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Chapter 146: Ranked first in the entire school

Han Leng had always wondered, what is the purpose of writing novels?

Some authors wrote novels in order to earn a living, they wrote because they wanted money.

Han Leng used to despise these kinds of authors, until he realized that he was starving to death, unable to afford even a single meal. Somehow, it enabled him to understand the feelings of these authors, even though their writings never made sense. As long as readers enjoyed it, that author would have a purpose to continue writing.

Many normal people do not seek for great scenes that made sense, they just simply wanted to enjoy reading a novel.

Han Leng was impressed by these authors that were driven by money, they actually put their readers as first priority. They probably knew how boring or flawed their writings were, but in order to keep their readers paying, they had no other choice.

Some readers would accuse certain authors of not being sincere, or for being too boring as they use the same plot and plot devices over again and again, because readers would grow tired of it over time. These veteran authors realized that new readers would still accept their old writing style, so they did not waste time entertaining those old readers who were bored of their repetition.

Hollow literature readers would be like leeks, uproot one, and another would pop up to take its place.

This is actually a wise choice, if they decide to create literature for the sake of money.

Some authors would proclaim that their masterpieces would last for a decade. But in reality, extremely few people have shown that they have the persistence to carry on, even if they do not earn recognition in their lifetime. Can they be considered as successful when there is no one supporting their work?

There is only one way of putting it, they were just entertaining themselves.

These types of authors usually had great ambition, and sadly, Han Leng was one of them when he just started writing. He intended to make his mark as another great poet or essayist!

In this modern era, poets are now punsters, while essayists are a legendary profession that no longer exists. Nobody has the time to read such artistic essays anymore.

Only the famous essayist, Yu Qiuyu was able to sell his book with fame, but many people bought the book, not because they wanted to read it, they simply wanted to put it on display on their bookshelf! Look, I’m reading the book of Yu Qiuyu, am I cool or what?

Artistic teenagers would despise it, Yu Qiuyu’s essay was nothing, compared to the writings of foreigners! Never heard of such person? Well, I certainly can’t brag about it if you knew every single author.

After Han Leng was done writing “Conquer the world in Online Games”, he realized he had caught the eye of certain readers as he was indulged in his own fantasy.

Being able to gain favoritism from the readers while enjoying oneself, was such a wonderful thing.

He had set his mind to doing the same thing when he writes a romance novel in “Mengya”.

After witnessing the boom of commercialized web novels, he still had hopes of writing a novel that would satisfy both himself and the readers.

Such was his purpose of writing a novel.

He felt regretful, because he never picked up any instrumental lessons, but in the novel, he could be anything he wanted to, even a piano genius! He might not be able to approach Zhao Youyue in reality, but he could do otherwise in the novel.

After having that thought, his depressed feelings and struggles disappeared. He had never thought of this until now. Oh, how he was looking forward to writing his own new novel, now!

He stood from a distance quietly, and after listening to the soothing melody of some time, he left without Zhao Youyue noticing him.

He had promised himself that he would not approach Zhao Youyue anymore, and he is a man of his words.

After he went back to the dorm, he took out a secret memo and jotted down a new entry”Beautiful April”.

With so many sad and tragic romantic novels, he decided to write a comedic school romance novel. Meanwhile, he would never forget to mock the current China education system. He wanted to name his novel as “Three Layers Gate”, which stood for elementary, middle and high school. Why do the students have to spend their youth on an unnecessary educational system that restricted them so?

The message he intended to share was, “You mortals are fools, why can’t you keep up with your studies while being in a romantic relationship? You can’t even earn money for yourself to be able to commit to a relationship.”

Those elite scholars would have no problems dealing with it, while they could still flirt with other girls in this “Three Layers Gate”.

His talents had earned him money through writing web novels. If not for him being a true gentleman with other girls, he would already have his own harem in high school. He was pretty confident in his EQ.

Han Leng would never write these facts in his novel, he would probably get beaten up to death by the students, because this was an insult to them!

He planned to write all this, because the current education system was killing creativity. Without an exam-oriented education, unique, personalized individuals would have arisen from the new generation. China’s education system was a mess!

He has decided to stand up and fight against it!

Han Leng believed that he should include the popular sentiments of students into his novel. If he includes the rebellious thoughts of a student, he might just get popular among the students. Be it male or female, students would like him because he was a rebellious author who preached the “truth”!

He would know what the readers wanted, because he had gained the experience himself while writing web novels, and he would allow the main protagonist to speak out these words at the right moment. The insults he had for those he considered beneath him would never appear in any of his literary works.

His work would only consist of sweet romance, allowing countless of students to bask in their fantasy of pure romance.

To be able to fall in love during high school, that would be wonderful!

As he stumbled across Zhao Youyue, his mind had echoed the words that Natsume Soseki once said”The moonlight is beautiful tonight.”

Thus, he decided to write a story centered around a violinist in his new book. He wanted to use this novel to bring his first love to closure, a love that he never had in the first place.

Zhao Youyue, no matter what your status is in reality, you are just a figment of my writing. I am the one who decides your role, because I am a creator, a world-creating God!

Han Leng let out a contemptuous smile, he would write something that was totally the opposite from reality, he would model a female lead after Zhao Youyue, one who pursues, and yet would not get the love from the main protagonist!

This will be his new book!

Naturally, Zhao Youyue did not know that a certain weird twisted author hated her so much, because he loved her too much. Zhao Youyue was delighted, because she had ranked first in the whole school for this monthly exam!

Science subjects were rather easy, and she was able to get full marks on it. Surprisingly, she got full mark on the difficult English test too, the “language master” Yu Shengfan certainly is amazing. Her Chinese test lost ten points because it was up to the marker’s understanding of her composition which was out of her control…

Her Chinese language tests, with only ten points short of full marks had surpassed Wang Zongchao, who had lost a total of more than twenty points in her English and Chinese language tests. Thus, Zhao Youyue was now first in the whole school!

Even though Wang Zongchao had full marks on science subjects as well, it cannot change the fact that Zhao Youyue had surpassed him!

This monthly test had made Zhao Youyue extremely popular!

No one had ever managed to dethrone Wang Zongchao previously…