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A New Literary World


“This girl is super talented!”

“Why end it so soon? I haven’t had enough!”

“It’s only a matter of time before she goes viral. If not, I will cut my d*ck off, live!”

“She ran away after being cool, makes things so much more sensational”

“Nice voice! She should not be a gamer. Focus on singing!”

“So, have a livestreamer who livestreams a black screen for us, and yet, is gaining millions of RMB.”

“Lu Benwei is damn awesome”

The truth was, except Ye Hai, most of the audiences thought that this streamer’s talent was exceptional for being able to compose a melody for the uncompleted lyric

But what did this mean?

It merely indicated, that due to her utmost admiration for Zhu Shengfan, this streamer was able to perfectly roleplay her. Most audiences would not have the ludicrous brain hole[2] idea that Yu Shengfan has time-traveled from the two dimensional to the three dimensional.

This idea threatened the foundations of sanity itself. After all, these interdimensional travelers appear only in fiction.

Ye Hai was the only one who would believe that Xiao Yu really had crossed over to reality. Blame no one. Nowadays, there are too many novels involving interdimensional traveling. This had expended the brain hole of many web novelists, more so than ordinary people.

Furthermore, the melody of “South Hill South” that was just sang by Xiao Yu, matched the very song he heard in his hallucination! Dj vu! He was unable to describe the shock and fear that he felt after hearing it.

He must be hallucinating again…no matter how lucid things may be, even though he wasn’t in that “intoxicated state” at that moment.

Ye Hai should be grateful that he was not writing one of those extremely realistic genre novels. Such a character crossing over would certainly add to the confusion!

Even if Yu Shengfan happened to cross over to reality, she was just a gaming expert. He was unsure what she felt about him. After all, he was the one who cruelly ended this character’s life.

If he was her, there was no doubt that he would take revenge on that person!

Ye Hai decided to incubate in this live broadcast studio. He believed that fame awaited “Dou Yu Yu Shengfan” this girl in the future. She simply had not crawled to the top of this game, not yet. It was impossible for her to not be famous if she manages to crawl up from a mere side character to the role of a king, right? Furthermore, she was a girl. To date, no female player had obtained the king role from individual rankings, right? Let alone national rankings

By that time, the verbal battle between her and her viewers would be the highlight. Normally, audiences would be reluctant to verbally attack her. Moreover, she was selective in who she intended to verbally slay.

If he had not been motivated to probe this girl whose voice was alike Yu Shengfan, he would not simply started up any flame wars.

Ye Hai wanted to collect more evidence by incubating here. Moreover, if she really is the character from his novel, would not it be interesting to witness her becoming the master of gaming in this world?

Besides, he must be proud, if the female character from his novel ranks first in the individual and national rankings! He would not reveal this, as it was inconceivable

Actually, Ye Hai wanted to get to know and invite her as the voice actor for his upcoming animation film”The Strongest King”. Rather than voice acting, this would simply be the character speaking into the microphone

Certainly, Ye Hai wasn’t cheating of his wife. He always reminds himself as a good man who was loyal to his family. He is Ye Hai, a web novelist, not Lin Feng.

“It seems like the cooldown time of the ‘Two Dimensional Gate’ has passed. Finally, it is time to stroll about in the literary world. I should treat it seriously, as long as it is not as much of a joke as the “Hero of War”. She sensed the ripple created by the gate in her mind, and this idea popped up as she lay in the bathtub.

To Zhao Youyue, the “Two Dimensional Gate” was the most intimate existence. It had become a part of her. The gate dying would mean her death too.

In supernatural terms, the “Two Dimensional Gate” was her “natal talisman”. Zhao Youyue was the “acolyte” who was trying to discover more of its functions.

This time, before entering the gate, Zhao Youyue did not set any expectations such as wanting to become an empress, or to enter a world of superpowers. Perhaps by just being the iconic character that matches the realism of the world that she is about to enter, she might as well gain superpowers in reality.

Well, at least “Tan Xiaoya” and “Li Yunlong” that she created in “Hero of War” could be considered as famous characters. They were still active and had become superstars in website B, alongside Liu Xing and Liang Feifan.

Nevertheless, their popularity did not help her obtain character cards, because their energy levels had exceeded the original character. It was illogical for them to appear in a war film based on a true story. Therefore, she could not own those superpowers.

However, this did not mean that she was useless. She could play as “Li Yunlong” when the “Fate” series is published. By this time, on top of her previous popularity, she might become an icon.

One thing was that this character was a joke with cluttered abilities. It would never become an iconic character unless reset it.

Detaching from expectations, Zhao Youyue regained her calmness. The familiar “Two Dimensional Gate” appeared in her mind again as she lay on the bed with her eyes closed. Both the “Xu Jing Iconic Character Card” and “Yu Shengfan Iconic Character Card” were so vivid in her mind. They were far more refined than her custom-made character cards in reality.

By the way, she owned many of “Xu Jing” and “Yu Shengfan” merchandise such as garage kits, body pillows, etc. All of them were custom-made and their quality was incomparable to the mass-produced ones. She decorated her room with those garage kits that were one-of-a-kind. This way, she would not feel lonely, as she saw them as lifelong companions.

Although both characters were actually played by her and reflected her life in that particular world, she felt secure by just acknowledging the presence of “Xu Jing” and “Yu Shengfan”. It was self-reassuring to see them embodied.

Both of them would stand up for her whenever she refuses to be an ordinary side character. Everyone would be fascinated by her.

And so, Zhao Youyue once again strode through the “Two Dimensional Gate”. Here, she discovered a literary work titled “Beautiful April”.

Translation Note:

1. 666 carries homophonic of the Chinese character(Liu]). Widely used by online gamers in China to describe a strong gamer.

2. Brain hole () – Stands for imagination or insight.