two Dimensional Gate” has brought her into a realm of quality literary work, created by an excellent author, unlike her previous misfortune of entering the realm of an on-going movie script.

Of course, Zhao Youyue still hoped that she could create an iconic character, so that countless readers would have a profound impression of the “Chu Luoxun” that she has possessed!

Since Chu Luoxun’s characteristics were yet to be determined, Zhao Youyue decided to make her an optimistic, strong-willed and self-confident girl!

After all, she had a goddess-like attitude, unlike reality, she cannot be sad all the time, just because an author broke her will once, right?

A goddess is supposed to be optimistic and mature, or else she would not be able to help the main hero and heroine.

Chu Luoxun was almost the perfect goddess character!

After much consideration, Zhao Youyue decided to add in another setting; her days were numbered – she had a serious illness.

It cannot be helped; the Gods were jealous of talented people!

Maybe she was loved by the Gods, because she summoned the God of music frequently, which was why she was going to the heaven at such young age. The main reason was that it would actually be easier for Zhao Youyue to find a method for Chu Luoxun to die…

Would it be too shocking for the readers when she becomes even more optimistic and strong-willed after knowing the condition of her own serious illness?

Chu Luoxun was not at the same level as Yu Shengfan, although both of them were sick, these two had made different choices…

After some deep pondering, Zhao Youyue realized that she has made Chu Luoxun too outstanding. In the end, Zhao Youyue decided to make Chu Luoxun absent from school most of the time, because she had a frail body, much like what a normal girl would do when she knows that she is going to die.

Before she dies, she changed her attitude. She started playing instruments in the musical world, she was not born to compete with others, but she was born to perform!

She would turn her dying life into a brilliant shooting star!

After completing Chu Luoxun’s characteristics setting, Zhao Youyue added every talent related to music into Chu Luoxun. She would know how to play every single musical instrument, and she had a perfect voice too, she could play classical and pop music, and she could even become a composer! She did not bother to add in the ability to write song lyrics because she thinks that it would be better if the authors write the lyrics themselves, so that she could help to compose those songs that appear in the novel, like the song “South Mountain.”

What else can “Chu Luoxun” do after Leng Zi has given her such awesome description, while Zhao Youyue has presented her a pair of golden thighs? She could still write a love song to bring the main hero and heroine together in the series…

A main artistic hero could never possibly resist the love song from the main heroine.

Yet, the love song would actually be created by Chu Luoxun, this was her purpose!

After Zhao Youyue gave it some thought, she realized that even she was starting to feel sorry for Chu Luoxun!

The character settings were finally wrapped up, and now she would want to create Chu Luoxun’s memorable debut appearance!

Translator’s Thoughts

Tch1123 Tch1123

Tonicquill: Hi guys. This TL here is trying to change his style a little, and it threw me off for a bit. Will try to adapt as soon as possible.

Let me tell you what foreign phrases do in stories, however. Theyre awesome. In my case I remember such scenes more than anything else.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Holmes first meeting with Moriarty: Gib auf nur deine Tcke, Den Fisch betrgst du nicht.. without your foolish trickery, this fish you cannot cheat.

Fate: UBW: I am the bone of my sword

Azur Lanes Warspite: Beli Dura Despicio! I despise the hard knocks of war.

We NEED more of these lines!