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Chapter 147: Playing solo from bottom rank

Many top students in the whole school did not even know that Zhao Youyue existed. So, just where did she come from, she’s simply amazing!

Who was this Zhao Youyue, what did she do to become usurp the first position in the whole school?

Wang Zongchao’s classmate, Guo Peisheng was a rather famous person in school because of his results. He had fought to stay in the top five positions since the start of last semester. Unfortunately, he was in the same class with Wang Zongchao. He would never know how it felt like to be the top student in a class.

Guo Peisheng was familiar with the top ten students in school, and he treated these top students as his rivals. He had a dream too, he wanted to challenge the final “boss”, Wang Zongchao!

Of course, he was in good terms with Wang Zongchao, he earnestly wanted to get close with Wang Zongchao because he had a wild ambition, to become the first in the whole grade!

Guo Peisheng truly never expected that the final “boss”, Wang Zongchao would be defeated by a nameless side character before he even gets his chance!

Director, is this the correct script?

Wasn’t Zhao Youyue from that particular class, and weren’t the students in that class useless. More than half of them gotten into that class because they had some sort of special relationship with the school. How did a dark horse like Zhao Youyue suddenly pop out of that hellhole?

Guo Peisheng even believed that Zhao Youyue had cheated on the exam; how else did she snatch the first place from Wang Zongchao?

Of course, he knew that this was all in his mind. He saw someone posting the results of Zhao Youyue in a certain elite scholar group chat that he had created. Zhao Youyue had managed to surpass Wang Zongchao because of her English exam!

When Guo Peisheng saw Zhao Youyue’s English composition, he could not believe his own eyes, was this an English composition written by a Chinese?

Such authenticity, did she copy it from the internet? Or has she studied abroad in the US before?

If someone were to search the internet with the smartphone, they would realize this was indeed written by Zhao Youyue herself.

Even Wang Zongchao had sent a few exclamation marks in the group. Obviously, he was surprised that a nameless side character had taken the first place from him.

Wang Zongchao now remembered the name “Zhao Youyue” because he had failed. That’s right, he would consider this as a failure because he did not manage to get the first place…

He just wanted to know who this Zhao Youyue was.

Zhao Youyue’s homeroom teacher, Mr.Qiu was delighted. He knew that Zhao Youyue had great potential, but he never expected Zhao Youyue to get the first place in the whole grade!

With those many elites in this strict and unforgiving high school, to be able to get the first place was indeed incredible, she had been able to take down a final “boss” elite scholar like Wang Zongchao, taking his rightful place!

Of course, Zhao Youyue was able to take the first place because of luck too, the science subjects exam were too easy. Careful students had more advantage, because the science subjects elite scholars had been careless. Chen Haoran did not get a full mark on his math test because he did not spare his answers a double take, he had thought it to be too easy and it had cost him dearly…

Meanwhile, the English test was extremely difficult. If Zhao Youyue had never activated her “Yu Shengfan card”, perhaps she would gotten ten points deducted as well, and she would not able to get the first place so securely.

Mr. Qiu had complimented Zhao Youyue in front of the whole class because of her amazing exam results. She had become famous instantly, rising from a side character that did not have any presence, some students even treated her like an extra “boss,” because she was able to surpass a genius like Wang Zongchao, it was certainly terrifying!

The one who still did not believe the fact was probably Zhou Fang, because she had performed well too in this exam. When she got the third place in class, she thought that she would definitely surpass Zhao Youyue this time, but Zhao Youyue managed to get the first place in the entire grade.

This was unbelievable!

There was nothing Zhao Fang could do except comfort herself, she had found her pride from this exam. As she cannot grasp the character of Zhao Youyue, she believed that it would better if she does not compare herself with Zhao Youyue, that would be a disgrace to herself.

Zhou Fang felt exhausted…

Zhao Youyue had gained much attention in school from this monthly exam, although many students still did not know her in person, they would at least be aware that a person had taken the first place from Wang Zongchao. If Zhao Youyue still manages to lurk around the top five positions in school, she could secure her fame.

Zhao Youyue had reached her goal, and as long as she maintains her results, she would have her special privileges. Mr. Qiu would treat her like a Buddha; she had brought glory to the class.

When Zhao Youyue showed her monthly exam results to her parents, they were surprised too! Their daughter had changed so much since the winter holidays, they certainly did not expect her to get first place in the whole school, even if she had gotten it by chance, it would not matter!

Zhao Jiayi was in an excellent mood, and he then proceeded to invite his friends over for dinner to celebrate his daughter’s results.

When Zhao Youyue saw her parents were delighted because of her good results, she was in a pretty good mood too. She knew that she had made the correct decision, because her parents would always forgive her from now onwards, regardless of what she does, thanks to her grades.

After she was done with the school’s monthly exam, she could finally do a live-stream. First, she familiarized herself with all the equipment, and then she bought a new “LoL” account from Taobao, a level 30 account with maximum runes. She intended to change her IGN into “Unpleasant Rain” but soon saw that someone else had already taken it. She frowned. Why were there so many players called “Unpleasant Rain”?

She was the one and only Unpleasant Rain!

Zhao Youyue had no other choice but to add numbers to the back of her name, “UnpleasantRain001”. This made her unhappy as she felt like an imposter. She would make other players realize the terrifying truth when Xiao Yu comes into this three dimensional world of theirs!

After Zhao Youyue was done settling her account, she eagerly started her live-stream for the first time. Even though she did not reveal her face, but her voice could be heard clearly, and she aptly name her room

“Yu Shengfan in the flesh, a new account in a new server, playing solo from bottom ranking to national ranking, number one!”