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Chapter 149: A Suffocating Operation

If it audiences joined a livestream only to be relentlessly scolded by the host the moment they make their entrance, it certainly would leave a bad taste in their mouths. Even though her fury had its appeal, just like the arrogant female character in the anime, audiences looked for fun, not to be scolded.

This is why Zhao Youyue’s or Yu Shengfan’s live broadcast had failed to gain popularity. Not to mention that she was not contracted to any specific sponsors or Dou Yu live broadcast’s platform. Without these, her live broadcast schedule would not appear on the homepage.

However, Ye Hai was not disgusted by this voice. On the contrary, he felt it connecting with him. It even brought him back to the nostalgia of his “intoxicated state”.

In that state, it was as if him entering his own literary world where he could closely observe every character. Yu Shengfan, being the active and talkative one, would grab his attention the most, among others. Her indistinguishable voice had been engraved in his mind since then.

All this while, he had always believed that such a voice only existed in his imagination. A hallucination that was the result from being overly obsessed in his literary work.

Now, he was completely stunned by the familiar voice once again. Could it be possible that Yu Shengfan really existed in this world?

It had to be a coincidence

He was confused and lost. He could not deny that Yu Shengfan totally fascinated him. It gave him the reason to be obsessed with her as he pleased, as she was a character from his work. After all, she was just a two dimensional character. He could not be accused of conducting an affair, right?

Moreover, the justification he gave himself was that, in order to better depict this character, he had to be obsessed with her

Alright, Ye Hai had to admit that he got caught roleplaying the male protagonist’s role named Lin Feng. At that time, he was writing the ending part of Yu Shengfan. How does losing a beloved one feel like? In order to better portray this sadness, he method-acted Lin Feng himself.

Then, Ye Hai put what he felt into words. It left many readers in awe and sent tears to almost twice as many eyes. The death of Yu Shengfan profoundly impacted Lin Feng, especially when he realized that he had insensibly fallen for her but never got the opportunity to express it.

Well, if Yu Shengfen was still alive, Lin Feng would have been not discovered his admiration for her that had grown silently, deep within him. Yu Shengfen would still be treated as a good teammate or buddy.

Now, faced with the possibility that Yu Shengfen has appeared in this three dimensional world, he felt exactly like how Lin Feng would feel, finding out that Yu Shengfen was still alive. To him, it was like her appearing out of nowehere again, just being her mischievous self again, teasing him for crying

Fortunately, Ye Hai still had a firm enough grasp on reality. He knew that, ultimately, he was not Lin Feng, but a web novelist with a family. He was not Lin Feng, the single dog[1]. He was also not a member of the “E-sports Who Does Not Need Love” community. In addition to that, he was loyal to his family.

In the live broadcast studio, Ye Hai found himself being carried away while listening to “Yu Shengfan’s” non-stop talking. His mind drifted back to his older days where he was a little-known web novelist. Now, he was a reputable web novelist who stood out among the entire community. His work, “The Strongest King”, was going to be adapted into an animation film. An epiphany occurred to him. Could he invite this livestreamer whose voice matched the Yu Shengfen’s voice in his mind to become the voice actress of Yu Shengfen in his animation film?

His mind connected the dots, and a certain song titled, “South Hill South” in his literary work popped out in his mind. This song never existed in reality. During that time, many readers praised the super talented Mi Diexiang. Even the songs sung by Xiao Yu to Lin Feng were original.

However, Ye Hai knew that this song was not his original creation. It was created by Yu Shengfan, and he merely committed it to memory with a passion.

Ye Hai thought that this song really existed in reality as he was not familiar with folk rhyme. He even wanted to search for more of this song to put in on repeat. The way Xiao Yu had sung this song was simply a paradise for the ears. Alright, other web novelists might find it hard to comprehend if they knew that Mi Diexiang could hear the voices from the literary world as he wrote. This was a surprising phenomenon, wasn’t it?

Hence, Ye Hai searched this song using Baidu and found that it was unavailable. The lyrics existed only in his literary work. He grew dejected. Perhaps his so-called inspiration was more of a hallucination. The voice of Xiao Yu singing in his literary world was merely his hallucination.

Suddenly, Ye Hai thought that this could be used to verify the identity of this crazy streamer who self-proclaimed herself as the three dimensional Yu Shengfan.

Of course, Ye Hai knew that it wasn’t nice of him to do this. He launched the barrage anyway

“Miss, since you confidently claim yourself to be the three dimensional Yu Shengfan, do you even know how to sing “South Hill South”? If not, you are just an imposter with a sharp-tongue.”

This barraged had caused a ripple in the chat stream. Audiences who disliked her but had been unable to refute her self-proclamation started to chant for Zhao Youyue to sing “South Hill South”.

However, other audiences immediately jumped to her defense

“Isn’t this “South Hill South” only a bunch of lyrics on paper? How does one even sing it? Don’t start a shitstorm for nothing, just watch her play, alright?”

“This is ridiculous. Is it possible to compose a melody for these lyrics which were unintentionally written by Mi Diexiang? Besides, they are incomplete. You’re asking her to actually complete it?”

“F*ck! You’re not happy with her roleplay? Why must she sing?”

“She just perfectly acting out the role as Yu Shengfenit is impossible for her to sing “South Hill South”. Shameless pricks”

Zhao Youyue soon noticed the change in the chat stream. It was about her time for her to go off, and she wanted to play the game no more. She then took a deep breath and began to sing into the mic before her.

You faced the southern bright sun on this snowy day

Spring was the only season I felt although I was in the freezing night in the north

I wanted to forget your eyes before dawn

Spending my life on an untrue dream that never ends

There were hills in the south, gloominess only intensified by autumn in the north

There are heaps of grains in the south

South wind whispers to the air over the northern sea

Our love will eventually be buried under the tombstones in the northern sea

After singing, Zhao Youyue humphed arrogantly and ended her broadcast. She did not even express gratitude to the excited tycoons who had sent her rockets as she was singing. Making her exit after being cool was so exciting for her.

Ye Hai was excited and shocked. He too sent her rockets. Now, he became even more fascinated. This “South Hill South” was exactly what he heard before and, this time, in full version!

Holy sh*t! My fictional character actually time-traveled to this three dimensional world. What a suffocating operation…he truly felt out of breath and would need an oxygen mask to prevent himself from blacking out.

Translation Note:

1. Single dog () is an Internet slang. It refers to people who are single or whoever who doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. In China, this status is like that of a dog, afraid of being lonely and in need of company.